Emily Blunt in Opium 2009 by YSL Video, Winners Announced

Hey all,

Running late from a gig. We have 2 winners to announce tonight


Picture Stolen covenantbuilders

We reached our June goal of 10,000 total individual views last weekend so it’s an extra special giveaway, there are 2 because we smashed our goal so early. Thanks. If you are loving AustralianPerfumeJunkies don’t forget to spread the word, you’ll be surprised who is a secret fume head amongst your buddies; lost and alone thinking they’re the only crazy who is perfume obsessed.
How do you win?

Giveaway #1 you had to TWEET

1ml manufacturers sample OLYMPIC ORCHIDS ARTISAN PERFUMES Siam Proun
1.5ml spray decant of GUCCI No 3
1.5ml Spray decant of TAUER’s Lonestar Memories
Manufacturers sample TALLULAH JANE NATURALS Alyana Perfume Oil
P&H anywhere in the world

Giveaway #2 all you needed do was Congratulate us on our 10,000 IVs in the comments

50ml BNIP LANVIN Homme Sport
4ml travel size SMELL BENT Frankin Smellie SII#900
P&H anywhere in the world

Picture Stolen berryreview

GIVEAWAY #1 winner is Dr. Talson T. Jose

GIVEAWAY #2 winner is Sam Duncan

Winners will have till 10pm Wednesday June 27 Australian EST to send address details or I’ll give the to someone else.


Picture Stolen fashion.telegraph

As a speciasl gift here is the lovely Emily Blunt for OPIUM by YSL.
I hope you stay happy and well, I am touched and thrilled that so many of you have come and looked. Thank you,
Portia xx

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