Hi gang,

We’ve had a couple of weeks off the Thursday Giveaway because I was over it. Now it’s back. This giveaway is open to anyone who follows the AustralianPerfumeJunkies blog.

What do you have to do to win? Easy! Just tell us which of the posts this week was your favourite. We’ll go through and randomly pick one. This is not a game of chance, you must answer the question to fulfill the criteria, but it’s not a writing contest either. Got it?

You have till around 10pm Saturday July 14 Australian EST. Should we not hear from the winner in a week we will give the prize to someone else. Fair enough? You bet!

Here’s what’s on offer:

5ml decant spray Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf
3ml decant spray Beloved by Amouage
2ml manufacturers sample Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens

1ml sample vial Fleur de Glace by Olympic Orchids
1ml manufacturers sample Outspoken by Fergie for Avon
P&H anywhere in the world

All measurements are approximate because they’ve been used as review samples

I love to do giveaways. It’s the only way I have of saying Thank You physically. We are so glad that you come back so often and read our mad passion for fragrance. When you like, follow or comment we do little air pumps and there are high 5s all round. Every time we reach a goal it is BIG news here.

Our next goal is to have 100 people following the blog. We aren’t far off but would love your help. How can you help? Well, you can follow us yourself, tell your friends about us and ask them to follow if they’re interested, facebook, tweet or retweet our updates and posts. That would be AWESOME!

Much love and wishing you only the good stuff you wish yourselves,
Portia XOX

PS Pictures Stolen lavanyasrecipes and kbaird

36 comments on “THURSDAY GIVEAWAY

  1. Tatiana says:

    I loved the way you described the “rush and susurrus of vanilla” in the July 6th review of vintage Shalimar EdC. It made me contemplate whether I’m just sniffing Shalimar in the wrong concentration for my tastes. I’m going to have to hunt down a sample of the EdC now. Thanks for offering the generous giveaway.

  2. annie says:

    Oh,by far,the post of Ambre Sultan,as I have had a love/hate thing going on with amber,lately….could be because it’s become boring to me,with it’s OVERUSE!…But now,my lil’ Petunia,you’ve shown me the many ‘faces’,and nuances of this perfume…I actually have it on my list to try…I may even swoon,upon testing it…(a sight to behold)…and,I talk you up everywhere…you are my perfume hero…and,ah,I am on bended knee,begging,shamelessly for more perfume-testing videos…I know you’re VERY busy…I looked you up…YOU ARE SOOO FAMOUS!! But,let’s face it,you & your friends are a total delight to watch…so do ponder on it..smooches…..

    • You are HILARIOUS Annie! I am smiling ear to ear.
      More videos on the way. there are some being edited and we are hopefully doing another round in a couple of weeks.
      Ambre Sultan is like no other amber you ever smelt.
      You are in the draw. Good luck.
      Portia xx

    • Penny Cascio says:

      I love you too Annie….. I mean, seriously, you are hilarious!!
      Hanging out for the next cocktail hour xxxxx

  3. Elena says:

    Hi lovely bloggers! I found this blog via NST, and there is always room in my life for more (good) perfume blogging. I haven’t gone too far back in your archive, but I really like your accessible writing, great stuff! This “perfumista” thing I think can lend itself to snobbery, and I don’t detect even a whiff of that here, so thank you from a newbie who doesn’t yet know fougere from chypre.

    I loved the perfume rating system describing how many stars. I laughed out loud at the 5 star, “You may die if you don’t have this perfume.” I experienced this recently trying Chanel no. 19 EdP, and was SAD, in a true, profound way in the shower as it washed away (thought not all the way, go lasting power!). It has jumped to the top of my to buy list. Do you have any other must try suggestions that might be sort of similar before I commit? I plan on (HA!) trying to buy only one full bottle per season/quarter to avoid both impulse purchases and bankruptcy. Maybe two if it’s from a discounter… (already cheating. Oops.)

    • Elena,
      Welcome. I hope you enjoy your trip with us. My advice to you is to buy samples, read frasgrantica or make up alley reviews, decide on a budget and stick to it . Everything else is pretty much come as you are.
      Also, perfume is lovely but it’s for fun. Save important angst and decisions for important stuff,
      Portia xx

  4. laniersmith says:

    It was neck and neck between the Ambre Sultans and the Songes reviews. But in the end the
    Songes wins for me. I learned so much!!

  5. jodi says:

    Amber Sultan. I just had the opportunity to sniff this, this is a real kick in the behind amber! A couple sprays lasts a long time. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  6. anatu13 says:

    I loooove the Amber Sultan review, especially the line where you wake up “smelling like a freshly baked, still warm vanilla brioche, just broken open and buttered.” (I was thinking it is too bad we can’t all replace ‘morning breath’ with THAT smell LOL!)

  7. Penny Cascio says:

    Well it has to be said Ms Portia, that I am still palpitating after your snippet from Lady Chatterleys Lover, with regards to the Gamekeeper fragrance!!
    To be perfectly honest, dont care what it smells like, just gimme the gamekeeper flat up against a tree trunk any day!!!!!!!! AAAAAAhhhhhhh…… the sense of smell is a wonderous thing!
    Love you, love your work, and love how you inspire xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Lindaloo says:

    Well, I could say the Sunday Quicksniffs for that oh so loving review of the Flowerbomb that you have generously offered to pass on here 😉 but my actual favourite was last Friday’s review of Shalimar EdC. I second Tatiana on your brilliant “rush and susurrus of vanilla”.

    I really liked how you followed the EdC’s development hour by hour. I have Shalimar only in the body lotion and am in the habit of using it at bedtime so I can fall asleep to that lovely, earthy vanilla. I tried it earlier in the day after reading your review and it seems to follow the path of the EdC including that beautiful floral stage at around hour two that I’d missed before in the depths of sleep. Will be giving it more time before bed now.

    • HAH! Just because it doesn’t suit my skin and turns NASTY doesn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t love Flowerbomb. It sells like hot cakes so I think someone might. Hopefully there is something for everyone in the draw.
      Thank you also for loving the Shalimar review, and Shalimar, what a fragrance!
      Good Luck Lindaloo,
      Portia xx

  9. saffyishere says:

    Hello Gorgeous Sweet P…I must say in the past week I have enjoyed your Guest blogger,EmmaKate.Your’e one of a kind..oh and Iread your post on Perfume Posse. Remind your bestie that his EX is an EX for a reason,and he can continue rocking Cool Water if he chhoses.I can understand his reluctance re MIP re its ‘clicheness’Say g’day to the cute Jin….let me win… wanna try BELOVED..huggles from Saffy

  10. […] the THURSDAY GIVEAWAY too. It’s a super dooper grab bag this […]

  11. Anna says:

    Hi, I loved your Songes review. It made me wondering that I really need to go to spritz my own sample to my skin. I remember I liked it but now I really have to try it again ❤ Your text was beautiful! ^_^

  12. nushechka says:

    i like
    the Amber Sultan review.
    great giveaway!

  13. nushechka says:

    I like the Amber Sultan review/
    Great giveaway!

  14. lenika123 says:

    Shalimar EDT. Beautiful review, and it was a reminder that I haven’t wore my 5 years old Shalimar EDT for sooo long. I love it, although it’s probably smells different from your vintage Shalimar. I put mine on, and it’s beautiful. I’ll wear it to work next time 🙂 Also loved your article for Perfume Posse 🙂
    Thank you for your blog!

  15. Radmila says:

    hi, great giveaway! I liked the posts about byredoo and l’artisan parfumeur most, since these two frangrances i have not tested yet – but seems i wil! thanks, Radmila, Ukraine,

  16. Dionne says:

    I’d like to give a shout-out to EmmaKate for blogging about Pulp. It can be a little intimidating dipping that first toe into the perfume review waters, and she did a great job – and of course, I LOVE Pulp! 🙂

  17. may says:

    I like your review on Small Bent. I have not heard of this brand before but Incensed Short Fuse and Apres Soleil seem interesting 🙂

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