The Floral Waltz – Miss Dior and Winners Announced

Welcome back this lovely Saturday,
We have all been hanging out and had a Bar B Q, a few drinks and loads of laughs. The world seems to be a happy place. So good in fact that I have got a beautiful new video for you to watch The Floral Waltz was released to the DIOR site last week to celebrate Miss Dior, which used to be Miss Dior Cherie

During the week we have had a super draw for the Perfume And Skincare Company fragrances. Here is their WEBSITE JUMP

The Perfume and Skincare Company PERFUME GIVEAWAY

Photo Stolen P&SCo

We’ve been looking at The Perfume and Skincare Company from Australia this week; Monday we Interviewed Sheila Masseti and Tuesday we Reviewed PS&Co Fragrances (JUMP back to catch up if you missed them)

We decided to have a draw so that 3 lucky readers could get to try the 5 awesome fragrances we reviewed too. All you had to do was name the town where The Perfume And Skincare Company is located and your favourite of the 5 we reviewed by review alone. It was EASY PEASY!!

How did it work? The draw was open to anyone in the world who follows this blog by email, RSS etc till 9pm Saturday 22.9.12 Australian EST that correctly included the 2 items of information necessary. All the names were written on pieces of paper and TSO Jin picked three to get the packs.So who did Jin pick?

Photo Stolen berryreview


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Winners must get in touch by 9pm Wednesday 26.9.12 Australian EST with your address details or I will give your prize to someone else.
Facebook: Portia Turbo-Gear
Twitter: @OzPerfumeJunkie

Miss Dior The Floral Waltz released 13/9/12

Photo Stolen mylusciouslife

18 comments on “The Floral Waltz – Miss Dior and Winners Announced

  1. lucasai says:

    Yaay! I won, can’t believe this 🙂 It’s the first time I won in the blog draw 🙂

  2. Dionne says:

    Congrats, everybody! Portia, just to let you know, PS&Co responded to my e-mail, and international customers do pay about $10 for shipping. Which just means I’ll have to get more than Ginger Milk to justify my order. 😉

  3. poodle says:

    Woooo hooooo! That’s the best news I’ve had in a while! I was up sick all night and just got up from a nap and saw that my name finally came up and I won something. Congrats to my buddy Lucas and to Tony as well. I’ll send you an email in a little while when I can drag myself off the couch.

  4. sinnerman01 says:

    Congrats to the winners ! I was lucky to sample a few during the week and fig and olive was a instant love ! It really developed its own fresh green salty foody vibe on my skin and my partner loved it too ! Lots of lime, yum
    2 nd love was gardinier , this would fit beautifully in my collection to rock solo or layer over other scents ! I was really impressed with the quality ! I hope u all enjoy your little vials of Australian made perfumery greatness ! Happy weekend perfume junkies !

  5. Tony says:

    Yeah yeah I won I won!!! Congrats to poodle and Lucasai as well!!! And big thanks to Portia! By the way, where do I send my shipping details? Tried to send to the email notification for new posts…

  6. Musette says:

    congratulations, everybody!!!

  7. laniersmith says:

    Hey congratulations to the winners! Weather you win a sample or not everyone wins when you stop by Australian Perfume Junkies! I just love this blog!

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