New Look 1947 by Francois Demachy for Dior 2010

Hey All,

I am becoming a Francois Demachy fan Queen! Though not all of La Collection Couturier Parfumeur have been super wins on my skin the line is so great and who honestly expects all perfume to work for you? Not me, everybody’s chemistry is different and my scent hungry skin sometimes hampers long term enjoyment of fragrances. I have yet to smell a perfume from this line that I don’t like.

Photo stolen customfad

In the blogs I’ve read about New Look 1947 there is a lot of talk about how Christian Dior changed the world of fashion to a more feminine silhouette at a time when fragrance was becoming less in your face, more about wearing it as lingerie, a lady like accessory. Expensive, mostly hidden decoration for you and your lucky lovers to enjoy and screw the world. This is clearly not my fragrant mantra so it took me a while to wear New Look 1947 for blogging purposes. At my buddy Undina’s urging I have given it a whirl and…..

La Collection Couturier Parfumeur New Look 1947 Dior for womenPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
White flowers (mostly tuberose), ylang-ylang, iris, Damask rose, Sambac jasmine, peony, vanilla, benzoin

What do I smell when wearing DIOR New Look 1947? Well it opens with a big flashy and fleshy burst of white floral, I love to just stand and drink in the warm aromatic glamour that lasts about 10-20 minutes. All the accords are already there but the tuberose is at this point king. It’s like a fantasy fragrance, all the good stuff without being heady, overwhelming or an oxygen stealing white floral screamer (which I also love BTW) so those of you who are repelled by such overt displays will be thrilled. I find this whole range to be extremely classy, after the initial fireworks rush New Look 1947 settles into a lovely sheer glamour girl of a scent. At about the half hour mark I am starting to get a brightening of the vanilla and ylang ylang, which adds a sensual, feminine womanliness to the whole and the white flowers start to take a turn for the sexy, present but not making a song and dance, I am discreetly perfumed and fragrant.

After the first hour I am getting a slightly spicy powder over the top or through the bouquet, and the white flowers give me more jasmine now, almost photo realism jasmine which no other review I read has noticed. It’s like wearing perfume in a jasmine glade, quite pronounced. I am pleasantly surprised at how well New Look 1947 behaves on my skin, at nearly 2 hours there is only the faintest diminution of fragrance but I can tell it is going to head for skin scent soon because the white flowers are packing their bags and putting their gloves and coats on.

I’ve been out and done the grocery and post office and come home so we are at about 4 hours and I am a very, very quiet floral vanilla, so soft I can barely register it but it is beautiful and lush.

The sillage throughout the fragrance life is barely there, a whispered change in the air as you pass, for a moment. Otherwise you are wearing New Look 1947 for yourself, an introverts lavishness, or for the lucky people who are in your closest orbit.

Raf Simons 2012 DIOR Photo Stolen thefrisky

1000Fragrances and MuseInWoodenShoes have very different experiences with New Look 1947 if you care to read more about it.
SurrenderToChance starts at $3/ml or you can but the 13 x 1ml samples $36 or for super extravagant testing the 13 x 3ml set only $105

Thanks for coming along on today’s scented journey. I hope to see you tomorrow too.
As always we at APJ wish you great health, wealth and happiness.
Portia xx

21 comments on “New Look 1947 by Francois Demachy for Dior 2010

  1. lucasai says:

    I wish those Dior exclusive were available here where I live, but unfortunately no Dior boutiques here, so It’s impossible for me to try them. Sure I could get a decant or sample from ebay, but shipping costs overprice the sample. Too bad, some of those seem really good to me.

  2. sinnerman01 says:

    Oh! Those bottles are so chic ! I would imagine this is aimed at the Dior customer with reams of cash to spend! Such an expense for little fragrance pay off! I have wondered what the leather oud is like from this line ! Reviews have been positive, when I see the gowns Dior is presenting, these types of fragrances make sense, sheer over the top / understated lady like glamour. I wonder if the bottles are splash or spray ? I would love a giant factice for my bathroom !

    • They are giant. 200ml Tim. It’s CER AY ZEE. I have Oud Ispahan here so when you get up here for tea I’ll give you a sniff.
      Are you wearing Neela Vermeire yet?
      Portia xx

      • sinnerman01 says:

        There on a safe spot right now! I’m doing my tax this afternoon and I’m planning to wear one as I count how much money I spent on my career last Fin year! It will take some time so a little perfume testing will be a great mini distraction and motivation to get me through! I think the bright Bombay Bling will be first! I popped the cap a sniffed last night ! Smelled like delish pineapple ! Yum , going to put it through a atomizer ! Thanks again APJ for the samples! Might bust out a few Bollywood moves if it feels right! Ha ha

  3. Dubaiscents says:

    FYI, you can get all of these in 125 mL bottles (still large but, not soooo bad). And they are spray. The magnetic caps are so cool and while understated they are gorgeous bottles in my mind. I find the Dior Exclusives so much better than the Chanel but, maybe that is just me. I own Grand Bal and love so many of the others I can’t decide what to get next. Thanks for a great review of this one.

    • Aha! We don’t get them here in Oz either so I’ve never seen the bottles in real life. If they made 30 or even 50ml I would probably have ordered 4 by now and had them sent here but it’s decants till I get to the big Northern Hemisphere smoke in January. Then I plan to go a little CER AY ZEE!!
      Thanks for reading and commenting Dubaiscents, I hope you enjoy being part of the APJ family,
      Portia xx

  4. Undina says:

    I love this perfume (well, you know – since I have a FB of it) and I’m glad that you like it and that it’s getting more attention.

    Last year I liked Birgit’s review of this perfume. And then I discovered it for myself. I so enjoy wearing it… It feels beautiful and elegant.

  5. sinnerman01 says:

    My , that model really works those gloves beautifully! Such considered hand gesture with the brim of that darling hat!!

  6. laniersmith says:

    In 1947 Dior changed everything… 2012 Dior 1947 changed you! It sounds wonderful…. I am so in love with perfume and want it ALL !!

  7. flittersniffer says:

    You have picked another favourite of mine to review – Tara of OT has kindly been squirrelling away 5ml manufacturer’s samples of this one every time she goes to Selfridge’s, so I nearly have enough to fill a full bottle now (okay, I may be exaggerating slightly). My take was along quite similar lines to Muse’s I think, with a prominent cold cream note in the mix.

  8. Natalie says:

    I love this fragrance for you, Portia. It has such elegance, but I think underneath its introvertedness, it is very warm, too. Definitely a special perfume. And I love the bottles too. 🙂

    • One of the things I am definitely going to do on our holiday in January is touch the bottles of all the things I love but only have decants of. I’m so excited Natalie, it’s like I’m going to meet long lost lovers. He He.
      Yes it is warm too, Undina has exceptional taste to push me to it. And an uncanny knack for pairing. I really like it.
      Portia xx

  9. […] Portia (AustralianPerfumeJunkies) reviews my favorite New Look 1947 by Dior: […] it opens with a big flashy and fleshy burst of white floral, I love to just stand and drink in… […]

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