Here was the GIVEAWAY post

If you leave me a message in the comments section, one random lucky commenter will win a sample of Little Stars and Osafume (see below), I will draw the winner Sunday March 25 around Midnight Sydney, Australia time. Winner announced in Sunday nights blog, winner will need to get in touch with postal details by Wednesday March 28 or I’ll use the samples myself.

Here’s a pic of the little vials of GORGEOUS!!

Our lucky winner tonight was Sigrun from FragrantFanatic and I’m so excited for her. Sigrun, please get in touch with your address so I can send your stuff tomorrow!

You have till Wednesday midnight Sydney time or I WILL use the samples myself!!

Much love and thanks to all participants.

I hope your day is full of good stink,

Portia xx

5 comments on “GIVE AWAY WINNER!

  1. Sigrun says:

    Thank you so much!!!!! I’m so excited to get this opportunity to try the Olympic Orchids scents. I’ve direct mailed you my addy privately, so hopefully it’ll show up in your mailbox. Again, thank you so much 😀

    • I have your address and will send your Olympic Orchid wins off today Sigrun, Congratulations.
      PS I love your blog FragrantFanatic but can’t find how to subscribe to it on your page. HELP!!
      Portia xx

  2. Sigrun says:

    Thanks!!! I’ve added a little gadget now for subscribing by email, so hopefully that will do the trick 🙂

  3. Whens the next giveaway 🙂 I have enjoyed your blog! ~Lisa

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