L’Eau Du Navigateur by L’Artisan Parfumeur 1982

Hey Hey All You Stink Junkies,

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They were having a sale at L’Artisan Parfumeur, one of my favourite fragrance houses but I live in Australia. Then my girl friend Alice went to England. So I shopped like KER-AY-ZEEE!!

The first cab off the rank will be L’Ea Du Navigateur. Why? Because it’s fricken AWESOME! This is a slick, classy and elegant creation.

Photos Stolen boatbuildingindonesia

The Phinisi Spirit (Boat Pictured Above)
The highly valued spices, and the fabled spice route itself, actually originated on the islands of the Malay Archipelago, later known as the “East Indies” or spice islands. Spices from these small islands were transported along a well developed network of sea routes by even more impressive sailing vessels, ancestors to the modern Phinisi. (Plagiarised from boatbuildingindonesia)

Fragrantica gives these notes and accords all in one mine: coffee, spices, woodsy notes, floral notes, rum, resin, incense, tobacco, leather, cedar and myrrh

Photo Stolen L’Artisan Parfumeur

What do I smell? I smell a boozy, spicy, coffee; a warm and cheeky Jamaican Coffee, that you used to get after dinner in restaurants. There is wood, I get a salty tang too, the flowers are very quiet and each time I think I’ve nailed one it disappears on me. The resins after half an hour are boat reminiscent but warm like a salty amber, maybe it’s the leather accord and my nose is misreading it. Tar?

The myrrh has been there all along but it makes a centre stage appearance, quite profound for a note that I often find lurking rather than doing a diva turn on my skin, 2-3 hours in. After that last big note the whole melange goes very quiet, like the background smells of cargo at sea I imagine. Starting to smell myself in the mix too, like L’Ea Du Navigateur has found my scent and decided it works very well in the mix so it might as well use everything at its disposal to create a spellbinding and narcotic miasma.

I get zero of the smoke, tobacco and incense that others rave about, and that’s a shame, but I’ve only worn L’Eau Du Navigateur twice. I think there will be surprises wearing it for different things and in changing temperatures. Next morning, over 8 hours, there is still a trace of a better smelling me.

Back in 2006 PerfumeSmellin’Things review is excellent as is 1000Fragrances.

Get hold of a sample/decant because it’s so lovely. I can’t believe there isn’t more of a song and dance done about it. Maybe because it’s been around for 30 years.

Do you have a favourite L’Artisan Parfumeur fragrance I should try? Please leave me a note so I can,
Till tomorrow,
Portia xx

15 comments on “L’Eau Du Navigateur by L’Artisan Parfumeur 1982

  1. sinnerman01 says:

    My first LAP is Dzing ! It’s amazing , a birthday gift to myself this year . I intend on getting more as when I read about them I die and go to fragrance heaven every time , next on my wish list is merchant loup !! It’s based on a forest !!!! And the bottles are stunning 🙂 have u tried the unique Dzing Portia ? It has this cute little lady on it that I want as a tattoo on my back hip!!! Grrrrl
    Thanks for the review! I love boozy fragrances with spice , egoiste is a treasured fav in my collection xxxxx

    • Heya,
      Yes, I’ve tried Dzing! and liked it but the Jacomo Art Series #2 takes that idea and runs with it even further. Dzing! is a perfectly finished and orchestrated version but I like it dirtier, he he
      Portia xx

      • sinnerman01 says:

        Thanks Portia ! Checking out this dirty masterpiece now on fragrantica !!! Thanks for the lead, love u xx

  2. Undina says:

    I can’t even act surprised that I haven’t tried this one because I’m sooo unfamiliar with this brand in general: it’s so huge that I never know what to test first when I finally get to one of a few stores that carry the line.

    My only bottle of L’Artisan is Tea for Two – love it! Have you tried it?

    Recently I’ve tested and liked L’eau d’Ambre Extreme but I’m not sure yet if I need it with all other lively ambers I have or plan to get.

    • Hey Undina,
      Tea for Two is one that I haven’t tried. Silly because so many people LOVE it. I like CB I hate Perfumes Russian Caravan Tea so I would probably like T42. I will get a sample and see.
      I have L’Eau d’Ambre and really like it.
      Their bottles are lovely too with the engraving down the side. It’s all very classy to me.
      Portia xx

  3. laniersmith says:

    Scrumptious review. No I haven’t had a chance to smell any of the L’Artisan yet. But it is on my to do list.

    • laniersmith says:

      omg! The sell it at Rand + Slater just around the corner from my house! Stopping on the way home and having a sniff fest.
      Cheers! Again you turn me on to something new.

      • These guys are famous for doing beautifully crafted masterpieces. I hope you love at least one of them Mike,
        Portia xx

      • laniersmith says:

        They only had a six in the store. Not the entire line. And they did not have L’eau du Navigateur which I really wanted to sample. Of the ones they did have I liked Méchant Loup the best. Citrus and honey, like being in an orange grove in spring with the bee’s drunk on orange blossoms. So I am still on the look out for Navigateur.

  4. poodle says:

    Haven’t tried this one but I am another Tea For Two lover who is so sad they discontinued it. I’ve tried Fou d’Absinthe and thought it was more pine than absinthe and smelled like dad. The other I tried was Voleur de Roses and that didn’t go well for me at all. It smelled okay on paper but when it hit my skin it turned into my mom’s basement after it flooded. I smelled like mold and mildew. I like a bit of dirtiness in my scents too but that was not attractive in any way. I’m determined to try it again though to see if it was just a bad day. This one you reviewed sounds like it might be worth a try. Boozy coffee, yum.

  5. Dionne says:

    I haven’t tried very many from the L’Artisan line, but I’ll also add to the love for Tea for Two, it’s unlike anything else in my collection. But my fave L’A right now is Mimosa pour Moi – I went on a major mimosa sampline spree which I should eventually get round to writing about, and MpM won my heart and pursestrings. A lovely, unaffected spring scent.

    And 1982 was 30 years ago? When did that happen?

    • I have not tried the Mimosa, it’s such a huge range I doubt I’ll ever get to them all.
      Very rude of 1982 to have happened so long ago, it sounds like a number from history when we know it was only yesterday,
      He He
      Portia xx

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