Back To Black: Aphrodisiac by Calice Becker for by Kilian 2009

Hello All,
Here I am surrounded by the magical mystery of Back To Black, a Calice Becker produced powerhouse for by Kilian, Kilian Hennessy’s glamour fragrance company, from the discreet and wallflowerish-ly named L`Oiuvre Noire (Black Masterpieces). I have read so much about Back To Black that I feel like I’m living other peoples fragrant lives but I really want to write about this interesting fragrance today. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Aphrodisiac Box Photo Stolen cupslj

Back To Black was allegedly made in tune with the Amy Winehouse song in mind. I was introduced to that album, rather than just Rehab, in India by my then partner and played Back To Black incessantly thinking it would be a super great number to do. It is still the #1 most played song on my iTunes and that’s big numbers. In fact it was playing in the car tonight on my way home from a gig and that was when I decided that it was time to confront my self created demons (aren’t they all?). The video is at the bottom, I think it sums up the sweet darkness that is Back To Black by Kilian.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these official featured accords:
Bergamot, saffron, nutmeg, cardamom, coriander, raspberry, chamomile, olibanum, honey, cedar, oak, tobacco, patchouli, almond, vanilla, labdanum

Back To Black opens like a lolly shop on my skin all sugary sweet fruits, dusty shelves and old people, then goes completely boozy like Grappa, the spices and honey come waltzing in through the booze, and we have a really lovely gourmand, the tobacco is sweet on my body early, not smoky until hours into the fragrance life where it turns pipe-crud-ish, and the woods clean and beeswax polished and the sweet amber-ish base notes are there too. It’s all here on my skin and I just have to look for a note and there it is. They are masterfully blended though so even when one is showing itself in new and beautiful array the others are still wafting around waiting for your attention. This is how I would like to smell, rich, multi-layered, deep, warm and dark. This is how mystery smells, enticing, beguiling, in my mind Rita Hayworth as Gilda singing Put The Blame On Mame smelled like this and so did Paul Newman in everything and nothing.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to finally write about this magnificent fragrance. Yes, it is expensive but I think after I save up for Sweet Redemption that I might just do the same for a bottle of this afterwards; it’s wearable most seasons, interesting, luxurious, long lasting and ultimately suits my chemistry.

Photo Stolen wellbeing

TheNonBlonde, CandyPerfumeBoy and NowSmellThis for further reading.
I bought my Back To Black sample from SurrenderToChance from $7/ml

Here’s a present. Paul Newman. Hubba Hubba!

Paul Newman Photo Stolen Tumbler@2 years ago with 103 notes

What did you splurge on lately, or what’s on the list, that may take a while to recover from? Do any of the by Kilian line call your name? Please leave us a message below, they will all be answered and we LOVE visitors, and let’s face it: Your input is usually way more interesting than mine anyway.

Till we see you tomorrow we at APJ wish all of you only the good stuff you wish for yourselves.
Love, Love, Love,
Portia xx

Here is the wonderful Amy Winehouse. RIP Princess.

23 comments on “Back To Black: Aphrodisiac by Calice Becker for by Kilian 2009

  1. P – Back to Black worked for me better than Sweet Redemption, but it’s still a bit sweet for my liking. I love the Kilian Arabian Nights collection the best and am fighting the urge to spend a pretty penny on purchasing Rose Oud…willpower is never my friend!

  2. smellythoughts says:

    Lovely write up, I haven’t tried Back To Black – I go through phases with tobacco, it isn’t really a note that appeals to me. But this sweet syrupy gourmand take may just be my sort of thing!
    I haven’t enjoyed much of the By Kilian line to be honest, but Houndy up above sent a sample of “Love” which I really enjoyed, but not enough to splurge on – there are lots of great candy floral scents out there for less.
    Not many splurges recently, just some cheapies – my last big spend which caused a crater in my pocket was Secret Garden by Aftelier… but I’ve had Turtle Vetiver Front sitting in my Les Nez basket for about a month now, it’s not even that expensive but it’s hard to pull the trigger – despite the fact I adore it :’)

    • I have a few things that sit in baskets or get deleted when I’m trying to balance life and addiction. I think I’m going to do a post about them Thanks fort the idea. Dio you think it’s like the boy you kinda like but keep losing the number or forgetting to call? Could it be you telling you NO!
      Portia xx

      • smellythoughts says:

        That’d make a great post I’m sure we can all relate to haha.
        Ha! It COULD – but I’m desperate for the Les Nez, I dunno what it is about it that I keep not proceeding to buy it with – I’ve bought numerous bottles in the mean time, most of which I haven’t wanted as much! It’s like I need to find the right moment where I’ll fully appreciate it’s arrival :’) The rest I’m happy to buy with ease because I don’t care about them as much.

      • I totally get it. It will happen at the right time. Everything does!
        Portia xx

  3. sinnerman01 says:

    My last splurge was Sycomore by Chanel ! I wanted it so bad and one day I took the plunge, boy did that love leave me with a serious hole in my pocket ! It was worth it for sure ! I could seriously sleep with that bottle on the pillow beside my head, and what is inside is true and deep love for Haitian vetiver ! Thanks for the clip ! We never said good bye in words , la la la ! Great song !

  4. Rose says:

    Yes! I Love Back to Black, it suits me so wonderfully. I own Kilian “Love” & “Sweet redemption” and I’m so happy to have them, they are my go to on those sunshiny days! my next purchase is “Back to Black” as my sample is running low. This I could wear everyday!

  5. I love this when it starts to turn colder — it’s just a little too sweet in warmer weather for me. My next splurge? The new one from Parfumerie Générale: Djhenné. It’s so warm and yummy!

    • I think my partner Jin will need a bottle of Djhenne. He is going to call his Electrical company Dkinn’s Electricity Magic or something quite like. It will be a perfect match. I haven’t clocked Djhenne yet but now I will go looking. Um, maybe I have seen a review…. See you soon,
      Portia xx

  6. Tatiana says:

    I splurged on BK Incense Oud in the travel bottle. I want to save up for a bottle from the L`Oiuvre Noire line as I love the black shield design. Yes, I’m a bottle tart! Unfortunately, Back To Black doesn’t work on my skin. When I got my samples this was the first one I sat down with my daughter to try. We both sprayed it on, sniffed immediately and went, “Mmm, so pretty!” And then five minutes later we were both exclaiming, “Ack, what happened? It had turned on our skin. Couldn’t scrub it off fast enough. We’re still trying to figure out which ingredient turned sour. I even tried the solid perfume version of this in-store. Same results. At least I have my Incense Oud.

  7. Hiya Tatiana,
    Damn shame. I’m glad there is a by Kilian that you do love though.
    I am a bottle whore too. I love the look and feel of a beautiful bottle. It seriously makes a difference to my experience with a fragrance.
    Portia xx

  8. Undina says:

    I’m still looking for “my” perfume from the brand. I like the brand. I like Mr. Hennessy. I like how they treat their fans. I haven’t found a single perfume to love yet. And I’m a little sad because I kind of wanted to splurge on that box & bottle. Oh well… I keep trying.

    I tested B2B just once and it was a little too sweet for my liking. But I stil have a sample or two so I’ll test more.

  9. Dionne says:

    I don’t have anything on my want list that’ll hurt the pocketbook quite like a By Kilian (still haven’t tried any of the line yet), but I am watching several of my most-loved decants get very very low. Which means I might be picking up Coromandel, Pulp, Heure Exquise and 28 La Pausa all at the same time, because I couldn’t be without any of these.

  10. Ysabel Gen says:

    Love the post! Was fortunate enough to haul this on my trip to Canada but now my bottle has run out :(. Do you know where I can get it online with delivery to Australia? (except $40 shipping, yikes!)

    • I know of no other International sender currently Ysabel Gen, sorry to say. $40 reads expensive but the great thing about LuckyScent is that they have it tracked and insured for you in case of nasty incidents.
      Being an Aussie Frag Hag is an expensive endevour sometimes. Maybe you have mates travelling that could grab it for you?
      Portia xxx

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