Best Value Shopping Day EVER!

Hey Everyone,

Firstly, I am back on Perfume Posse! WOW!! That’s 3 pieces in 3 weeks! I am over the moon, please hit the jump to read my interview with NYC Natural Perfumer Eleanor Jane from TALLULAH JANE NATURALS. Life smells good!

Saturday was a busy day around here. TSO Jin and I had a few stops to make.

Our first stop off was at a chain of Perfume stores about to close down, our friendly SA Amanda gave us the heads up last week so we knew there’d be some awesome bargains going on but had no idea they would be this astounding. An almost full 50ml Lou Lou by Cacharel $10, a half full 50ml pre-reformulation Dior Homme $15 and about 30ml left in a large bottle of L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme $5. It gets better, they were having a 60% off sale which brought everything down to $12! Seriously! They are all testers and fresh, although I think the Issey Miyake is on the turn but maybe my recollection of the fragrance at second hand on my last partner has influenced the way I expect it to smell. No complaints here, I think the Lou Lou is the real bargain because I haven’t been able to find a 50ml of it in Australia for years, there is an unopened 30ml in the back of my perfume cupboard with all the rest of the OhMyGodHowCouldTheyDiscontinueThisFabulousFragrance section.

We then had some Jin stops for stuff and then we went to Perfume Warehouse, that had been promised recently but due to circumstances out of everyones control hadn’t happened. Well, these guys are amazingly well stocked and the shop area would be easily 200sq/m of fragrance. OMG! On some things they were $30 cheaper than I’d seen them anywhere else but on others they were up to double the best online prices I could find. You would have to know your products before going in or write down your list of wants, go home and check then come back. They did have only LED lights though making it cooler for the fragrances but does anyone know if LED still ruins perfumes?

Well, after trolling almost the whole store and chatting to the owner and SA, both handsome gentlemen who were friendly and knowledgable BTW, we finally made it to the Guerlain section. There it was… L’Heure Blue EdT, in its pre 1990s packaging with an old price tag torn off. My heart stopped and I asked if there was any more Guerlain in this old packaging. Yes, there’s a Shalimar out the back. WHAT? I think it’s Shalimar he said. The boy ran out the back and comes back out holding a 100ml Shalimar EdC, he had it out of the package and was going to spritz it to see if it worked. NOOOOO! It worked, one spritz less of this incredible find. ARE YOU CRAZY? A price was reached, less than you’d expect. They were the last 2 pieces of Guerlain from someone they had bought out and they really wanted to get rid of them. I am joyous! Ebullient! The bottles have had their single photo and are now residing happily in the fridge awaiting my pleasure. Soon I will try them and see if they are still working models. I’m too scared to in case they are ruined.

We did a bunch of other stuff on Saturday too. Lunch for a friends birthday at the Bowling Club, Jin kindly bought and installed a new car stereo for me, the Sydney Observatory with a wonderful crew to celebrate Jin’s birthday. Awesome day. I wish you could have been with us. What fragrance did I wear? During the day I had Dark Passage on and in the evening I wore Lonestar Memories, both by Andy Tauer the genius.

Thanks for joining me in my fragrant ramblings. I am so happy that you have bothered to drop by and read all the way to the bottom.

Portia xx

10 comments on “Best Value Shopping Day EVER!

  1. Undina says:

    It sounds like an amazing day. I hope your Guerlains will be in pristine condition! (you have to let us know either way)

  2. Tatiana says:

    I am so happy for you! And so jealous, too! I would love to stumble upon a Mitsouko EdP in that packaging. Enjoy your Guerlains!

    • There is Mitsouko at FragranceShop in original packaging by the picture, also some Shalimar EdT and EdC. They have other pictures of stock in current packaging separately too so I think it’s the real deal.
      Have a look,
      Portia xx

  3. colllleeeen says:

    Perfume warehouse?!

  4. saffyishere says:

    who /what is closing down? loves lou lou

  5. Natalie says:

    Congratulations on these finds!

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