Laguna by Marc Buxton for Salvador Dali 1991

Hey Hey Funky Fumies,

It’s starting to warm up here in Sydney so (as much as I don’t believe in seasonal fragrance, clearly I am more swayed by weather than I thought) it is with great excitement that some neglected fragrances are making their way back onto my skin.

Photo Stolen edali

Laguna is just such a fragrance and with that crazy Pierre Dinand designed bottle, who could resist.

Fragrantica gives these featured notes/accords:
Top: mandarin, grapefruit, peach, and apricot
Heart: Jasmine, rosewood, iris and lily of the valley
Base: Tonka, cedar wood, patchouli and vanilla

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

On my skin, and with this nose, the opening is ferociously bright fruits, don’t get too close for about 90 seconds or you will become anosmic for the next hour. Once it’s had a chance to burn off though a lovely fruity jasmine comes through but not sweet, gourmand or girly; I think fresh is a good word though often used to describe something quite different in fragrance. It’s lively and fun, not too in your face or serious but certainly present and has terrific sillage without being a scent bomb. There is an airy quality, like there is space between the accords and a shimmering patina of powdery iris and woods hold the white flowers in check, not letting them become overwhelming. So many things in Laguna that would normally send me running to the shower through their sheer ubiquitousness yet Marc Buxton has managed to pull it all together in a wearable, lovely cloud of delicious.

As we run through the life of Laguna the vanilla, wood, patchouli become pronounced. They have been there all along but overwhelmed by their earlier accords they have happily waited softly in the background for their time to shine. Even 4-5 hours in I still get beautiful glimpses of the bouquet and I don’t completely lose the scent to my nose till 7+ hours, I’m not sure when it happened because I was busy doing stuff but last time I checked was around the 7 hour mark.

Where would I suggest wearing Laguna? If fragrance is allowed at your work no one will be skunked though for really close work probably ill advised, excellent for anything that you need to stay scented for, picnics, lunches that morph into dinners, dinners that end up at brunch. I think it’s quiet enough for dinner, movies or any public endeavour where you are in close-ish proximity.

TSO Jin wears Laguna beautifully too, on him there is a spicyness to the fruit at the beginning and the woods and patchouli really shine through the heart and base and on his skin if he puts it on at lunch I can still smell it next morning, so very tenacious.

Should you wish to read more on Laguna NowSmellThis is the only one I could find. I was sure TheCandyPerfumeBoy had done one too.
FragranceNet has 30ml/$10, 100ml/$20 before discount!

Photo Stolen dali-art-salvador-dali

I am a great fan of Salvador Dali’s work, he took us beyond our lives into a realm of fantasy that instigated an incredible change of the world of art but done with such exquisite technique that it can also be praised for its beauty. I think that’s part of the Dali charm, this accessibility and gorgeousness, even though the works are often confronting, disturbing, ghastly or need you to reassess your own long held beliefs. Yet he was also clever enough to be able to feed his own publicity through outrageous and crazed behaviours, I think that nowadays he would not have survived. Down the bottom you’ll find a very interesting 10 minute Dali-mentary.

Photo Stolen blog.onlineclock

Thank you all for dropping by, I hope the universe is good to you.
Till tomorrow,
Portia xx

10 comments on “Laguna by Marc Buxton for Salvador Dali 1991

  1. masha7 says:

    Laguna is my favorite of the Dali perfumes. It is very unique. I agree with Luca Turin, who gave it a great review, that it could have been a classic if made with the highest quality materials. As it is, though, it’s far better than most perfumes from the mall. And obviously, a great bargain.

  2. sinnerman01 says:

    Awesome doco !!!! More !!!!!!!! Thanks Portia , that was really interesting!! Loved the cats !

  3. laniersmith says:

    I lost complete track of time reading your lovely post….it just sort of dripped away.
    Laguna sounds wonderful…. Makes me think of my youth spent at Laguna Beach waiting for Ricky Nelson to come out of his parents house…. I only got to meet Ozzie…ah sigh. But he was very nice to me star struck kid that I was.

  4. poodle says:

    With a name like Laguna I would have written it off as a nasty aquatic thing. You’ve made me think I should try it.

  5. Undina says:

    I think I have a mini bottle of Lagune. I always liked it but never wore because there was somebody else in my close surroundings who had it as a signature scent. I will try it again soon. Nice review 🙂

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