Reindeer Games and Hippie Holidaze by Smell Bent

Hey Smell People,


Recently on Smell Bent the lovely Brent Leonesio had a warehouse clearance sale. So never one to let an opportunity for gratuitous fragrance shopping go by I ordered half the shop and a bag of chips. I love Brent’s irreverent style and sense of fun. He seems absolutely unafraid to experiment and aside from the quirky names and funky home made feel to his artwork the fragrances are the BOMB! My first true love from the Smell Bent range was Tibet Ur Bottom $, a super incense laden sparkly juice that would wash over me like waves of religion, it almost had me speaking in tongues. So what did my current haul turn up? And this is only a tiny sneak preview…

HIPPIE HOLIDAZE oil 2009: This was the Smell Bent Christmas offering for 2009. In the past I have always felt a bit, ” Gourmand? Really, smells like food? I don’t get it? I can’t smell that this is foodie.” Hippie Holidaze has changed my tune. On my skin we open with a a crisp tangerine (citrus anyway, but not a screechy bergamot) and then after about 15 minutes straight to pancakes and maple syrup with a cinnamon dusting. OMG! It is so rich and delicious, almost burnt. I am salivating. Ha Ha HAH! I can’t believe what I’m smelling on myself. Genius! Now I get the patchouli, yes here it is. I have nothing in the fragrance world that I’ve sniffed to compare it to except Angel by Mugler, this is cooler but hotter. All the ways that I hate Angel have been shorn away into something that I love. Great work Brent!

REINDEER GAMES oil 2010: Built for the Yuletide season again a year later this is like a grown ups version of Hippie Holidaze, the citrus is brighter, with incense to add a cool churchy feel at the beginning, instead of maple syrup this fragrance gives us hot and spicy, Christmas pudding with custard and freshly polished wood furniture, freshly cut wood for the fire that remains unlit and I know there’s no note listed as floral but I am getting something that I can’t pinpoint but it feels like a flower I should remember. This is Christmas done elegantly, or the dream and vision of it anyway. Not only is this a lovely body perfume but I think it would be gorgeous as a candle or room diffuser oil, especially for showing houses.

LIBERTY FOR ALL 2012: I don’t have this yet but the Smell Bent team have, um, maybe I better let the website explain

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve kinda got a thing for animals.  so do the folks over at liberty wildlife.  when they asked us to come up with a perfume to help celebrate their annual fundraiser, we were happy to oblige.
One of our favorite memories of our Phoenician adolescence is the smell of orange blossoms in the desert spring.  so that is where our composition begins.  and though it goes without saying, liberty for all was designed to be enjoyed by both men and women.
Notes: desert orange blossom with bergamot, ozone, tonka bean, hay, vetyver and sandalwood.
For each full bottle purchased, $25 will be donated directly to liberty wildlife

Go and have a look at Smell Bent they do some really inexpensive samples and ship worldwide, I have particularly enjoyed his Vocabulary range and Incensed. We do have an interview on its way with Brent Leonesio so look out for that in a couple of Mondays time. As always, thank you for spending your leisure time with us,

Portia xx

2 comments on “Reindeer Games and Hippie Holidaze by Smell Bent

  1. Sigrun says:

    I love reading your thoughts about the Smell Bent frags here. It’s refreshing to get across a brand with a bit of humour and self distance – and ever better tat they smell good 🙂

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