Midnight In Paris on Perfume Posse, David Gandy DnG Undies Video, Winners Announced

Hi Everyone!
The exciting news is that the Perfume Posse has taken another piece of my writing and put it on their site!! What an awesome feeling to be a guest writer on such an entrenched and valuable learning tool for perfumistas the world over. My smile is broad today. Go have a look at Midnight In Paris please and leave me a message so I know you’ve dropped by. Thrilled, I tell ya!

David Gandy in Dolce & Gabbana underwear 2008 just for a delicious bit of eye candy. Why not?


Picture Stolen covenantbuilders

This week the deal was the most Twitter shout outs and we had a few. Only one person retweeted more than once and interestingly nobody onward tweeted from your tweets. So this week the second prize goes to the first retweeter.

Here’s what our 2 lovely winners receive:

2ml spray decant of Mackie by Bob Mackie
2ml spray decant of Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger
.5ml spray decant of a Kerosene fragrance (remains of my samples)
.5ml decant of an Arquiste fragrance
P&H anywhere in the world

Picture Stolen berryreview

Amy Orvin had the most.
Tarleisio was first.

Congratulations to you both. Please get in touch with addresses so I can send your prizes by Wednesday 13.6.12 Midnight Australian EST or I’ll give you prizes to the homeless.

I hope the rest of your weekend is AWESOME!!
Portia xx

6 comments on “Midnight In Paris on Perfume Posse, David Gandy DnG Undies Video, Winners Announced

  1. Tatiana says:

    Your review of MiP on Perfume Posse was awesome. I loved reading it and it totally spawned a lemming for me. Luckily, that bottle sits out on the counter waiting to be tested at my local Needless Markup store.
    And thank you for posting the video of this lovely, beautiful, living work of art. I had never heard of this boy before.

    • YAY! Go spritz Midnight In Paris with abandon. I hope you love it.
      What about David Gandy. Oh My!
      He He
      Thank you for dropping by,
      Portia xx

      • Tatiana says:

        Popped in and sprayed Midnight In Paris on my way home from my morning run. Didn’t even try it on paper first, I went straight to skin based on your recommendation. Mmm. Loved the opening. Love the segue to the heart notes. Completely enjoying this one. Even the CFO/CTO of the family loves it. But his comment was, do you really need another perfume. He he.
        Can’t believe they marketed this as a men’s fragrance. It’s both a tad masculine and a tad feminine. It can go either way. They should have just marketed it as a beautiful fragrance for everyone.

      • YAY! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. HA HA Need another perfume? They don’t get it do they.
        Have a great day,
        Portia xx

  2. amyorvin says:

    Hi there. I see that I won the perfume…Amy Orvin…Yay!!

    Could you please let me know when you receive my mailing info because I am not sure where to send it! Thank you!!


    8740 AUBURN DR.




    EMAIL: 2dogs5catscrew@att.net

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