Femme (Vintage) by Edmond Roudnitska for Rochas 1943 LIVE Video Sniff

Hey Fumies,

I wonder if Edmond Roudniska is rolling in his grave? My mate David (Margeaux) and I take on one of the world’s most enduring fragrances in a LIVE Video Sniff! We are only enthusiasts and the thrill of being in front of a camera coupled with a few beverages, a group of the APJ crew together and our own madness means that we completely forget much of what we wanted to say, some of what we really should have said, and then mangle what we do say and add in bullshit to boot. Your mission, should you choose to take it, is to unravel the truth and tell us because we are up shit creek without a boat, let alone a paddle; and yes, I do know that Edmond Roudnitska was the creator, Edward Roudnitska is a figment of my crazed, and deranged by sniffing too much perfume, brain.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

What I can tell you is that we had a really fabulous time making this. Surely that counts for something. If you’d like to see a review of the currently available for next to nothing reformulation that is still wickedly wonderful then Femme by Edmond Roudnitska for Rochas 1943 <<JUMP

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

As always I have to thank my BFF for her video and editing skills which she gives up her precious spare time to do, THANKS KATH!! Also a shout out to Jin who makes it blog ready and lastly I need to thank Margeaux for being an excellent fellow with such a great personality and a great mate, not to mention that he is a complete SPUNK!!

Do please enjoy our frolic through Vintage Femme by Rochas.
Till we see you tomorrow we wish you only good stuff.
Loads of love,
Portia xx

14 comments on “Femme (Vintage) by Edmond Roudnitska for Rochas 1943 LIVE Video Sniff

  1. sinnerman01 says:

    Vintage Femme Rochas ! Bravo * I wish I was sitting on that lounge when u sprayed that ! I wanted to be hit in the face with that same fragrant punch ! Going to put some edt on this very second and enjoy ! Night x

  2. annie says:

    LOVE THE VIDEO!!…Of course I wore vintage Femme,in the bedroom,busting out of my lingerie,and such…swoon…Thanks for writing about the ‘little black dogs’,as they were biting my butt!!

  3. poodle says:

    Great video! I try not to smell the vintage stuff for fear I’ll fall in love with something I can’t get much of. It’s bad enough when scents that aren’t that old just don’t smell the same anymore. Your reactions to this make me want to try it but I am going to resist the urge.

    • Hey Poodle,
      I’m such a fragrance ho that even if I fall truly madly and deeply there will be another great love next week to take its place if I run our. This is a goodie and I’m glad we got the chance to smell it really.
      Portia xx

  4. Margeaux says:

    I remember it so clearly that first super intense rush of fragrance that smacks your nose nearly right off your face. This was a sensational smell, loved doing the video with you – thanks Portia xx

  5. Musette says:

    I have several iterations of vintage Femme, including the clear Mighty Mouse bottle (with Rochas on the top of the stopper). It is one of the most amazing scents ever created, imo.

    I have to tell you : I LOVE that necklace you’re wearing. And you’re making me want to go put on some eyelashes (really! they’re right in the bathroom drawer! should I? I can barely manage mascara these days…oh, squoo it! I’mo DO IT! 😀

  6. Dionne says:

    First off, you may apologize for your pronunciation, but you’re doing better than me, hon. Turns out I’ve been mispronouncing Rochas all this time. Three years of getting honours in high school French and nothing to show for it. (OK, so I can tell you my name, that I have a large yellow pen, and several ways of asking you to do me, but that’s all that lingered.)

    I’m like Poodle, I tend to avoid the vintage stuff to avoid the heartbreak, but now you’ve got me reconsidering. The reformulated Femme smells fab on me, and my skin can totally rock the spices, so world domination is starting to sound good.

    • Ha Ha Ha! So after we did this I asked how to pronounce Rochas on FFF and the argument went for about 70 comments. Everyone was right and nobody had the same answer. It was monumental. I always called it Row-Shahs growing up but was picked up by a lady whose credentials are quite good but not French or a perfumer. I still don’t know the right of it.
      Portia xx

  7. Great review! Thanks, Portia. I love your reviews!

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