Tous Gold EdP by Olivier Cresp for Tous 2002

Hi Gang,

As you may remember we had a perfume chain close down around here recently and I managed to procure some ridiculous bargains. One of those spectacular grabs was Tous EdP in the gold package with the TOUS bear on top. Is it just me or does the TOUS bear look like a bear putting its arms behind its enormous BOOBS!!!! It looks very Dolly Parton/Pamela Anderson to me.

Fragrantica gives this blurb (edited):
Tous is a Spanish (Catalan) jewelry house founded in 1920 by Salvador Tous Blavi and his wife Teresa Ponsa Mas. Originally focused on watch repair, their small workshop gradually transitioned to jewelry. Tous remains a family business today and the brand has more than 380 stores in 45 countries across five continents.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

and also gives notes/accords as:
Top: Coriander, cassia, bergamot and violet leaf
Heart: Peony, jasmine, gardenia and rose
Base: Iris, Moroccan cedar and white musk

What do I smell? It starts with a sweet green waft that already has some white flowers. It’s pretty, I know that sounds like I’m damning it, but there’s no other word for Tous Gold. A very pretty perfume and softly fragrant that is kept from being boring or banal by the green and herbal accord that continues past the opening and into the heart. Innocent without being innocuous, would be absolutely lovely on a girl or a woman. In fact, I’ve just sprayed in on TSO Jin and it rocks on him too, almost cologne-ish and lasts forever. I love the fatty, almost milky white flowers in the centre that are very human, motherish, embracing. The cool iris and warm cedar and musks are just playful enough to keep this out of laundry territory but Tous does skirt that genre towards the 4 hours mark of its cycle. It lasts extremely well though, still powering away quietly at the 8 hour mark.

Tous Gold is not a big dramatic number or groundbreaker and I’m not going to tell you I can’t live without it; it’s fresh, light, youthful and lovely. You won’t need to work at liking it, there’s no confrontation, even if you are usually white floral phobic. It would also be a good dinner/movie/work fragrance (it may be a bit big for no perfume works), great for people who want to spray in the morning and not think about fragrance again all day.

FragranceShop has 50ml for under $24
FragranceNet has 90ml for $30

I hope you liked our look at Tous Gold, have you tried any others of their range? I quite liked the look of some of their handbags too.
I am so grateful for all of you who come and look regularly, and leave messages. Every one is appreciated.
Portia xx

24 comments on “Tous Gold EdP by Olivier Cresp for Tous 2002

  1. cupcakesakura says:

    HAHA DEM BOOBIES =O_o= thats the first thing i was thinking when i saw the bear LOL..
    wow its so cute and fairly priced i wish i could smell it =^_^= ❤

  2. Dionne says:

    Never heard of Tous before, but I agree that sometimes a pretty little perfume can just hit the spot.

    And didn’t see the boobs until you pointed it out, I was initially laughing at what I considered big naked bear butt. The places our minds go…

    • He He He. Bare Bear Butt. Now that’s a name for a fragrance.
      Cheap and cheerful is Tous, like me. Are there any other Spanish fragrances Dionne?
      Portia xx

      • Lindaloo says:

        re Spanish fragrances: There is the whole Ramon Monegal line that has been in Europe for awhile, but is just debuting in the US. He is a long-time perfumer from the family that founded the only Spanish house I was aware of before, Myurgia, home of the the very available Maja (and apparently a slew of others over the decades). The scents sound gorgeous and have been featured on a few blogs already and now in an article by Perfume Shrine’s Elena on Fragrantica.

      • Thank you. I love hearing of new things. I shall go find,
        Portia xx

      • Dionne says:

        I read Elena’s enthusiastic article at Fragrantica this morning about the new Spanish line Roman Monegal and immediately thought of your Spanish fragrance question, but I see Lindaloo has also given you the heads-up. If the Perfume Shrine loves a line, it’s definitely worth checking out, and Luckyscent and First in Fragrance now have it in stock, with samples.

      • Can’t chat Dionne. Ordering samples. Thanks for the heads up.
        portia xxOX

      • Can’t chat Dionne. Ordering samples. Thanks for the heads up.
        Olfactoria’s travels looked at them last week too
        Portia xxOX

    • Undina says:

      I’m with Dionne on this one: I though it looked like a rear end of the bear with his head just turned around in owl manner 🙂

  3. Dionne says:

    None that I’ve heard of. I just googled out of curiosity, and found a discussion over at Basenotes, but most of those listed sound like they’re companies from the 40s and 50s.

    Just wanted to let you know, your post on Rochas Femme that’s showing up in my Google Reader is not here on your blog so it’s not possible to comment.

  4. Not familiar with Tous – but wow, that’s one busty bear!

  5. Love it Portia, The Busty Bear… Yeww reminds me of a Hello Titty I saw recently 🙂

  6. poodle says:

    Now that’s a bear my hubby would probably love to cuddle up with.

  7. […] Portia (AustralianPerfumeJunkies): One of those spectacular grabs was Tous EdP in the gold package with the TOUS bear on top. Is it … […]

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