Hi Everyone,
I know you are expecting an Evie C adventure but sometimes life gets in the way. Evie C is going to take a short think tank break and will be back on board soon. I have the list of interview questions and will get my interview hat on soon but right now it seems a little overwhelming so instead I will dedicate the next couple of Mondays to off topic stuff. Maybe a blog I’ve read that has inspired, interested or instructed. A piece of music, fashion, art or video that caught my attention. Something worthy, in my eyes.

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GIF Stolen from picgifs

So I love this video piece, it has a bunch of great music, images, ads all mashed together. Some of the music and visual editing is kinda bumpy but to me that ads a home made nerd-at-desk appeal. Having spent an amazing mindless evening with one of my already legendary heroes, the inimitable Grace Jones, back in 1995 at Heaven, London I love the mini showcase of her surrealist imagery that so many people born after 1985 will have completely missed, it happens later in the video. There are also some really camp retro references that you’ll either remember or be astounded by.

Please enjoy my first sideways Monday offering.

Portia xox

2 comments on “MONDAY!!!

  1. Heeeere’s Grace! She shares a birthday with Olfactoria’s Birgit! This is a cool mash up. I loved a lot of that strong imagery of her in the Slave to the Rhythm days all that phenomenal angularity, then of course there’s the Dolph Lundgren factor.. “An amazing mindless evening in 1995”, you keep the coolest company… Warm Leatherette

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