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This week I’m doing something slightly different. The Lucky Scent July Sample Pack arrived during the week and I was wondering when I’d get to it. So of the 10 samples I thought I’d try a random selection for you and give you the usual 3 sentences and a star rating. You can find our Rating System Page <<jump.

Aqua di Casta  Eau de Parfum by  Testa Maura
Photo Stolen LuckyScent

AQUA DI CASTA by TESTA MAURA 2008. This crew offers 100% natural and organic products. Spicy, green and woody opening like opening a tea or spice chest. It stays sparkly fresh and lovely, pretty linear for the first hour or so. The wood feels newly hewn and left raw. It continues bright, bitey and delicious till it’s gone in a surprisingly long 6+ hours. S=**** L=**** D=***

MIA MURZA by TESTA MAURA 2008. Green, herbal and deep, this starts like a dense jungle and as you walk you break bracken and pass mossy trees with arboreal night flowers. An earthy, wet, humus rich fragrance that only warms up slightly as it continues to almost nothing. It is kind of there and not there after 5 hours. S=**** L=*** D=***

Vanille Cuir  Eau de Parfum by  M. Micallef
Photo Stolen LuckyScent

VANILLA CUIR by M. MICALLEF 2012. The opening sees a murky frission between the citrus, lavender and mint, something in this is the same as they use in modern Dana Tabu and it really fights with my nostrils. As a dab it then goes very skin scent but in a spray decant half an hour in and the leather really comes to the fore, a rough, unfinished leather straight from the tanners at first and then a mellow suede till the dry down about 4-5 hours later but it maintains that funny scent that torments me for most of its lifespan. I’m sorry to say, I don’t like it particularly. S=** L=*** D=**

VANILLA MARINA by M. MICALLEF . OHHHHH This opens so interestingly; the lemon is a warm hit of citrus (Unusual!!), I couldn’t place because the salty marine note plays with it like a Margherita, white flowers too. Are they orange blossom? So sexy and I can feel the vanilla sliding through it all, almost ambery but sweeter like …. I don’t know what!! WOW!! I am finding a decant of this, even though it’s not completely new, it is a fresh look at a common theme. Far better and lasted till morning, just quietly.  S=***** L=*** D=****

To receive the LuckyScent sample pack simply join their mailing list and they will send you an invitation to purchase their latest loves every month, priced very reasonably with P&H at attractive rates also. The only crap thing is there are only .7ml vials in the pack so if you want to spray them you have to self decant. I have written asking for a 2ml spray set but you all need to do it, go on.

I hope you’ve had a super weekend. It’s been very nice round here.
Love, Love, Love and good stuff to you and yours,
Portia xx


11 comments on “SUNDAY QUICKSNIFFS #11

  1. MariaA says:

    Wow you tried the Marine Vanilla !! It intrigued me too when I first heard the notes!! Now I am defnately trying this one!! Thanks for the review!

  2. Natalie says:

    I agree that a larger option would be nice on the Luckyscents sets. I haven’t ordered from there in ages, but I remember being annoyed about the sizes in the past. I’m interested by your descriptions of the Micallef scents; I have always found that line so unwieldy and hard to understand as one coherent line. But as I read your thoughts, it occurred to me that maybe that’s the point? Maybe they are trying to do a bunch of different things and aren’t really worried about cohesion?

  3. laniersmith says:

    Oh yeah! That Aqua Di Casta sounds pretty nice to me. And I am getting into leather… (stop that thought Portia!) so the Vanilla Cuir sounds inviting but ya know I love a good Vanilla with a salty rim. The Vanilla Marina sounds like a day at the beach with a big tripple scoop of vanilla Ice cream with orange sprinkles!

  4. poodle says:

    I love these quick sniffs. That Vanilla Marina sounds interesting. Aqua di Casta might be worth a try too. I wish samples were bigger too. Some of those little vials barely allow me to try something.

    • Thanks Poodle,
      Please write to LuckyScent and tell them. I think I was the first to do it because though they weren’t really into it they did reply and were nice. Maybe we could swing them?
      Vanilla Marina is really good, I am getting a big decant to enjoy.
      Portia xx

  5. killerrabbit says:

    Great quick sniffs today – I want to try them all. I agree with the 0.7mls being to little as I need to spray, a bit of a dab just doesn’t cut it.

  6. Tmitch says:

    So funny u mentioned Dana Tabu! i have been rocking the talc here in thailand as i found massive tins of it in the supermarkets! The talc is super sexy, it has saved my life many time when i poke my head down my tee as i experience a few un pleasent smells here in thailand!! home soon via Bankok AP!!!!! duty free here i come , cant hold me back!!!

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