Abercrombie n Fitch VIDEO, Winners Announced

Hey gang,

Sorry it’s late been out at the Sydney Observatory with the crew, it was fun.Photo Stolen Sydney Observatory

Photo Stolen Powerhouse Museum

Photo Stolen Wikipedia


All you had to do this week was go and find the code wrds for $5 off Olympic Orchid Artisan Perfumes. EASY PEASY! and you’d be in the running to win one of 2 GIVEAWAY PACKS:

1ml Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes manufacturers samples of Carolina & Olympic Rainforest or A Midsummer Days Dream & Arizona.
2ml manufacturers sample of Fugue or Barocco by new fragrance house Esther produced by the crew at Fragonnard
Plus P&H anywhere in the world

Picture Stolen berryreview

SaffyIsHere and Kymme

Please get in touch via email or Twitter DM by Wednesday 20.6.12 9pm Australian EST or I’ll give your prize to someone else.


Here’s a little video of the A&F models doing the latest US #1 Billboard hit, Call Me Maybe. CAMP!!!

Oodles of love to you all,

Portia xx

4 comments on “Abercrombie n Fitch VIDEO, Winners Announced

  1. saffyishere says:

    oh and the video brought a broad smile to my face on this gloomy rainy day…I want the ‘dark boy’

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