Tourmaline by Charriol 2010

Hey Hey all you Scent Worshipers,

I am new to the world of Charriol.

Photo Stolen airesjewelers

It is a Swiss Jewellery and Watch company started in 1983 in Geneva by Philippe Charriol, a French entrepreneur, and known for it’s patented cable work with gold & steel and Celtic inspirations. Expensive, interesting and beautiful; their jewellery and watches are so artfully designed and constructed that they look timeless.

Photo Stolen airesjewelers


When my friendly SA Amanda says to me, “Portia, you like a white flower powerhouse, don’t you?” my ears prick up instantly. The perfumer from Givaudan who created this fragrance, Guillaume Flavigny, also created In Black for Byblos which TSO Jin wears, and I love on him. He is good at making big scents even in today’s market so I am already thinking it might be a hit for me.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

According to Fragrantica (and severely de-ad.-speak) the notes go
Olfactory family: floral, green, woody
Top notes: Davana, Green notes, Cyclamen, Ivy leaf.
Middle notes: Gardenia, Frangipani, Water hyacinth.
Base notes: Rosewood, Musk, Patchouli.

Yes, it is a green, white floral but it also has a non specific sweet, fruity style that comes from Artemisia Pallens, commonly called Davana in India, that lifts it beyond your regular white floral. I am reading that this is a fruit-chouli/aquatic but it isn’t wearing like that on me at all. The cyclamen at the start gives this great sweet, floral, waxy feeling to the ivy, davana and green notes that identifies it as unusual for me. Then the night flowers start their song, so inviting and in your face. I love the clear call of the flowers in this middle section, it is feisty. This smells good. It’s so simple.  I could go on and on at you about the story and notes and completely miss the point that this smells so good, and fresh, crisp and light. We had a sunny Autumn day here in Sydney, Australia and Tourmaline stepped up to bat and hit the ball out of the park.

Photo Stolen gemselect

The bottle is nice too, it has heft and I like the side roping, and the nod to a watch face. In fact for once the bottle is nicer in your hand than the ad. The whole package seems well thought out and planned. The paraiba tourmaline was first discovered in the Brazililan state of Paraiba in 1989 by a dedicated miner named Heitor Barbosa and it’s luminous blue/green colour is caused by copper traces within the gem. It is only found in 3 places on earth and sells for thousands of dollars per carat.

It is now night time, I’ve cooked us all here the most delicious Butter Chicken, we’ve watched some TV and the crew is in bed. A respritz of Charriol’s lovely Tourmaline and all of a sudden I know what I will write about tonight. This sneaky, budget little gem that I picked up on my fave SAs word.

Tourmaline by Charriol can be bought from their site
I found it at PerfumeConnection 50ml under $30
Amazon also has 50ml under $30

I’m pretty sure this has slipped under everyone’s radar because the only mention I could find in a blog was NowSmellThis where Robin introduces the fragrance but gives mainly Press Release info. The comments after shed more light on the Tourmaline name, it’s where I got the paraiba from.

Thanks for coming along. It’s wonderful to me that you do. Thank You.
Portia xx

4 comments on “Tourmaline by Charriol 2010

  1. The bottle definitely nice!! It looks so luxurious.

  2. Emma Mylonas says:

    Brilliant post. Your descriptions of the scents had me longing for a bottle of my own. Will be buying one ASAP!

    ❤ Em

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