DIOR HOMME Fragrance Review and Video

Heya Stink Junkies,

I hope this finds you happy and well, I have an admission to make. I am poorly prepared for today’s topic and nearly out of time to present it. A busy weekend doing Jin’s Birthday celebrations over a 4 day period left me little time to prepare my week. I have just finished my Q&A for 5 nights of Turbo Trivia this week. OOOPS! So I decided to chat about a scent I smell quite often around the house….

2005 DIOR Homme Photo Stolen Fragrantica

2011 DIOR Homme Photo Stolen DIOR

DIOR HOMME 2005. This is not to be confused with the Francois Demachy 2011 version that comes with a black central suction pole, 2005 Dior Homme has a silver suction pole. An Olivier Polge superstar fragrance that takes you on a journey through the scent scale. It is bold and fearless, majestic, manly and feminine, herbs, spice, flowers, food, leather, so rich and diverse its like looking at a Kashmiri 10×7′ silk hand knotted rug. The closer you get and the more time you spend with it, the more you will see. This is TSO Jin’s favourite scent and I can rarely tell he is wearing it because every time it’s a different story. This is regularly the scent I ask him, “What IS that?” Some days it will be a back street market stall in India, others we might be on Bond St London, a Spanish leather shop, a desert town in Australia or an African campfire. A panoply of visions with what seems a surprisingly short accord list. There is a grunt to DIOR Homme 2005 that is hard to find in modern perfumery but it still manages to become Jin, meld with his scent and seem like him. It is also tenacious, giving him up to 12 hours of story. We can wake up and I still smell something deliciously other about him, but it’s him plus. It is a sensual, easy wearing fragrance that can be worn with a suit, sweats or jeans and is not so strong that you couldn’t wear it to a movie or dinner.  I think women should give it a go to0, it could become your new go-to, DIOR Homme 2005 will definitely invite the beast out to play.

It is getting increasingly hard to find pre-reformulation and I have not tried the new one yet.

DIOR Homme Intense Photo Stolen luxuryes

Fragrantica gives the notes but I find that they don’t particularly run in this order and that you get revisitations of top notes and middle notes all the way through to dry down.
Top notes: lavender, sage and bergamot;
Middle notes: iris, amber, cacao and cardamom;
Base notes: patchouli, leather and tahitian vetiver
NowSmellThis didn’t love DIOR Homme 2005 when it was released and sadly is the only non video review I could find on the first 5 pages of google by a blog.

I have shown the video before but Jude Law is always worth a second look.

Before I sign off, Thank You for coming and reading, and commenting. It makes me happy that you do and I hope you enjoy it also. What “mens” fragrances have you been trying on?
Love, Love, Love
Portia xx

4 comments on “DIOR HOMME Fragrance Review and Video

  1. Undina says:

    I haven’t tried this perfume (don’t know why – just never came across it) but I really liked that video – all three times I watched it when somebody posted it and I just couldn’t pass by 🙂

  2. vinery1 says:

    I tend to prefer sweeter fumes, so rarely seek out masculines which can be too dry and fougere-y for me, but lately I have been enjoying Lonestar Memories.

    I must be more adventurous with sniffing over on the gentlemen’s side of the counter.

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