Guilty by Gucci 2010

Hey Y’all,

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I was lucky enough to be given a bottle of Gucci Guilty recently by a friend who’d had it purchased for her but did not like it for herself, being a veteran Ma Griffe by Carven woman. I have coveted the bottle since I first laid eyes on it, thinking it an excellent branding exercise and lovely counter topper. I had high hopes for the juice because Gucci have done some great stuff in the past and I was hoping for a love. Come with me and we’ll discover Guilty together. Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these notes mandarin, pink pepper, peach, lilac, geranium, amber and patchouli.

Guilty opens warm pink pepper and peach on my skin, it’s a modern fruit-chouli and that should have me hating on it immediately but there seems to be some interesting depths here. A softly spicy, whisper of a fragrance that still manages some sillage and staying power, around 5-7 hours depending on what I’m doing. As the amber warms into the fragrance I also get a beautiful waft of crisp, fresh cut flowers so I am guessing the geranium is keeping the lilacs a bit extra green. The patchouli has been stripped naked and scrubbed clean till I can hardly notice it but still the dry down maintains surprising amber/vanilla warmth and is by far my favourite part of the fragrances life.

Honestly, this seems a little generic for the design house GUCCI for which the motto, Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten, is associated. This is very nice, pretty, wearable and inoffensive so where they got the steamy sex and name Guilty from we are left guessing. I will use this as my re-spritz in my bag and it will be drained in no time but will probably not purchase. Sorry GUCCI but you’ve let me down a little bit.

NowSmellThis and LashGirl were the only 2 reviews I could find on the first 4 pages of google for Gucci Guilty that weren’t Pour Homme Intense.

Thanks for coming and sharing my fragrant wanderings, hopefully see you tomorrow,

Portia XOX

Gucci Guilty

15 comments on “Guilty by Gucci 2010

  1. sinnerman01 says:

    I to have been very disappointed with everything Gucci has done since the dynamic and incredibly handsome mr Tom Ford left the house ! The men’s line has been generic and uninspired , “ugh” ! I can appreciate where this fragrance is coming from and who it is targeted to but the art direction is so far of the mark and with a name like guilty it just does not ring true ! Guilty of buying into the idea of brand identity is more like it ! would love to see what else is in that hand bag of yours lovely ! Xx

  2. Undina says:

    I have to admit: I liked Gucci Guilty when I first smelled it; I liked it through everybody’s disdane to it; I still like it (especially the bottle). Did I buy it? No. I have a sample or two that I’m not using for some reason (I probably should).

    I was always wondering if there is a place online that sells empty perfume bottles (not vintage). There are a couple of perfume bottles that I’d like to have – just do not care to pay for the perfume itself.

  3. killerrabbit says:

    Sounds a bit wishy washy, why are major perfume companies so risk adverse? Surely Angel is an example that you can go crazy and still win?

    • Money. It’s a money game. How many Angel’s can you count? Maybe 4 big risks paid off in the past 20 years? Angel, Le Male, L’Eau D’Issey, and I’m sure there’s another but can’t think now?
      It’s a crying shame but it’s also a business.
      Portia xxx

  4. annemariec says:

    Sounds like your friend was right to stick to Ma Griffe.

    That video looks great, but ticks all the cliches in the book.

    • HA HA! Really Guilty is quite nice, very wearable, just NOT art. KnowhatImean?
      Yep! Give me a fabulous cliche ticking mini movie every time. It’s fun and pretty, much like the fragrance,
      Hope your weekend is lovely,
      Portia xx

  5. poodle says:

    I have a sample of this and while it’s nice it’s not the sex bomb that they make it out to be in the ads. I did buy a bottle as a gift for my aunt though. She likes it a lot. I figured she would because she likes warm, ambery scents. I’ll wear my sample but it’s not something I’ll rush out to buy a bottle of for myself.

    • Yep, I get it. I’m with you. It is nice to have, and a great respritz to bring another fragrance back to life. Super good for office I reckon, or anywhere close. Also, perfect for people who are not perfumistas. It smells nice, lasts a while and comes in a fabulous bottle.
      Portia xx

  6. Bella says:

    Absolutely adore this perfume!!! I got a itty bitty spray of it at the greyhound event and it is marvellous. Can still smell it an hour later, which is more than I can say for Chanel (Mademoiselle) and Yves Sant Laurent (Babydoll). It is sweet and lovely, but not too much! I’m going to buy it immediately, love, love, love it! Thanks a billion brilliant Portia!

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