Pulp by Byredo 2008

Guest Post By EmmaKate

Hello hello!

First I would like to introduce myself. My name is EmmaKate and I, like you, am obsessed with fragrance. However this isn’t an obsession I realized I had until I started working in the beauty industry. I have been lucky enough to work at Estée Lauder for a little while and Mecca Cosmetica for a much longer time.

Secondly I would like to say a massive thank you to Portia for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful blog.

While working at Mecca I was lucky enough to meet Frederic Malle, Fabrice from Le Labo, Francis Kirkdijan, Ben from Byredo and many more.
I will share with you stories and insights into these perfumers and their brands, and many more in my blogs.

Today I am going to talk about Byredo’s Pulp. Byredo is a fragrance house created by Ben Gorham.


Photo Stolen Byredo

Ben is a native of Sweden, born to an Indian mother, Canadian father and grew up in Toronto, New York and Stockholm. He studied fine arts at Stockholm Art School and became interested in fragrance as his form of expression. Byredo was born.

The entire Byredo range is something to behold but Pulp moves me.


Photo Stolen Byredo

This fragrance upon opening smells of a freshly cut fruit salad, fruity, juicy and delicious. It reminds me of fruit punch with a kick of gin to amp up the sauciness. As it dries down green fig comes into the mix to round it out. The fig gives it body and depth, whilst not compromising the sensual and flirty fruitiness.

Fragrantica gives the notes as

Top: Bergamot, cardamon and black currant
Heart: Fig, red apple and tiare flower
Base: Cedar, praline and peach blossom.

When I wear this fragrance I feel happy, excited, serene and a bit juicy myself 😉 As I smell it I can feel a hint of summer, a girlie frock and mango juice running down my chin and arms…bliss.

Mecca Cosmetics has 50ml $158

The Posh Peasant has samples starting at $5.50

See you next month,
EmmaKate X

9 comments on “Pulp by Byredo 2008

  1. YAY! Emma,
    Welcome to the coven. You’ve done a lovely job and we can’t wait to read more of your fragrant adventures. Bravo!
    Portia xx

  2. Liv says:

    Hi EmmaKate! Congrats on your first post 🙂 I love Pulp too; it treads the line between naughty and nice deliciously, and there’s a slug of over ripe vulgarity in there that keeps things interesting. It is a vat full of berries, just starting to mulch and it makes me think of Kir Royale or Creme de Cassis, gulped down while coyly nibbling strawberries in a kitsch come-hither manner 🙂 Looking forward to your stories about those perfumers!

    • Thank you Liv, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I adore this fragrance as it treads the line between super sweet and outright vulgar- in fact it is a lot like me.

      I look forward to sharing many more stories here.

  3. Dionne says:

    Lovely to see you here, EmmaKate. Count me in as another huge fan of Pulp, I love that the incredible juiciness of it is so tart and refreshing. And every time I wear it, The Engineer always says, “Mmmmm, I really like that one” (although I also have to tell him every time what it’s called – I have too many frags for him to keep track of :))

  4. Undina says:

    Welcome, EmmaKate!

    One more fan of Pulp here. I like the way it develops on my skin. In my opinion this is one of the great examples of how a fruity perfume can be done well.

    • Hi Undina, agreed that pulp is fruity done well. I enjoy a sickly sweet fragrance but only in winter and in Melbourne, seeing I am a Sydney girl through and through pulp is the perfect solution for me. The fig means it has depth and body lots of others lack.

      I wish I was wearing it now…

  5. killerrabbit says:

    It is definitely on my must try list. I have Byredo’s Chembur and I love it. Maybe I need to order a sample today I have just been scared by everyone’s discussions of it as super berry, as I don’t like smelling like milkshake syrup.

    • Hi killerrabbit!
      You must try this scent. It isn’t overly berry to me, more pomegranate and mango with an undercurrent of fig. Let me know your thoughts once you have played with this.

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