Comme des Garcons series 6 Synthetic; Garage, Skai, Tar. LIVE Video Sniff!

Hey Hey gang,

You may never have heard of the CdG series 6. They were deleted before I became a serious perfumista and though they have come into my radar area a couple of times I’d not ever thought of possessing them. There was so much else to be snorted that I really, really wanted to try.

Then, not so long ago, my mate Radium (AKA Robert Maxwell) asked if I knew where to procure such hard to find gems. So as an essay in “I can do that” I set out to. It wasn’t easy, in fact I could only find the 3 that Radium asked for at SurrenderToChance and so, as a great way to have them, smell them and share them, I offered to purchase if he would come and sniff them with me LIVE! for a video presentation. He jumped at the chance and here is the outcome. Do please enjoy.

Both the photos stolen from where you can but these 3 lovelies currently. Woo Hoo!

I must also congratulate the extraordinary talents of my BFF Kath who shot ans edited and TSO Jin who made it blog ready. You 2 are awesome, great joys and I’m lucky to have you both. XX

Much love,
Portia xxx

22 comments on “Comme des Garcons series 6 Synthetic; Garage, Skai, Tar. LIVE Video Sniff!

  1. Portia – love the video! Not sure about smelling like a greasy mechanic though. CdG fragrances don’t typically make me warm and fuzzy. I want my scents to be warm and fuzzy! As for the outfit…fabulous 🙂

  2. David Watson says:

    fabulous! loved this one… the smells you reviewed are intriguing as always xx

  3. Everytime I go to buy a sample of tar, they are sold out, so thanks for this, I just popped over to STC and they have it. Love the vid. Think you should consider entering Fragrance Idol 2012… ~Sharryn♥~ Watched your Cher vid too, loving it x

  4. vinery1 says:

    Loved the video, and you have made me curious about Garage and Tar, which I never got a chance to smell.

  5. annie says:

    I LOOOOOVED the video……please do more reviews,together…this is SO fun!!

  6. I LOVED these when they were around. Soda was my absolute favourite. It smells like lemon fizz, creamy and zesty all in one go. It is such a fresh scent.
    Tar was impressive in that on first smell it was very gritty but evolved and became more smoky. The packaging of these was fascinating. It was, for want of a better phrase, a goon bag inside a plastic canister. The we’re quite industrial looking. CDG is such an interesting range with fragrances that are experimental, challenging, beautiful and certainly unique. Definitely a range to discover more intimately

  7. saffyishere says:

    Hello Portia!!!!! Such fun you must have had smelling these.Although Iprefer my Kouros unadulterated,plz.Hello to Mr. Maxwell ,too

  8. Tina xx says:

    Love it love it love it! Great video review Portia. Congrats to everyone! xx

  9. killerrabbit says:

    Fabulous review Portia and Radium – I am so keen to try these now. Keep up the fabulous work

  10. […] 2 weeks ago one of my buddies, Robert “Radium” Maxwell, and I were doing a video on Comme des Gracons Series 6, Synthetics. Radium is a Freaky Fragrance Fanatic, loving the weird and quirky side of the perfume coin. As a […]

  11. Matthew Layton says:

    Hey Portia,

    Loved the video review, I find Amouage Reflection Man smells a little of Doritos so maybe Skai will have evoke similar feelings. May order a sample of these if they are still available.

    • Hey Matthew,
      Welcome to APJ. I’m so glad you liked our siillyness. I think every perfumista needs to have smelt these, just for contrast. They are also historical events in their own right. And FUN,
      Portia xx

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