Hey all,

What a week we’ve had here at AustralianPerfumeJunkies. As the weather cools here we are probably doing temperature crossovers with the Northern Hemisphere.

When I was a teenager still in Fashion School but working weekends I bought myself a bottle of JAZZ by YSL. Although I’d had different fragrances before from family and friends this was the first time I felt like I had a scent of my own. I still keep a bottle but much of the oomph seems to have left it over time and reformulation sadly. There is still a lingering thrill though when I put it on, a frission of excitement when that spicy, sparkly, herbal squeak as you spray that is both warm and cool hits your nostrils, its steady progression through musky, resinous florals to its leather, earth and woods base. More people should wear this lovely 1986 Woody Aromatic by Jean-Francois Latty for Yves Saint Laurent, a lovely fit for discerning men and women everywhere, not to mention dirt cheap online. And being so yesterday hardly anyone will recognise it, it will be your own scent as it has been mine on and off for over 25 years (OMFG! How did that happen?). When I wear JAZZ, then as now, you can bounce rocks off my self confidence. JAZZ is the scent of centre, the cool calm feeling of being in the right place at the right time and knowing the right thing to say. Although there were plenty of other times I wore JAZZ when things went regularly, or horribly wrong, more often than not it was JAZZ that was there during my early wins.

Photo Stolen from shoppingheavendotnet

This week we’ve done some interesting stuff and we’d like to share some of our discoveries with you in our Thursday GIVEAWAY COMPETITION!

How to enter?

Please give us a short perfume memory in the comments about your first scent that you really feel you owned, that you felt supremely comfortable in.

As we met the Opus Oils Jitterbug Perfume Parlour and their all natural Divine Collection I thought I’d give the rest of my Venus perfume oil sample for you to try.

Then we talked about Miss Boucheron EdP, how about a 1.5ml decant spray so you can have a go at that

Guerlain Terracotta Voile d’Ete was our next target so a 1.5ml decant spray of that also

And then we had our huge 2 day special on Parfum d’Empire so you can have what’s left of my Cuir Ottoman and Ambre Russe manufacturers samples, which were generous to begin with (I have Full Bottles, I’m not depriving myself)

plus postage and packing to anywhere in the world

We want to thank you all for returning each day. Today after you’ve entered the draw please enjoy the 1992 ad for JAZZ by YSL.

Much love and hope for your well being,

Portia xx

23 comments on “JAZZ by YSL, Thursday GIVEAWAY COMPETITION!

  1. colllleeeen says:

    Definitely Baby Doll by YSL. I mentioned last week that it was my signature sent in my teens/early 20’s.

    Now at 30 I still occasionally wear it and I have flash backs to my first love. (what a moron!) it makes the winter feel like a summer afternoon sitting by the pool sipping citrus fruit cocktails.

    Funnily enough that moronic first love of mine shared your obsession with Jazz. It’s the other scent that lingers in the distant memories of young love…

  2. yash says:

    Arriving in Paris in my late teens,as a precocious fumie the first scent I bought myself was Bvlgari Black. There was something about the quirky bottle and the tea/rubber with vanilla notes that was just love at fist sniff/sight.No one knew about this perfume then and it felt amazing owning kind of an underground scent..After that I fell directly into the niche rabbit hole..

    • OMG!! Bvlgari Black your first scent. Everything else must be a bit of a let down after that.
      I am very jealous that you picked something so cool to love.
      You are in the draw, thank you for commenting and sharing your story.
      Portia xx

  3. Dionne says:

    Hmmm, that’s a tough question. I really loved AKII when I discovered it in high school, but I can’t say I felt I ‘owned’ it, but that was more due to confidence than anything (man, I would ROCK that baby now). I’d say the first one that was really mine was Parfum Sacre. It was one of my first sample purchases, and that rose/incense combo was like magic on my skin.

  4. SharrynStormont says:

    Not a perfume but a patchouli eo that was in a gorgeous Moroccan type flacon. I loved that stuff, still do. What first jumped in my mind when I thought about this question was sitting in my grandmothers bedroom and I could clearly see everything and the scent was Coty “Tweed”. Thank you for that memory 🙂

  5. Penny Cascio says:

    My first ownership of a scent was the original Obsession…. I loved it! I had just started working full time, I saved and saved until I had enough money to buy the full range, body lotion, shower gel, talc and soaps, as well as a huge 100ml bottle. I was single at the time, and that scent sure was a puller!!!!
    Love your work Portia, see you soon xxxx

  6. […] forget to leave a comment in the COMPETITION GIVEAWAY post […]

  7. julieswhinge says:

    The first perfume that I truly fell in love with was Joop Berlin. Unfortunately, it is no longer available and I dont find their other, newer fragrances hold a candle to Berlin. Love it. Miss it.

  8. Lindaloo says:

    It was Cachet by Prince Matchabelli purchased at the drugstore not long after it came out in 1970. Prior to this I had worn simple florals — did enjoy the Coty Sweet Earth solid compacts — and expected to move on to grown up florals. Then along came this green, floral chypre with a healthy dose of patchouli and I was smitten. It was me — not a girly, girl scent (I wasn’t much into make-up and hairstyles) and it worked so well on my skin chemistry. I was to learn that green notes, mosses and woods are my friends. My next scent, purchased a few years later at the department store on a visit to the big city, was Aromatics Elixir. More complicated, but with many similar elements.

  9. http://ip.aussieperfumes.com.au:81/categories.asp?cID=1084&c=55217 even more expensive but you can get 100ml here and they are Aussie

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