The Perfume and Skincare Company PERFUME GIVEAWAY

Hey Hey Perfumistas,

We’ve been looking at The Perfume and Skincare Company from Australia this week; Monday we Interviewed Sheila Masseti and Tuesday we Reviewed PS&Co Fragrances (JUMP back to catch up if you missed them). We at APJ are so happy to have been able to bring you a new fresh Aussie perfume crew. What we thought we’d do for our P&SCo Perfume Giveaway is give you all a chance to win one of three sets of spray decant samples of the 5 Perfume and Skincare Company fragrances that we reviewed on Tuesday.


Photo Stolen sassisamblog

How do you win? In the comments below you must leave then name of the P&SCo fragrance we reviewed that you think you’ll most love and the city/town in Australia where the P&SCo is located. EASY PEASY! 2 bits of information that could lead to 5 samples to try at home

How does it work? The draw is open to anyone in the world who follows this blog by email, RSS etc till 9pm Saturday 22.9.12 Australian EST that correctly includes the 2 items of information necessary. Yes, you may newly follow the blog to enter, email at the side of the page, RSS at the bottom, wordpress follow at top. All the names will be written on a piece of paper and TSO Jin will pick one three to get the packs. You must get in touch by 9pm Wednesday 26.9.12 Australian EST with your address details or I will give your prize to someone else.

Photo Stolen article.wn

If you Tweet or Facebook you will get and extra chance for each time you do the below
TWEET – @OzPerfumeJunkie are having a GIVEAWAY!!!! Go get you some
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Don’t forget to pop over and The Perfume And Skincare Company website too

Righto! There it is. Get to it and good luck to you all,
We’ll be looking for you tomorrow so till then, stay safe,
Portia xx

35 comments on “The Perfume and Skincare Company PERFUME GIVEAWAY

  1. lucasai says:

    I think Ginger Milk would be the best one for me. And they’re located in Berrima? Right?

  2. anatu13 says:

    I think I would love Gardenia the most, though I am also super interested in Fig & Olive! The Perfume and Skincare Company is located in Robertson, NSW. Thank you for the draw! They sound like gorgeous fragrances!

    • Hey Christy,
      You are in the draw.
      I like the Gardenia, YUMMO
      Portia xx

      • anatu13 says:

        If I don’t win a sample of it here I’m likely to order one (along with the others)–it sounds lovely! I’ve been jonesing for a gardenia that lasts longer than 20 minutes since I tried the Jo Loves one. Got a decant of Une Voix Noire coming and I’m guessing this one is a very different take.

  3. Lorraine Tao says:

    Well, based on your review of Ginger Milk, I’m pretty sure that would be my fave! They are located in Robertson. Thanks for the draw!

  4. Musette says:

    I looked it up (didn’t cheat – honest!!). They are located in Robertson, which I don’t know from Adam, not having yet been to Australia (y’all have some terrifying wildlife down there 😀 )…. I always want to love Gardenia, but it doesn’t love me. And ginger does. So Ginger Milk would be my choice, I think.

    And I follow you on everything except Twitter because I don’t tweet. And you can’t make me! so there. (but I follow you on FB and the page and do the RSS and carrier pigeon).


  5. Maria says:

    I love Gardenia so this would be my first choice of trying, the Fig & Olive does sound also very intersting!!
    The Perfume and Skincare Company is located in Robertson, NSW. Thank you for the draw!

  6. Anna says:

    Gardenia, absolutely! No doubt! They are located in Robertson. Ginger Milk also sounds great…

  7. Lindaloo says:

    Perfume and Skincare Co is located in Robertson, NSW which according to the text under that picture you posted is an ideal Sydney getaway. Fragrance I think I’d most love is Gardenia Flower (love to try any take on gardenia), though it’s clear that you, and the dogs, like Ginger Milk best.
    I really appreciate that you were honest in what you didn’t like also.
    Thanks for the draw opportunity.

  8. poodle says:

    They are in Robertson. I’m torn between Ginger Milk and the Pink Peony. I know I’d like Ginger Milk but if the peony one smells like my garden I think that would be lovely too. I guess since its getting chilly I’ll say Ginger Milk. Thanks for the draw!

  9. Jackieb says:

    Perfume and Skincare are in Robertson NSW
    How to single out one of these lovely fragrances…I think Ginger Milk .

    I think it’s great that we (aussies) are making this calibre of perfume, no celebrity faces, huge marketing budgets etc.
    Thanks for the draw

  10. Tony says:

    P&S is in Robertson… I would say forbidden fruit sounds interesting…. Thanks for the draw!

  11. laniersmith says:

    I want to be like Joel Cairo in “The Maltese Falcon” so that would be Gardenia for me…and the town in question for Perfume and Skincare is Robertson NSW in fabulous Austrailia luv!

  12. JessN says:

    Hmm. I like the sound of Pink Peony, but Ginger Milk is drawing my attention towards it a little bit more! Robertson NSW xxx

  13. happygrape2 says:

    You are in draw. Thank you.

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  15. KeLLStaR says:

    I know this was a couple of months ago, but lucasai was right – The Perfume & Skincare Company have a shop in Berrima as well as Robertson, I’ve been to the Berrima shop.

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