Towards 10,000 IVs, Cartier Film

Hiya Everyone,

We made our 6,000th individual view (IVs) over the weekend! For anyone who’s run a blog for a long time that doesn’t seem like a lot but we only started in mid March 2012. Individual views (IVs) is the amount of separate people who’ve viewed the site, each day you can make a new entry. If you come to the site and look at 10 pages you count as 10 in page views, only 1 in individual views. So you can imagine there were a few rowdy Woo Hoo’s when we noticed it had clicked over.

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GIF Stolen from picgifs

This got me to thinking, can we make it to 10,000 individual views (IVs) by the end of June? On stats it should be doable; March we did around 700, April just over 2000, May we’ll fly over the 3,000 mark. So then the CHALLENGE for June is to do 4,000 individual views (IVs). If we hit 10,000 IVs all up in June I think there should be a SUPER DOOPER GIVEAWAY.

Photo Stolen dancingastronaut

How can you help to make this happen? Easy Peasy!
TWITTER = Portia@OzPerfumeJunkie
FACEBOOK = Portia Turbo
Every time there’s a new post that you find interesting, reTweet or share on Facebook with all your buddies. Hopefully some of them will have a look, like what they see and continue the process.

Here’s what we at AustralianPerfumeJunkies will give away if we make 10,000 IVs in June.

Brand New Box In Plastic Wrap L’Homme Sport 50ml EdT by Lanvin
5ml spray decant Smell Bent Tibet Ur bottom $ EdT (Discontinued)
5ml spray decant Rochas Byzance EdT (Discontinued)
5ml spray decant CHANEL No 5 Eau Premier EdT

WOW! 4 lucky winners will win one of these great prizes each with postage anywhere in the world.

If you are a regular scentbloggosphere reader you will have seen this lovely Cartier mini movie before. Every time I am about to post it someone else I read puts it up, last time it was Birgit at Olfactoria’s Travels (AT) and this time Nathan Branch at Good Taste Is A Trillion Dollar Industry (NZ) but I’m going ahead today because it’s so incredibly and ridiculously lovely. Please enjoy.

I hope you loved it and on a completely different track I re-found this wonderful quote on the weekend and thought it would be fun to share it.
Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months, Oscar Wilde

Thanks for tuning in again, we are grateful that you do. Don’t forget to help us reach

Photo Stolen brisseaux

Wishing you only the good stuff,

Portia xx

3 comments on “Towards 10,000 IVs, Cartier Film

  1. parfumalley says:

    Portia, how amazing is Byzance. I have scoured melbourne to find a single ml of the juice ITS IMPOSSIBLE! Its so feminine because of the florals but mysterious and alluring. I think this one is Rochas best scent.

    mel 🙂

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