Sui Love by Jean-Louis Grauby for Anna Sui 2002


Guest Post by EmmaKate


Sensational day to you perfumistas!

My life is currently going full throttle, no brakes, all change, so for this Guest Post I have chosen to share with you my adoration for Sui Love from Anna Sui from my dresser.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured notes:
Floral-fruity composition is in perfect harmony with warm musky and vanilla base. Sicilian bergamot, Japanese osmanthus, and passion fruit create an aery floral introduction into a gorgeous blooming garden of the middle notes: Italian violet, orange blossom, water lily, Egyptian jasmine, white rose and tuberose, spiced with a touch of pink pepper.

Australian christmas dinner by Daniel Forsell

This fragrance always reminds me of Christmas at my parents place. I LOVE Christmas, family and friends, good food, good wine and everyone in great spirits.There is a real tree, freshly cut gardenias, a fruit salad on the table and it is sunny and warm outside.

Sui Love makes me feel girly and happy. It is a feel good fragrance.

Photo Stolen pharmacymix

The passionfruit gives a fizzy aroma that is juicy and full bodied. The tuberose is grounding and provides the green feel to this particular perfume. There are lots and lots of other white flowers too, which lends what’s usually thought of as femininity to this perfume.

Not overly sophisticated but the perfect girly fragrance with a bit of depth and a little something extra.

FragranceShop has 50ml $30

See you next month,

EmmaKate X

2 comments on “Sui Love by Jean-Louis Grauby for Anna Sui 2002

  1. laniersmith says:

    Merry Christmas!!!!! I love the photo of Christmas Dinner. The perfume sounds delightful.

  2. Undina says:

    Can’t say anything about the perfume since I haven’t tried it but I wish you luck with everything that’s going in your life. Let’s hope that by this Christmas most things will be where you want them to be.

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