Liberte by Cacharel, Red Jeans by Versace, Connexions by Lancome, Emilie by Fragonard,

Hey, Hey,

Well, as you can see it’s been a crazy wear everything but the kitchen sink day. This morning was warm and sunny so I jumped in the pool to do some laps, 500 metres, not much for swimmer types but plenty for me. I love the salty chlorine smell after a swim so I took in some soap and abluted in the pool, I know; totally weird. I got the bug for it last year when I, stupidly, did all bathrooms and laundry renovations concurrently, leaving me toilet, shower and bath-less, I did splurge on a portaloo though. It was quite lovely for about 3 weeks but got old for the next 3 weeks ending late March here in Sydney. Quite brisk for swimming.

After my swim I asked the significant other (TSO) Jin whether I should wear flowers, herbs, spices or citrus. Interestingly he ordered citrus. Not something I have a lot of in the fragrance wardrobe. So the day started with Liberte by Cacharel, The first time I wore this it SCREECHED at me and burnt a hole in my nostrils that penetrated deep into my brain and cooked it in the first 5 minutes, leaving a scent burn there for the whole night, interestingly the whole suburb could not smell it even though I felt like a stinky monkey, and I got 2 very sweet compliments.  After this first wear though I was so affronted by Liberte’s outrageousness that I wanted to do it all again. Unfortunately, the second and all subsequent wearings have started as a delicious sizzling fried orange scent that maintains its sqwuark of citrus while moving into a bouquet of flowers and then vanilla, patchouli and a murmuring of something lovely (maybe the vetyver or spices or remaining flowers) that I can’t define that stays for a while and then gone. 2 hours max.

Having to go to a buddy’s (Hiya lovely Phil) house for dinner with the (Kath, Jin, Amal) crew and needing something sweet but innocuous enough to eat dinner with I went for Versace’s Versus Red Jeans. I like the sweet freshness of this fruity floral that doesn’t last except to quietly whisper its drydown of soft, unsexy, musk & vanilla on my skin, no woods I’m afraid. Perfect for dinner. Yummy Nom Noms indeed with the warm Pumpkin, Pea, Goats Fetta and Pesto salad being my favourite taste adventure of the evening, great belly laughs and some sweet, easy drinking, white wine. Almost forgot to tell you all about the REIKI, um, no probably not.

Arriving home and being basically fragranceless I went for a scent that I recently bought blind off Ebay, Connexions by Lancome, in the kooky, weird ass, why did they do that bottle and casing. I love the lilac colour-way though but all else is skewed for me. I keep coming back to this scent because every time I put it on it gives me a different olfactory story. Today was a plastic bunch of flowers at first that became more lovely and then more plastic. This must have been reacting to the other scents still lurking around because it was awkward and a little dizzying today. Not a reaction I’ve felt before. I could also have been part of my sugar rush from tonight’s Chocolate Mousse dessert that was so divinely sweet that it left socks on my teeth. Honesty compels me to tell you that I felt a headache coming if I didn’t scrub so I hit the bath. Hot, hot, hot and bath salted with a book, Muse by Susan Irvine, that is quite confronting but has some interesting fragrance refs and that I noticed on someones blog, sorry I’ve forgotten where but thanks.

After my delicious soak I wanted something absolutely and utterly flowery and gorgeous. A friendly Trivia crew member from the “We Knew That” team was complaining of her inability to get a fragrance that she had found in France while holidaying a few years back sent to Australia. This is a definite down side of living so far away from the action. I instantly thought, PROJECT!! and swung into action. Not only finding the desired fragrance but getting it at a discount so excellent that she decided to get 2 bottles. WOW! Thought I, if it’s that good I will get some too. Thank you for sending so speedily, and beautifully packed. So the bottles arrived and I sprayed a big fat spray of, OH MY GOD, this smells like my Mum did during her Paris by YSL days. Delicious, flowery and abundantly ambery and YUM YUM YUM. So it’s the day after Mum’s would be if it could be birthday and Emilie will be awesome. It is quite so. I’m sniffing my glorious self as I type. Good choice.

So by now it’s 3.30am here in Sydney so I’m off to sleep. Thanks for reading my fragrant thoughts.

Portia xx

All pictures stolen from Fragrantica except Emilie which I took myself because the packaging has changed. I think I need a light box.

5 comments on “Liberte by Cacharel, Red Jeans by Versace, Connexions by Lancome, Emilie by Fragonard,

  1. julieswhinge says:

    Love Versus Red Jeans. So light and not overpowering. One of my favourite ‘work’ fragrances.

  2. Ddjin says:

    I think after swim in a hot day, having a citrus is more refreshing than flowers or herbs. So I believe he made a good choice. 🙂

    • HAH! The hottest and most sizzling citrus ever. You did make a good choice though. It was lovely. Thank you for picking a grrrreat fragrance and thanks for leaving me a comment, making me feel like a REAL blogger.

  3. […] she is more than the images we get of her in the press. I enjoyed watching it and I LOVE Liberte (Portia’s APJ Review), which is sadly discontinued but available at many of the online fragrance sale stores […]

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