Brasil Dream by Estee Lauder

Hi all,

It feels like it might be the last gorgeous weekend here in Sydney, Australia as we head into Autumn and the nights get cooler and days fresher. The leaves haven’t started to turn yet on the enormous Liquidambar styraciflua (also known as the American Sweetgum or Alligator Wood) in our front yard but I’m sure it won’t be long now.

Photo stolen from Euphro’s Moblog

Jumping out of bed early this morning and looking at my ridiculously enormous fragrance collection I grabbed for something that would add to my last tango mood. A gentle but persistent perfume with fruit and flowers was definitely in order today and, boy, have I been glad it was my choice. To be honest, there’s not much in the way of light, fun, fruity or floral fragrance in my collection at all. Mainly my preference is for large, bombastic, outrageous 1980’s style extravaganzas that blow your head off, slightly sideways interesting stuff and leather. Too much nose candy through the late 20th century burned out a whole heap of my smellovision, we think.

Fragrantica has this to say about Brasil Dreams by Estee Lauder

Concept of this fragrance suggests rhythm, exotic and life in Brasil, and the edition is followed by a commercial motto: “Go where it’s warm, exciting and full of life”. Brasil Dream was design to evoke shine of Brazilian sun, with hot, fruity and rich floral notes, with guava, pineapple, neroli and orange blossom. A heart incorporates night jasmine and gardenia from Brazil, while base notes await us with patchouli, sandalwood and coconut milk.

Now Smell This has also done a short review back in Nov 2008, otherwise this short run beauty has been largely ignored by all and sundry.

All morning I  kept smelling glimpses of something delicious, edible and utterly irresistible and I would turn to look and realise it was me. HAH! It sounds ridiculous, I know, but it must have happened 10 or even 15 times. It happens EVERY time i wear Brasil Dreams. Like, what is that yummy fra……. oh DER!! It’s still happening this afternoon but not quite as often, mainly because I am getting used to smelling this gorgeous. Sometimes I’m getting the guava/pineapple, other times it’s the jasmine & orange and then others its a hit of the balmy sandalwood and coconut. Like a ring a ring a rosy where you keep going past different pots of perfume.

Talk about good value, about 10pm now and I can still get a whiff of beautiful tropical days by the pool (I’ve even been in the pool and done some laps today) it’s faint now like I’ve woken on the beach a little away from the resort at dusk; quiet, peaceful, sometimes the low murmur of conversation and laughter but all I can really hear are the waves, birds and the rustle of the occasional night creature waking up. I can smell the ends of day flowers like the gardenia and jasmine and the burnt out ends of patchouli and orange leaves, soon to be gone.

Photo stolen from FragranceX

As everyone in the Northern Hemisphere starts warming up this sexy and fun Estee Lauder number can be found dirt cheap. I found bottles as cheap as US$9 today on (of course it costs more that that to send it to Australia) so FragranceX is where I happened to get it originally, after smelling it on a random in the shopping center and asking what it was, I think she was almost going to fib and tell me something extraordinary but happily she was honest.

I think this is also a great perfume to remember the joys of summer; fun, holidays, sand, parties and Bar B Q’s that we’ll miss over the next 4-5 months here in Australia.

Thanks for sharing my lean but fragrant thoughts today,

Hopefully see you tomorrow,

Portia xx

I am not affiliated with Estee Lauder or any other business I have mentioned.

13 comments on “Brasil Dream by Estee Lauder

  1. Djinn says:

    Weather is Getting cold.
    Personally I’d like to put some warm and refresh perfume. Rather than spicy.
    Fruity is good too. Are they making man’s one?

  2. kathwaples says:

    Hello! I have worked out how to create a username . . . we have lift off.
    Kath x

  3. Alice says:

    So, this Brasil is discontinued?? The bottle reminds me of that thing that Clinique make that I forget what it’s called :-/

    • Um Hilarious!
      Brasi Dreamsl is discontinued in stores but available through online traders Alice. CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!!

      • Alice says:

        Mmmmm, interesting, I shall plunder your perfume table next time I’m over and see what it smells like. I picked up 4x travel sizes of the apple fragrances by Donna Karan (super cute) AND they had a buy 4 get one free offer at Sydney airport…. Took a lot of willpower that one, what with my champagne lifestyle and your perfume blogging…. X

      • Perfume cupboard currently being built!

  4. Heidi aka fairyfingers says:

    Wow wow wow miss turbo your tounge for the English language is so elegant, funny and above all entertaining. You certainly have the knack to bring alive each perfume you have sampled, splashed and bathed in. I was able to smell and invibe each perfume you have titillated and tantalized us with so far. Congratulations miss portia on a most enjoyable hour of reading and invibeing the perfumes of your dreams. Xxx

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