Le Nuit De l’Homme by YSL 2009 Video

Hey Hey All,

While I have never sniffed Le Nuit de l’Homme I do think they’ve done a great job with the ad. Not feminist inspired or even acceptable probably but I think it is the ultimate fantasy of most men. Wanted by 3 women at the same time, all gorgeous, all elegant all within a certain circle of society. The reality would be a disaster but it looks nice in this ad.

Out of interest, has anyone smelt this fragrance? Is it as good as the ad? Does the ad sell the correct product?I expect it to be screamingly masculine by the movie but….

Please enjoy the mini movie, even if it’s just to growl BASTARD at the computer,

Portia xx

Pics from Fragrantica, Video YouTube

28 comments on “Le Nuit De l’Homme by YSL 2009 Video

  1. poodle says:

    That guy is an actor, Vincent Cassel. He knows how to work that sexy man image. I’ve seen him in a few movies. Anyway, hubby has that fragrance. It’s nice but he doesn’t morph into a hot, sexy Frenchman when he wears it. Too bad. I’m going to have to sniff it again when I get home from this little trip and see if it matches the movie.

  2. Vincent Cassel usually plays sleazy characters. I am surprised they would use him as a spokesperson. Maybe they’re trying to sell sleaze??

  3. sinnerman01 says:

    Thanks for the man candy Portia ! I pefer the m7 ad ! Now that’s sexy . Grrrrr ! Happy Sunday

  4. Lindaloo says:

    If you want to check that M7 ad (and you DO) on imagesdeparfum, it’s dot fr (for France) not dot com.

  5. sinnerman01 says:

    Glad u found it ! We can thank Mr Tom Ford for this beautiful picture ! It’s such a shame a perfectly shot male nude can cause such reaction. I would love to see more of this type of advertising ! …….. Like that’s going to happen ! It’s frustrating because u can push the envelope when it comes to sex but nudity has no place . It’s to confronting !!! I don’t understand .

  6. ann-sofie says:

    I growl in french: oh la la, mon dieu! Vincent Cassel, eurobabe superieur. (this is as far my command in the french language takes me, but these phrases are most useful, I’m sure). Impeccable taste in men, Portia. Congrats!

  7. ann-sofie says:

    Yes! Vincent got The Smirk – degeneration at its’ best. And you are way ahead of me – I will never be able to buy stamps in French.Ehum…by the way Portia, would you know of any fragrance that would resemble 31 Rue Cambon in the drydown, but not quite as pricey? I bought Coromandel, full bottle, last week and my wallet is now an empty shell. Still my cravings will not leave me alone….

  8. ann-sofie says:

    oh! peeped at M7. Vincent got competition. georgeous!!! love the nudeness, love the hair.
    PS I’m Swedish. we adore fleshy nudes.

  9. Dionne says:

    This is such a bizarre thing to admit, but although I understand the appeal of ugly gorgeous, I just can’t get past the fact that Vincent’s nose is off-kilter. Something about that just drives me nuts. I guess I’m the stereotypical example of “people are attracted to symmetry.”

  10. Andrea says:

    La Nuit De l’Homme is spicy with a dark side. There are clean notes as well, which are kept in the background, but stop the fragrance before it crosses the line between dark and decadent.

    I hadn’t seen the ad before, but I think it’s a very good match in terms of imagery.

  11. […] the same way, although it’s a bit darker. I recently discovered La Nuit’s ad (thanks to Australian Perfume Junkies blog) and the ads for these two perfumes share the same dark imagery, although Vincent Cassel in La […]

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