Auburn & Andy Tauer’s Dark Passage? Really?

Good Day to you,

This morning I woke to send TSO on his way with a hearty yoghurt, chopped banana, cereal and full cream milk day starter with side order of strong coffee and then flopped back into bed. Ah… luxury of luxuries a sleep in.  Raining outside, I could hear it on the tin out the back, snug in bed. Heaven! My mate Phil rang and we chatted for a while about the blog, him, work, back operations etc and at the wonderful hour of 11am I was finally ready to leave the cocoon and fly.

How to start such a day? Well, for me there was no other choice but Andy Tauer’s Auburn, which I received as a sample with my first Tauer order (see below) and then was so mesmerised by its amazing smell, sillage (distance the fragrance travels from your body, scent circumference said like say arjze) and longevity that I bought FB. It’s amazing how long this gorgeous scent lasts, between 7-8 hours on my scent hungry skin without any re-spritz. AWESOME!

The  Tauer website says

Auburn is the melody of warm cinnamon in accord with a citrus tree in rich bloom.
The softest sandalwood melts into dry amber and subtly adds depth to the perfume.
A warm spicy tobacco closes the oriental round dance and starts it again.

You can read The Perfume Shrine Now Smell This and Tara has done a guest spot on Olfactorias Travels. These will tell you the whole story of the creation of the 3 Pentachord fragrances and help you pick one for yourself.

My personal Andy Tauer story doesn’t start till around September last year when the Pentachords were all anyone on the scentbloggosphere were writing about. I was looking for interesting niche perfume brands to give as Christmas gifts for super discerning family. It had to be good quality, small run, critically acclaimed and slightly off the beaten track, In my reading I had found a review of “L’Air du desert marocain” in “Perfume: The Guide” by Tania Sanchez and it looked perfect. I was hoping to impress.

Off I went to the Tauer (this will link you direct to the Tauer Samples page because the 5 piece sample set is a wonderful way to test the waters) site and picked “L’Air du desert marocain” and also “L’eau d’épices”.  The site said around a 10 working day send time to Australia from Switzerland where Andy is based; (of course if you read his blog you’ll see he is rarely there) so I continued my hunt, pretty sure that these would be my purchases. It got to late November, a decent window, and I decided to order them but, Murphy’s Law, somewhere in the mail system or customs they became bogged. Oy Vey! So on nearly Christmas Eve I could only vent my frustration in one place, I wrote To Mr Tauer. It wasn’t a screaming email but I was distressed at having no gifts.

Well, blow me down but Andy Tauer himself replied overnight with a heartfelt and genuine apology filled with regret. It was quite a reminder that there are people who care deeply about what they do and understand customer service, and people; so I printed off his apologies and put them in the Christmas Cards of the unfortunately presentless. They were awed that I’d gone to the trouble to track such goodies down and that they were now in possession of a missive from a perfumer. Andy Tauer is constantly talked about as perfumes nicest guy on blogs everywhere BTW. In the end they arrived and are loved.

Andy Tauer is also involved with the…………… actually, I’ll let him tell you. This was lifted wholesale from Andy Tauer’s blog. I am a backer of this film, not because I’m a good person, because I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to get some Dark Passage, the fragrance made ONLY for backers of this film. I will have it, and if you don’t become a backer, YOU WON’T!

Check the bloggosphere, it is awhirl with critiques, reviews, comments and chatter, mostly about Andy Tauer’s Dark Passage. Which frankly makes me dirty bitch snigger up my sleeve. Andy Tauer’s Dark Passage. NAUGHTY!! Did he think of that? I hope so because I love it.

There are only 7 days to get this offer and then GONE FOREVER!!

your support makes the difference

March 13th, 2012

Today, I am asking you for your contribution to help us finance the production of Brian Peras’s film project ONLY CHILD, featuring Grace Zabrinski, through the kickstarter campaign. But I do not ask you to just give money. No, I came up with a lot of specials and fragrant goods for you, to reward you for your support, some of them ONE TIME specials, available only now until end March. I make fragrant soaps, 30 days LIMITED perfume DARK PASSAGE, sneak previews of LORETTA and even my products available. All this without one cent profit from all these offerings.
This is among other things how I support Brian Pera’s Kickstarter campaign, and I invite you to support it, too. And not to miss the unique opportunities offered.

Actually, it is only by our perfume loving fans that we will manage to get this movie produced. Thus, your support matters.

It is very easy: Visit the kickstarter page, select your combination of fragrant or other goods, and then follow the process that will bring you in the end to Amazon. Only if the funding goals are reached, only then, you will be charged by amazon and get your promised goodies later. If we fail, nobody gets anything. Thus: Spread the message, please.

You can get the  fragrance DARK PASSAGE, edp, 7 ml, in a  nice purse spray, offered only now until the end of March (29th) and then it is gone. You can combine it with a 7 ml purse spray of LORETTA, the fragrance. This is a sneak preview of the fragrance that will launch end autumn 2012. You can be the first to sniff my first fragrance where tuberose plays a major role! And you may even combine all this and more and get a fragrance from my entire line, at a discount that rocks: For a pledge of 300$ you can get 7ml purse sprays of LORETTA, DARK PASSAGE, MIRIAM, all three soaps (rose, mandarines ambrée, tuberose scented Loretta soap) and one fragrance, full bottle,  from my line, your choice. You can’t beat that.

Thus, yes. We need your contribution. And for this I made a tuberose scented soap that is just wonderful. As is the tuberose rich fragrance, Loretta, a slightly fragrance, rich, sensual. I use a lot of the “real stuff” in there: Tuberose absolute. A honey like, dark orange absolute that is unbelievable rich and voluminous. Together with rose oil, rose absolute, orange blossom absolute and many other naturals, it blends into a perfume that is one of the richest I have ever done.

Today’s picture shows you such a natural tuberose. I took the pictures in 2005 and fell in love with its natural fragrance that is overwhelming. It took me a while… but when I saw Loretta, the film, I knew that tuberose is her flower. So to say.

You can experience why before all others. Thank you for your support.


Auburn a picture of my own.

4 comments on “Auburn & Andy Tauer’s Dark Passage? Really?

  1. Tina xx says:

    Love it! Have become a backer. Thanks Portia. xx

    • YAY!! AWESOME Tina. What did you choose?
      Portia xx

      • Tina xx says:

        Sneaking a sniff of Loretta! (as it were….) I figured you’d probably go for the Dark Passage (gosh this is just fraught with innuendo…) so thought I’d share the love & bring Loretta around for dinner one night.

        AND Did you see? They have reached their goal funding!! Yay!


      • I am Thrilled for them, amazing, And also for you.
        You TOTALLY need to bring Loretta around for dinner when you get her. We’ll sniff together. Swap stories and I have a couple of samples I think you’ll LOVE>

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