Perfume and Skincare Co. Australia Reviews

Hey Hey Scent Addicts,

Yesterday we did an APJ Interview with Sheila Masseti if you’d like to meet the perfumer.

What is unusual about these Perfume And Skincare Company fragrances that are made in Australia by Sheila Masseti is that they have between 45-70% fragrant oils per volume. What does that mean to the regular person? It means more depth, character, longer lasting, more nuanced olfactory ride and best of all; you need use less to get an incredible fragrant experience. These amounts are double and above what you would get in a Parfum or Extrait level fragrance from the big players. The prices are beyond reasonable for the quality and you can get a great sample range for $10/5ml which is enough to get a real feel for the fragrance on your skin and won’t break the bank. Imagine having 5 new fragrances in extrait level to try for a week each for only AUD$50. Seriously great value!!

FIG & OLIVE: Fig & Olive is the P&S signature scent. Opening with fresh, green citrus it becomes a fuller, deeper and stronger version of my favourite fig, Un Jardin En Mediterranee by Hermes. There is the familiar broken leaf and branch, slightly salty olive and milky fig, it is an interesting sweet and sour bi-play that offers an absorbing frisson that I can get quite lost in smelling, it has some very definite herbaceous notes through the heart keeping it green and I can’t decide whether I’m getting spice or woods. Interesting and beautiful right through to dry down.

FORBIDDEN FRUIT: This is a huge sweet burst of fruit, I get pineapple, passionfruit and peach though the notes say blackcurrant and lemon, the oudh is extremely clean with the soapy orange flower and sandalwood. Staying power is excellent, I got nearly 7 hours of unrelenting fruit sweetness before I had to shower. Sorry but I can not imagine using this, it is so far from what I’d like to smell like that I can’t express properly how little I like it. If you like the fruity sweet fragrances though this is the one, it has everything you love in the other fragrances like it in bags, plus more interesting journey with real change as it matures on your skin, I wish I could have enjoyed the journey.

GARDENIA: Gardenia is one of the scents I am repeat applying, not only is it a killer soliflor fragrance that people “get” straight off the bat, but it is a huge compliment getter. Every time I wear it at least one person asks what, who, how and how much. One night I had 4 people do this. Now if you wear scent often you will know that 4 people in one night do not ask about fragrance that you are wearing, it was uncanny. If you love white flowers and gardenia especially, then this fragrance will be for you too.

GINGER MILK: Ginger Milk is my favourite of the selection sent. It has everything I want in a fragrance and if I wasn’t such a scent slut I think it would become my signature scent. Every time I put it on I am transported, even making the most embarrassing throaty moans on first application. It is quite linear, there is growth but it’s more circular than a story, going over the same few scents on slow, languid rotation and really does smell like spiced warm milky ginger tea. Almost gourmand, um what am I writing? This is Oriental Gourmand, from the east and delicious. The dogs try to lick it off me when I go out to them, that’s how good it is.

PINK PEONY: Pink Peony opens with a luscious fruit accord, the notes say peach and apricot but I get some citrus too, that is sweet but not like a fizzy fruit tingle or like a sugary sweet but piece of fruit sweet. Then I get a mild anise feeling mixed with a spicy white flower and something that may be peony but I wouldn’t know how a peony smelled if you held me at gunpoint and made me guess, even though I love them as cut flowers I can never recall the scent. Maybe the green-ish scent that comes through after about an hour is peony? Later on you notice the vanilla and sandalwood have been quietly taking over, still giving enough room for the flowers to show but the whole fragrance has warmed considerably. then it dires down to a sooft and mellow, nearly amber-ish vanilla that clings for ever.

Something else I really love about the Perfume And Skincare Company is their simple and elegant packaging and bottles. It all fits together in a really well thought out and stylistically simple extravagance, like it’s so good that it doesn’t need bells and whistles to make it stand out. Which is quite true. Do take some time to sample this wonderful Aussie range at The Skincare And Perfume Company.

Also, come back on Thursday because we have a wonderful GIVEAWAY!

Thanks for dropping by, we wish you the best of everything till we see you tomorrow,
Portia xx

16 comments on “Perfume and Skincare Co. Australia Reviews

  1. Thanks for the review and the description of Fig and Olive! I have been seeing it pop up and was curious Now I can visualize it a little better!

  2. sinnerman01 says:

    Gardenia please ! Great overview of this line Portia ! See u on Friday 🙂

  3. poodle says:

    They all sound nice except for Forbidden Fruit. Sweet fruit is not my thing. I love the smell of peonies so I’d be curious to smell Pink Peony. Ginger Milk sounds like it would be wonderful on a gray day like today.

  4. laniersmith says:

    It all sounds so wonderful ! And the packaging and presentation is super! I am coming back on Thursday for sure!

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  6. Dionne says:

    Ohhhh, that Ginger Milk sounds fab. I want some. (But not entering the draw, since I’d feel like a greedy girl after just winning the Neela Vermeire samples.) Just fired off an e-mail to them to make sure the free shipping includes Canada.

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