Good News Story, Thursday Competition Giveaway

Hey all you beautiful smelling people,

A couple of weeks ago I finally took the plunge and ordered a bottle of GUCCI RUSH. I love it, it’s been discontinued for a while and I wanted to have it in the collection before it’s gone forever and then I’ll be sad and angry at myself. One of the joys of perfumery for me is the hunt for a good price, the ordering, waiting, box arriving, opening box, looking at packaged fragrance for a while, opening ceremony, spritz, wear, love to be me of it all. So the whole web shopping is perfect for me.

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I ordered from a crew I’ve not used before; California Perfumes. Being a first time buy I ordered 2 fragrances and kept well under my $100 first time use limit including P&H. I waited for a couple of weeks and the package arrived, opened the box and……. GUCCI RUSH 2. OH NO!!! Now I don’t have a problem with GUCCI RUSH 2 but it was not what I ordered or wanted. Hello heartbroken.

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Onto the email and sent a complaint on the 26th and a follow up received on the 28th April offering a 50% discount on miss sent item. Wrote back asking if they had GUCCI RUSH could they please send me a Paypal for half the cost and send immediately. On Friday 4th I received an apology for response delay but the department head was away on leave, they would be with me as soon as they had an answer. This was the answer received Wednesday 9th May,

Unfortunately, we do not have Gucci Rush in stock.  A request has been submitted to our suppliers but it could take weeks to ship if they have it.  I could offer you a refund of that missing item instead.  Please advise.
I am looking for your kind consideration.
Best regards,

Yes please California Perfumes. I will have that lovely refund, that as I write has already been transferred. Although there was some email delay, you have shown yourselves to be interested in your clients continued support and have so far exceeded my expectations that I will definitely shop with you again. Even through the email delays I was kept in the loop as much as possible. I am deeply impressed.


So in the spirit of my story today there will be not one but 4 winners of our Thursday Giveaway Competition. How to win? Leave a message in the comments about an exceeding expectations retail/hotel/service experience. I’ll pick 4 winners on Saturday 12.5.12 at around 10pm Australian EST, all you have to do is get in touch by Wednesday 16.5.12 midnight Australian EST or I will give your prize to someone else. So if you enter please check back on Sunday to see if you’ve won. Last weeks prize was not collected so our new winner is Julieswhinge.

Each of our 4 winners will receive a 3ml spray decant of GUCCI RUSH 2

One each of the 4 winners will also receive a 1.5ml spray decant of either Chanel No 5 EdP or Liberte by Cacharel, or 1ml manufacturers sample of River Town by SOIVOHLE or a surprise Tommi Sooni

Plus free P&H anywhere in the world

No, you can’t pick which one you get.  Hello UNGRATEFUL!

Thank you for reading. I hope you are commenting because we love to read your stories,

Much love,

Portia xx


25 comments on “Good News Story, Thursday Competition Giveaway

  1. Annie says:

    Exceeding expectations – It’s not the big things – being upgraded at the airport to business class, yay it’s a WIN but it’s the tiny things – you buy sausages at the butchers and you get free eggs, you go to buy petrol and they fill it up and wash the screen, it’s not the big expectations it’s the little wins everyday that boost your expectations – life’s not all bad and there are some awesome people out there x treat everyone one as you wanted to be treated yourself xx

  2. julieswhinge says:

    Mmmm thank you Portia. Such yummy smelling presents for Julie to play with xo

  3. Dionne says:

    When we moved here almost six years ago, I went to the local Shopper’s Drug Mart to fill a prescription for Son#3. They told me there would be about a 10 minutes wait and gave me a buzzer to let me know when to go to the counter.

    A few minutes later I got buzzed. The pharmacist apologized and said they were all out of stock of the prescription, but he had called *every other* pharmacy in town, and one of them did have the prescription, had set it aside at his request, and were open for another 45 minutes if I wanted to get down there right away.

    Right in that moment the store earned my loyalty. I’d never encountered such above-and-beyond customer service before, and I’ve been shopping there ever since. (And all the ladies in the fragrance section know me by name…. ;))

    • That is an awesome story Dionne. I LOVE that theyu worked so hard for you.
      You are in the draw,
      Portia xx

    • BTW When are we having a new Dionne post. I love the life story one and every time I check back I read it again. I want MORE!!
      Portia xx

      • Dionne says:

        I do apologize for the posting delay. I have been sewing up a storm the last two weeks getting my charity quilt done in time (make a mistake on some cutting, had to order more from the States, blah blah blah….). Anyhoo, I’ve got a bit more stippling to do and put on the binding and voila! it’s done. Expect a new post beginning of next week.

      • Phew. I am missing your magic. Good luck with the Quilt. I have a lovely lady who plays trivia who just offered to make me a quilt from my frock scraps. It’s going to be sparkly!

  4. keyboardaddict says:

    A couple of weeks ago I ordered a rather yummy dress from ASOS. It arrived and was too small – GUTTED. They have a bigger size, but I’d ordered with a 25% discount and ordering the bigger size I would have had to pay full price. I emailed them with my sob story and they said if I return the small item, they’ll email me a discount code I can use to reorder in a bigger size. ASOS FTW!

    And I’m always talking about the blog I used to write, it’s been a long time, but on there there’s a story of not so successful customer service, enjoy:

  5. killerrabbit says:

    On the day of my wedding – I turn up at a very posh Melbourne hotel to get ready with bridesmaid and mother in tow and they don’t have my booking, I had made it through a online booking service and they hadn’t sent it through. The hotel was fully booked for a major sporting event but they did have a presidential suite available for high rollers (ok ok it was at the casino) which they put us in for no extra charge. Bridzilla crisis averted and new hubbie and I also enjoyed a complimentary bottle of champagne.

  6. vinery1 says:

    Hello Portia, I just found your blog today and am so happy to meet a group of local fumies!

    On expectations, it is so simple to make me happy–personalized and sincere customer service. The personalized part is easy, it comes from computerized customer details. The sincere part is very hard. I hate glib corporate spin and and thinly veiled efforts to sell more stuff.

    A hand written thank-you letter will go a very long way toward future purchases, and many perfume shops have figured this out.

    • Yes, especially online. Have you ever ordered from Mandy Aftel, Olympic Orchids, One Seed or A Wing & a Prayer. Seriously good customer relations, presentation and juices.
      You are in the draw.
      Are you a Sydney FumeHead?
      Portia x

      • vinery1 says:

        I love Olympic Orchids and wore Golden Cattleya yesterday! Another superb online shop for customer service is Miniature Perfume Shoppe which specializes in vintage minis.

        By the way I’m a Melbourne FumeHead.

      • Yay! I wish I’d known you last week. I had a fellow perfumista in Melbourne from Europe with a bunch of Frags for me but couldn’t send then due to our perfume restrictions. only another fumie would understand the need so I missed out. SAD.
        Aha! Golden Cattleya is so lovely.
        Portia xx

  7. Tara says:

    I love that you were called Ma’am! How very proper 🙂

    • It was a nice touch, I agree. Oil on stormy water.
      You didn’t give me a good service story Tara. Please do so I can put you in the draw.
      Portia xx

      • Tara says:

        Hmmm… I could just say our entire cruise holiday in January was chock-full of outstanding beyond-the-call-of-duty customer service, but that’s probably not specific enough.

        So instead, I’ll go with a well known whitegoods retailer, who messed up our extended warranty claim so bad that we didn’t have a working washing machine for 7 weeks (no fun for me with the millions of massage towels I have to wash!) They redeemed themselves by waiving the delivery fee for a brand new washing machine, and delivering and installing it after hours on a Sunday (11pm it arrived!)

      • 7 WEEKS!! OMG! I would have been in jail for stabbing someone.
        YAY! You’re in the draw.
        Portia xx

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  9. Penny Cascio says:

    A few stories come to mind, I must admit, but this one sure took the cake!!!
    A few years ago, I settled down to watch a good movie, along with a packet of my favourite Maltesers…(yes, big time chocoholic!), so imagine my dismay, when opening my delectable red package that all my mouth sized Maltesers were white!!!!!
    I wrote a very polite, but stern letter to Mars, voicing my dismay, and questioned why this would happen.
    Shortly after, a letter from Mars arrived stating that the white discolouration on my chocs was exposure, and there was nothing to worry about……. and to compensate, they sent a cheque for ……… wait for it………….$1.00!!! YES!!!! One freaking dollar!
    Shoulda framed it!
    With love xxxxx

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