Eau D”Epices by Tauer, Turbo Trivia

Hey gang,

Very late chatting to you all this evening because I spent today organising my Turbo Trivia stuff. There were newspapers to read for current affairs,  some questions to finish, a bunch of weekly prizes for my Wednesday gig at Technology Park Hotel on Wyndham St, Alexandria, Sydney, papers to print, bag to organise, frock, hair and jewels to co ordinate, stockings and tights to have ready. You know? STUFF! None of it earth shattering or ground breaking but all necessary to keep my life and work moving along peacefully.

Tonight was AWESOME!! at Bar100, 100 George St, The Rocks, Sydney. We had 8 teams and a crew of friends and family there to play. I love the new room we’ve been placed in. Comfortable and fun.

Anyway, as I was slobbing around the house today doing all this stuff I spritzed, upon jumping out of bed to feed the boys breakfast, with old favourite Dreamer by Versace, which I’ve already reviewed here , because it’s such a comfortable frasgrance for me. Like an old chambray shirt or a comfy pair of high heels.

Later on, about lunchtime I felt like a freshen up. I went for a clean shirt smell. The boring, fresh, clean, floral/fruity nothing that is Paul Sebastian’s Casual for Women Parfum Spray. I don’t know why but this fragrance calls me quite regularly. When I first smelled it I thought it was nothing but air. It was about to go in the bin but before I bin a fragrance it gets one last chance in a wear for my nana nap in the afternoon. For me it’s the ultimate way to check a fragrance on myself. The drift off to sleep gives you a little zen time with the scent and sometimes (RARELY) I see something that I missed before. Such was my Casual experience. It is light and fresh and clean. It’s great for focusing and while being there it doesn’t take any of my mind, it just is, prettily dancing in and around me like a better smelling me. No mean feat, I’m here to tell you. Here is fragrantica‘s take and I couldn’t find one review done by a perfume blogger, even after reading 3 google pages! It has completely spun under the radar so I felt I should give you a heads up. I found this 4oz bottle on Parfum1.com for about US$17 and a tester (capless like mine) on FragranceX.com for about US$15 and if you use TAKE10 in the coupon box at checkout you get 10% off there.

MineStolen from FragranceX.com

After I’d done the 3 S’s (Shit, Shaved, Showered) this afternoon I was ready to put something that made a statement on. This fragrance would be, and was, worn for the evening as a glorious Trivia Hostess. Nothing bashful for night time, honestly, nothing bashful most of the time. I am a bit of a fragrance bomb, hopefully not to the point of asphyxiation to those near me, or down the street, but I love to be scented.

And the winner is!! My photo

It was a toss up tonight. I had the JPG Le Male in my sights, then flicked to Estee Lauder’s Beyond Paradise Blue, hand on the DSQUARED Wood (In my head I get, um, do I want to smell like a sauna today? Um, maybe tomorrow) and I reach for, of course!!! Eau D’Epices by Andy Tauer, he is my favourite perfumer. I LOVE his scents and I don’t have to respritz while out. His frasgrances linger deliciously on the edge of smelling for hours. Long after I have lost the ability to smell myself people can still drink in his glorious and heavenly aromas. I am Andy Tauer’s bitch. Can’t deny it. Not to say I have less of a place in my heart for the others, they have earned places in my collection for reasons and will be worn soon.

Here is what the site says


An Indian basket of spices with cinnamon, cardamom, clove and corriander with red mandarines.


An opulent heart of orange blossom, jasmine, orris root and incense.


A woody cistus ladaniferus resin, softened with ambergris, tonka beans and vetiver.

Eau de parfum
50 ml, 1.5 FL. OZ.

A spicy unisex one of a kind.
Natural oils from spices such as cinnamon bark and cardamom orchestrate an opening that is vibrant, and warm. Citrus (red mandarins) soften the spices and prepare for the orange blossoms that bloom in l’eau d’épices together with another white flower: Jasmin. It is the absolute from Egyptian jasmine that softens the orange blossom absolute. Frankincense essential oil leads over to a classical Tauer base chord featuring ambergris, tonka, hints of vetiver and the woody warm perfume of cistus ladaniferus resin, resembling a walk in a pineta.

L’eau d’épices is a unisex scent, perfect for cool winter nights and developing wonderfully under a warm midyear sun.

Bold and this photo stolen from Tauer Perfumes site

The Non Blonde writes a symphonic review in Nov 2010, and PerfumeSmellingThings wrote in 2007 before it was even released! These writers get it, all the way down to the ground. all I smell is magic, they can explain it.

It’s a wonderment to me that you come and read,

Thank you,

Portia xx

3 comments on “Eau D”Epices by Tauer, Turbo Trivia

  1. Djinn says:

    Disquared WOOD was nice. It reminds me a Finland sauna. Well… I haven’t been Finland but I’ve been Finland sauna a lot when I was in Korea :-). Hmmmm I want to visit Korea again and I will this year. Thank you for remind.

  2. […] she was ENRAPTURED!!! It was like When Harry Met Sally in the diner), in her boobs we spritzed Casual by Paul Sebastian and lastly on her last remaining elbow it was Gucci by Gucci Pour […]

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