Eau de Joy Vintage & L by Gwen Stefani

Hey all,

One of the interesting things, for me, about being a complete novice at something as ubiquitous as perfume is that I am not yet swayed by price point, other opinions or publicity. If something smells good to me, excellent! And because I am so poorly trained to understand the why and wherefore of fragrance and am still basing my opinions of completely olfactory sensation, I like almost everything. EXCELLENT!! Today I was reading Beauty On The Outside who had taught herself to like a fragrance that she had shied away from due to her perception of it as toxic. A very interesting experiment. As yet I have not come across a toxic reaction, though there are some things that I can’t smell and think they are air but TSO Jin can.

Anyway, a short while ago Birgit from Olfactoria’s Travels tweeted that there was nothing so good as wearing Vintage Shalimar Parfum by Guerlain to do the shopping. Serendipitously, that morning one of my BFF girlfriends the lovely Miss Alice had had a sleep-over and we were talking about Shalimar and she had never smelt or worn it. WTF!! As a smart, sexy, earning and fashion forward babe it had totally dropped under her radar. So instead of spritzing her with an EDT or EDP I went straight to the glorious 15ml parfum from 1983. I’m not sure if it’s the best Shalimar vintage but it is AH MAY ZING! and so off we trotted to do a mall and grocery shop smelling like the hard core, super frivolous, naughty, sexy, in your face DIVA’s that we are, while wearing thongs, jeans and T’Shirts. It was empowering.

The reason I bring this up is because I received in the post yesterday a vintage bottle of Eau de JOY by Patou. I can’t find the date by looking up serial numbers unfortunately (if anybody can help date it I would be most grateful) but it smells glorious. Fragrantica has the story, the notes and an enormous list of reviews. Perfume Shrine has a wonderful article that covers all the stuff you need to know. I will say though that the perfumer Henri Alméras was spot on when he made this luscious, stately and irrepressible perfume in 1926 for his loyal customers.

My Mum had a HUGE bottle of JOY Eau de Cologne it was a big square splash bottle and to me it signified the height of glamour and luxury, the whole house would smell of it when Mum would fume up to go out at night. There was so much glamour attached to this iconic bottle that I used to play with it, until one day (Quell surprise!) the still 1/3rd full bottle fell from my hands in the bathroom and smashed on the tiles. OH HEAVENLY AROMA. Oh screaming Mum. Wooden spoon or belt? I can’t remember but I do remember the look of “You will pay dearly for this,” that I was subjected to.

Ironically, today I couldn’t wait to wear it so even though it was bathroom cleaning day I splashed on the Eau de JOY Vintage and scrubbed till the sweat poured off me, wearing what was once known as the most expensive perfume in the world. It was truly JOYous, an Ode to JOY and any other nasty pun you have handy. Of course the bathrooms were spotless for about 6 hours but for a bit of that I stood at the door smelling my Eau de JOY and loving them.

This afternoon I thought I would try something that has been sitting in my wardrobe for a while. L by Gwen Stefani was released back in 2007 and was tepidly received by critics; Robyn at Now Smell This offers a fair indication and review; Fragrantica has all the notes and info and a totally mixed bunch of reviews.

So I used the Shower Gel, Body Lotion and EDP. The body lotions fragrance is yummy too BTW. I felt that this was a peachy version of Lovely by SJP. I liked it, the scent stuck around all night but was not intrusive. I felt pretty but not heart breaking in it and when I got home Jin stopped mid hello and said he liked whatever I was wearing very much. So for me it was win, Win, WIN!

Thanks for sharing some time with me, please leave me a comment so I know who has dropped by.

Have a lovely and fragrant day,

Portia xx

6 comments on “Eau de Joy Vintage & L by Gwen Stefani

  1. Scotty says:

    I remember that bottle!
    Reminds me of Aqua Di Parma and Channel
    Of course. Can’t say I have ever tried it though.
    Rive Gauche by YSL is still my fave “ladies”
    Perfume that I wear.

  2. julieswhinge says:

    Like wine, perfume is about personal preferences and price should not enter into one’s choices.
    I wear what I think suits me and I enjoy the aroma of. No point in wearing something that you don’t like, because you will just feel like you are not properly dressed.

  3. Tina xx says:

    I know it is not in the review title…but Oh! Shalimar! Blisssssss…… Gosh I miss that so much, must go shopping.

    Love the review of L – stopping your SO mid sentince…wonderful description….!

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