Poeme by Lancome Review

Hey all,

I hope you’ve all left messages in the comment box for yesterday’s GIVEAWAY, there’s a gorgeous range of lovelies for you to try. It’s easy and should be fun.

As promised I thought I’d chat about a perfume that I didn’t know I should be ashamed of till I started reading about it.


This time to start with I’m giving you extra reading, Brian at I Smell Therefore I Am did such a wonderful job on Poeme back in 2009 that I would like you to read it. It is the only review I found on the first 3 pages of Google that didn’t just dish the Lancome spiel back at me. He has thought about the perfume and worn it. Kudos!

Here is a late entrant into the reviews BoisDeJasmine has done a less enamored review with some better quality, same accord, substitutes. Thanks Undina for bringing it to my attention.

Photo Stolen from aaajs.com

Fortunately, there were no preconceived ideas of Poeme as the Lancome loser here, because it’s still on the shelves when fragrances like Cuir de Lancome, Climat, and Sagamore, among many others, are gone. That people like Luca Turin despise Poeme had completely passed me by. What a shame for everyone. Poeme is lovely, a perfume for a woman, a lady. Someone not afraid to smell lovely, to be fruity, floral and very slightly spicy. to me this is a no brainer, how can anyone not like Poeme. It is fragrant, yes. Intrusive? Really? It does have awesome staying power but why is that seen as a negative? Surely, spritz in the morning and respritz at night should be the way perfumes are made. You want to smell lovely and not have to worry about making sure you have your scent in your purse. No?

I love the warmth in Poeme as the citrus top notes melt into a vanilla floral bouquet. I can’t pick the notes but I’m sure I can smell some jasmine and tuberose, and they say mimosa is the strongest but I wouldn’t know mimosa in a fragrance if you slapped me with it, sorry. The notes in Fragrantica mention leather too, but I need leather to be a bit more in your face before I can parse it. It is warm and green simultaneously, the spice is quiet but when you warm up so does it. I know many of you are unimpressed by perfumey smelling fragrances, as if they are too easy to enjoy, like fragrance should be an endurance sport, extreme scents etc, and I do think there is a big fat wondferful place for such things, but that does not preclude the lovely, does it?

Poeme by Lancome is a well put together Floriental and if perfume should first and foremost smell good, then to me Poeme is on the money. Maybe it suffers from its availability, price point and old fashioned image but if one of the niche perfumers, that was hard to find and wildly expensive, brought this out now, I think the scentbloggosphere would be gushing and squawking with praise at their absolute refusal to follow the pack and at their dedication to the art of smelling beautiful. HAH! I am part of the scentbloggosphere and I just did. Please go and try Poeme at a Lancome fragrance counter near you. It costs nothing to have a go and you may like it.

As a Thank You for making it to the bottom of my thoughts here is one of the Poeme ads,
Much love,
Portia xx

15 comments on “Poeme by Lancome Review

  1. julieswhinge says:

    I’m thinking Jules may have to visit the Chemical Warfare Dept at Myer and have herself a bit of a whiff of Poeme

  2. Dionne says:

    All right then, I’ll give it a go. 🙂

  3. Undina says:

    I don’t remember anything about Poeme. I’m sure I smelled it at some point but I have no recollection about my impression of it. I think I have a mini bottle at home (a part of the Lancome mini-collection from a duty-free). If I do, I’ll try it.
    One more short review I saw was not a very favorable one from Victoria at Bois de Jasmine: Lancome Poeme : Perfume Review and In Search of Dark Orange Blossoms

    • Thanks Undina,
      It’s all probably true but I will not take it to heart and continue my Poeme love affair.
      Do try if you can find a small one, make sure you spritz it.
      Portia xx

      • Undina says:

        If you like something, it doesn’t matter what others think/write about it.

        I saw a bottle of Poeme today in the store but didn’t feel adventurous enough to put it on my skin. I sprayed a paper though. Don’t think it’s a perfume for me but I’ll try it if I locate my mini bottle.

      • The great joy is that there’s something for all. It would be pretty terrible for the perfume companies if we all only liked one thing.
        My taste will change too as I get more nasally schooled, different things will make things work for me.
        You are so kind for following and commenting often,
        Thank you.
        Portia xx

  4. Sigrun says:

    Poeme is the favourite perfume of my best friend. She also says “if you have a small body, you need a big scent”, which I think is a great rule to go by 🙂

  5. Natalie says:

    Like Undina, I know I have tried this but don’t remember much about it. I think it was one someone gave me when I was in my early 20s, which I didn’t like enough to wear.

    • Fair enough. Poeme is not for everyone, Which is why it’s one of my dirty little secrets.
      Thanks for dropping by and weighing in,
      Portia xx

      • Natalie says:

        Eeek! I just realized (when your reply popped up in my feed) that WordPress ate a good portion of my comment, and that the results sounds super mean! Sorry about that. The rest of it originally said something like “But you make it sound really good. I should re-test.”

      • HAH! Natalie, it didn’t feel mean, just normal. I’m now LAUGHING though that you were worried. Thank you. Most people would have let it slide.
        Portia xx

      • Natalie says:

        I’m too paranoid for that. 🙂 I can’t help but think “Oh my gosh, what would my grandma say if she saw me being so rude.”

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