SOIVOHLE by Liz Zorn: Reviews

Hey Fragrantly Flawless Fumies,

Yesterday we talked to the amazing Liz Zorn of SOIVOHLE, (pronounced See-Voh) previously we did a story on SOIVOHLE and last week looked at Wild Ginger Chai. Today we are going to look at some more of the fragrances that come from this brand. I have to tell you in advance, I love this crew. I think the juice in every bottle feels like the culmination of a labour of love, as lovingly produced as a baby. They run the gamut of genres; classy, chic or confronting at different times and some of the names are enough to transport you by themselves.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

You’ll see some writing in italics, that is edited from the SOIVOHLE website.

ABSOLUTES (30-50% Concentrate)

UNDERWORLD – natural
An unusual pairing of vetivers from around the world, rich spice notes of cinnamon, ginger lily and clove, a touch of jasmine, roasted coffee, cocoa, rose leather and balsams, set into a  light vanilla oud tincture, sensual and a bit haunting

Photo Stolen historywillabsolvemike

OHHH The clove and cinnamon are divine here and I am already getting some vanilla right at the start, this is a bit like the first fizz of spices in the pan when you make a curry. Here we are at half an hour with no diminution in the opening notes, this is going to be a heartbreaker. In comes the jasmine curling lazily through the cloves with (I think) the vetivers, slightly peppery and earthy. At over an hour there is the clove still and the leather & balsams are warming into their places and the coffee is like the end of your cuppa, the cup is cold but you put your nose in and smell. This is such a multi faceted perfume that I think I’ll need to spend lots of time getting to know its moods. 5 hours on and I am getting spicy vanilla with a whisper of the dank oud below giving breadth. 9 hours and Underworld has become a skin scent, not discernibly anything except a better smelling me. Magic!

DEMI ABSOLUTES (18-22% Concentrate)

BOTTLENECK BLUES – mixed media
Inspired by the juke joint, jazz dive, blues hideaway and any place where the music is hypnotic and the atmosphere  so thick you could cut it with a knife. Not for the faint of heart Bottleneck Blues opens with a heavy dose of animalic musk,  rain dampened hay , earth  and bergamot  that evolves into a stunning array of ripe sensual summer flowers,Lilacs, Magnolia  and Roses, with a base of chypre moss, musk, absolute vanilla , labdanum and woods.

Photo Stolen stltoday

Bottleneck Blues first rush is like walking through the baking kitchen, vanilla, zest & cinnamon, and out across the yard into the hay barn. It’s not rushed, you’ve taken your time in each section. You find a sexually ready, fit and healthy man wearing really pricey fragrance, he’s had a few drinks and you can taste them when you’re kissing, then after your fling you go back across the yard into the kitchen and now they’re making caramel, you stay and watch the process for hours from a new chair and then you go.
I know my smelling doesn’t exactly match notes, I went back and checked the test bottle twice throughout my 4-5 hour journey before I slept.

JHANGO BAY – mixed media
Inspired by the early 20th Century Jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Jhango Bay  is a fresh woody chypre with notes of Bay, Bergamot, Basil, Lemon,  A heart of Geranium, Ginger Lily,  Geranium Rose, Incense Rose  and a touch of Jasmine with Oakmoss, Cedar, Sandalwood and  a  mixed media  musk containing Ambrette Seed and Muscone  rounding out the base. This formulation was created with 99% natural materials.

Photo stolen keepswinging

A fresh burst of citrus, bay leaves and spice like a call to arms opens Jhango Bay. It maintains it sharpness with the snap of geranium and a spicy, cool rose accord. Then the strangest thing happens, I can only liken it to the first opening scent from a bottle of tomato sauce, it’s sweet and sharp but so good, unexpected and wholesome smelling. This is a winner. I am buying me some of this excellent juice.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our look at SOIVOHLE fragrances; for me it’s been a real treat. Don’t forget to cross over and have a look at the new SOIVOHLE range.

Love, Love, love to you and yours,

Portia xx

7 comments on “SOIVOHLE by Liz Zorn: Reviews

  1. laniersmith says:

    Yes I enjoyed it. I am swooning in fact and I sure want to put my nose in that cuppa “Underworld”

  2. Tmitch says:

    Underworld! great name, sounds wonderful , rose leather and balsams sound mouth watering. Great use of the word cuppa luv! very Oss-trailian 😉
    Bottle neck blues, nothing sexier than a mans breath after a few drinks, big fan of bergamot and labdanum is a crush of mine,
    will be checking out the web site when i return home!
    good day to u Portia xxxx

  3. Killerrabbit says:

    Fantastic reviews Portia. And what amazing sounding perfumes, I Must Try. It is so great to have fantastic perfume reviewers like yourself help us to choose and buy. There are just so many out there and it’s hard to try all the niche brands. I was aware of Soivohle branc but there are too many to try. It’s now jumped to the top of my next sample list. Thank you.

  4. Jordan River says:

    Acoustic Flower is The Jazz Diva.

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