The Fragrance of Francis Kurkdjian

Hey gang,

This is how Francis Kurkdjian views his eponymous fragrance range. The video is an interesting watch, made by LibertyStoreTV, and has odd cutaways to his lunchy jeans, which is awkward, no… it is AWKWARD! It has a 2010 date on it.

Francis Kurkdjian is charming and engaging. The video feels to me as if I am interviewing him. Some of the questions that I’d ask are answered here.

Evie has had some hold ups with interviews and will have her next update on Monday. Sorry for the delay tonight.


Portia xx

4 comments on “The Fragrance of Francis Kurkdjian

  1. keyboardaddict says:

    So, would be interesting to know the price point for his perfumes??

  2. keyboardaddict says:

    Tsk, so he says that luxury isn’t about the price point….. I’m gonna google and find out….

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