Neela Vermeire Creations GIVEAWAY!!!

Hi Gang,

We are having a Neela Vermeire Creations week here at APJ. Monday we interviewed Neela Vermeire, Tuesday we reviewed Mohur, one of the 3 Bertrand Duchaufour fragrances currently in the line and today we have a really special GIVEAWAY!! You guys are SO lucky!! Please go and follow @neelavermeire on twitter and Neela Vermeire Creations, Parfums Paris FaceBook page. She is so friendly and I can promise you exciting updates in the near future. SHHHHHH

What is in this amazing NEELA VERMEIRE CREATIONS GIVEAWAY? You ask..

4 x 2ml Try Your India sets including 2ml of all 3 Fragrances in the line and shipping
Value = 22 euro each!!!
We have 2 sets for the world and 2 sets for Australia to give away, courtesy of the AH MAY ZING Neela Vermeire.


Firstly, you must be a follower of AustralianPerfumeJunkies and YES you can become a follower to enter. Then you must leave in the comments below the names of the 3 Neela Vermeire Creations fragrances. How easy is that? EASY PEASY!!

Photo Stolen indiantvtoday

You don’t want to wait till Saturday to see if you’ve won?
NeelaVermeireCreations was where I bought my 10ml x 3 frags Discovery Set for only 90 euro delivered anywhere in the world or you can get 2ml x 3 frags Try My India Set only 22 euro delivered!
LuckyScent has 55ml bottles $250


Loads of love,
Portia xx

70 comments on “Neela Vermeire Creations GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. milleiles says:

    Birthday has to be a lucky day, right? 😉
    Love them badly – all three : Trayee, Bombay Bling! and Mohur. Many thanks Portia & Neela!!

  2. lucasai says:

    Bling!, Mohur and Trayee are 3 fragrances from Neela Vermeire! Thank you very much for this generous draw 🙂

  3. milleiles says:

    Birthday has to be a lucky day, right? 😉
    Love the three of them SO badly!!! 🙂 Trayee, Bombay Bling! and Mohur. Thank you so much lovely Portia and Neela for the draw!

  4. MariaA says:

    I’d love to try all three of the Try My India set that includes Mohur, Trayee & Bombay Bling! Lovely draw thank you!!

  5. chrissyinoz says:

    Hi Portia would luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrvvv to win these lemmings!! Bombay Bling, Mohur & Trayee sound so delicious

  6. scott says:

    I would be VERY excited to try Bombay Bling, Trayee and Mohur- in fact, I have wanted to for some time now! Thank you! My fingers are tightly crossed! (PS: I am not in Australia…)

  7. I love your no mess approach to the draw. Please count me in P! Mohur, Trayee & Bombay Bling!

  8. Sandi L says:

    Love ❤ Mohur, Tyree, and Bombay Bling! Oh yeah, Neela is so amazing….

  9. laniersmith says:

    Count me in! Let’s see if I can remember…..Mohur, Trayee, and Bombay Bling!!

  10. Dionne says:

    One question, Portia. What about those of us who follow you through Google Reader, and have comment notification through a WordPress Dashboard? Are you able to tell that someone has subscribed to you that way instead? Mohur, Trayee, Bombay Bling…. just in case.

    • Hey Dionne,
      If you look through the stats page there is a section with RSS, Google, WordPress and email feeds. I can check winners by looking through that. There are less than 200 followers so it’s quite easy.
      I hope you are happy and well,
      Portia xx

  11. Hylda says:

    Bombay Bling, Mohur, and Trayee. Yay, I did it! What a great pick for a give away! Who doesn’t love Mr. Betrand? Can’t go wrong with that nose!

  12. Dubaiscents says:

    I can’t wait to try my samples of Mohur, Trayee, Bombay Bling 🙂

  13. may says:

    Trayee, Bombay Bling! and Mohur are the 3 fragrances! 😛

  14. sinnerman01 says:

    Bombay Bling
    Thanks APJ

  15. poodle says:

    Bombay Bling, Trayee, and Mohur of course. Thanks for the draw. I’m sure those who win are gonna love these. I’ve been wanting to try them for a while.

  16. lenika123 says:

    Trayee, Mohur, Bombay Bling.
    Thank you very much for this draw!

  17. Sand says:

    I’m a follower and the three are Bling!, Mohur & Trayee.

  18. calidreamin87 says:

    I’d love to try these! 🙂
    I follow & the 3 fragrances: Bombay Bling!, Mohur & Trayee.

  19. Lemon says:

    I’m not follower, generally, but I do follow you 🙂

    The 3 Neelas are Trayee, Mohur (oud-rose), and Bombay Bling!

  20. Charlene Cully says:

    thanks for the chance! 3 scents are Bombay Bling, Mohur and Trayee.

  21. KL says:

    The 3 creations are Trayee, Mohur and Bombay Bling !!!! Pick me pick me ! Thanks for the draw!

  22. killerrabbit says:

    I follow, and would love to sniff these beauties. Sorry I haven’t popped around to APJ for a little while I have just started a new job. It is just as beautiful and fragrant as last time I was here.

  23. sara says:

    I follow and would love to win!!! Neela is so lovely as are her scents. The 3 names are: Trayee Mohur and Bombay Bling. Thank you Neela and Portia!

  24. anatu13 says:

    Mohur, Trayee, and Bombay Bling! Neela Vermiere is incredible!

  25. rosiegreen62 says:

    I have been lemming these forever. I would love to try Trayee, Mohur and Bombay Bling. As I write this my husband is watching a documentary on India. I am a follower. I enjoy your posts immensely.

  26. Is it too late to be counted in? Bombay Bling!! Mohur! and Trayee! Whoo-hoo!

  27. Julie says:

    These are all on my to-try list. Mohur, Trayee, and Bombay Bling! Thanks for the draw.

  28. Undina says:

    No need entering me into the draw (Ilove Bombay Bling, like Trayee and am warming up to Mohur) – I have a travel set and plan to get more once it’s gone. But I want to say that it’s a great giveaway – I’ll share it on Twitter and FB.

  29. Lavanya says:

    What fun!! Just followed your blog..I have been dying to try these :Mohur, Trayee and Bombay Bling. Thanks for the draw!!

  30. saffyishere says:

    hello hoping i’m not too late..tis still Saturday in the ‘Rat!! the 3 frags by the delightful Neela are; 1.Trayee,2.Bombay Bling and 3.Mohur

  31. Warum says:

    Mohur, Trayee, Bombay Bling are the fragrances and so far I’ve only heard good things about them. Followed by email, this is my favorite way to follow.

  32. Subbie says:

    Trayee, Bombay Bling! and Mohur. Thanks so much for the draw! They sound great!

  33. amyorvin says:

    Bombay Bling, Trayee and Mohur

  34. amy maloney says:

    I’d love to be included in the draw for Mohur, Trayee, or Bombay Bling!! Thanks!

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