What To Wear Friday Night? Estee Lauder? Hermes?

Hello Perfumed People,

FRIDAY, FRIDAY!!! FRIIIIIDAYYY! That day when the 9-5 crew finish the working week and get ready to let it all hang out. What’s a good Friday drinks fragrance? Do you have something that says; the week is over, hair down, brain in neutral, collar undone? I don’t really have a Friday night fragrance because my week is structured so differently to that but TSO Jin and I try to keep Friday for Date Night. I know, how daggy is that? But if we don’t schedule it then chances are we won’t see each other, and that would be crap because he is a great guy and makes me laugh till there are tears running down my face and I can’t breathe deeply anymore because my tummy hurts. Not perfect, mind you, he is a fecking nightmare in some respects but the good definitely outweighs the bad.

Photo Stolen allposters

So I am going to quickly write about 2 frags that I think are terrific Friday Nighters. 2 never fail gorgeous fragrant hooks to reel them in…

Brasil Dreams by Estee Lauder: I know, you are all laughing at me, but I don’t care. I love this little fireball of a fragrance. Every time I even think of spritzing myself with Brasil Dreams I get a big goofy smile on my face and a little flutter in my tummy like love. Then that first whiff is HEAVEN!! Instantly I’m on holidays, or working somewhere exotic. Citrus, Fruit, White flowers, Patchouli, Wood and Coconut, it’s a lavish, delicious, un-sweet cocktail of wonder. Did I say SEXY? This juice is super-uber-sexy. The boys really like it and want a closer sniff, much closer. This is the kind of scent that has all the girls in the rooms eyes turning to slits and any boy you’re nears eyes popping! Around $20/50ml at eGlobalBeauty it’s cheap as chips so you can spritz with abandon.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Terre d’Hermes by Hermes: This is an amazing fragrance. I have not yet met anyone who doesn’t LOVE it. On every person it smells different enough that you won’t recognise someone else wearing it next to you. It is a regular in the French Top 10 Mens and was designed by Jean-Claude Ellena to be reminiscent of the earth, forest, dirt. What you get with Terre d’Hermes is Citrus, Spice, Flowers, Earthy vetiver and Woods done better than anywhere else. Excellent on women and men it is a beautiful and sensual ride that will turn heads as you waft past, fragrant and intriguing. I have a friend who, outrageously, sprays the sheets with this after making the bed each week. Now that is extravagant!! Excellent for a Friday night and great for picking up sex partners. I found 100ml EdT under $60 at TradeServices

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

What I’d like you to do is tell us all your favourite Friday Night Fragrances in the comments below, doesn’t have to be cool or niche or expensive or anything really, just what you like to spritz on a Friday evening. Come on, join in….

Also, please pop on over to PerfumePosse because I guest there on a Friday and I think there’s a MAD LIVE Video Sniff going on over there. He he he

Below I’ve given you the gift of music. Aussie Kylie Minogue has a new single coming and it’s beautiful, so is the video. Have a squiz at our lovely Kylie, I think you’ll like it.
Till tomorrow we at APJ wish you only the magical good stuff and a great weekend.
Loads of love,
Portia xxx
Kylie Minogue – FLOWER

33 comments on “What To Wear Friday Night? Estee Lauder? Hermes?

  1. Ari says:

    I don’t even know what daggy means, but date night is totally cute. All of the restaurants/bars in my neck of the woods are very casual, so I rarely wear anything too exciting when I go out. Un Bois Vanille is about as adventurous as I get on Fridays!

    • HAH! Daggy is an Australian term. A dag is the poo that gets caught around a sheeps bum in the wool, they are bad because they matt the wool and attract flies. So when we say something is daggy we mean not so good or very unstylish or bad for your health. Australian lesson over. I think you need us to come and liven up your Fridays,
      Portia xx

      • poodle says:

        Lol. I have poodles that sometimes look like sheep and I have to assist them, shall we say, when things don’t go as cleanly as possible. Now I have a cool Aussie name for it. And I bet you thought my life was all perfume and glamour. 🙂
        We don’t go out on Fridays much. We’re too tired usually. On date nights I wear what hubby likes sometimes which usually means Fracas, or something with some sweetness to it.

      • I love that Hubby like Fracas! Jin thinks Songes is a bit full on. HA
        Portia xx

  2. sinnerman01 says:

    Portia ! I would never laugh at u !!! You are a fragrance lover not a fighter !!! A advocate not a perfume snob , brazil dreams bottle is so lovely and terre is so come here and throw me to the ground sexy ! I would say date night frags need to be persistent and attention holding , perhaps a leather or dark woods ? Tom Ford extreme or Bandit ! It can sometimes be Arpege or Chanel Edt if I want to feel like a natural woman 🙂
    Love to wake up with a bit of date night frag lingering on the skin ,
    Have a great weekend lovely lady

  3. Dubaiscents says:

    Thanks for the tip about Brasil Dreams, had not heard of this one but, it sounds wonderful!
    If I waned something fun for a Friday night I think Fracas might be my go to scent. Gotta love a LOUD tuberose with a little bubblegum thrown in for good measure. Of course, this is more in theory than in practice, with two small kids, Friday nights are just crash on the couch nights most of the time 🙂

    • Crashing on the couch is a perfectly acceptable date night. You just have to have said it’s what you want to do, organise a movie and a cheese plate. We have to do couch date night every so often because Jin works late sometimes as an electrician. It’s all about making it feel special,
      Portia xx

      • Dubaiscents says:

        You know, it must be the Aussie English but, when I first read your reply I thought, “what does Jin do out late when he isn’t an electrician?” (I added the comma in the wrong spot 🙂 )

    • sinnerman01 says:

      Dubaiscents , I never noticed the bubble gum note in Fracas ! Will look for it for sure next time I let her trigger go ! I love to make a bubble gum note with essential oil using Ylang Ylang , Eucalyptus and Ginger, very juicy fruit !

  4. laniersmith says:

    My Friday night fragrance would be something very “Butterfield-8″….. Tabac Blond by Caron…. if it was good enough for Gloria Wandrous to steal a splash or two from Dina Merrill’s dressing table and then “borrow” her mink to get home in after a wild Friday night in Manhattan …then it is good enough for me.

  5. Ann-Sofie says:

    This is soooo lame, but on a Friday with a Mission (wooing the dudes) I use Coco. I know Coco is very “Babe, could you please crawl up from under that 80ies stone where you are hiding?”, but I don’t care. Dudes like Coco.

    Mmmmm, daggy….LOL LOL LOL!

    • Ann-Sofie,
      Coco is one of my BFF’s signature frag. I think it is the classiest of the Coco set. Elegant, unashamedly beautiful. Chanel was making a statement and so do all the beautiful women who still wear Coco.
      I say Good On You,
      Oh, I also say It’s the RESULT that counts!!
      Portia xx

  6. Terre d’Hermes by Hermes — I want to try this. Thank you !

    Side question…Have you written anything on Le Labo? What is your impression?


    • Hiya Sonya,
      I have not even tried the Le Labo scents yet. They are in my sites but always something else gets my attention. I will rectify the omission ASAP for you,
      Do try the Terre d’Hermes. It’s available most places to spritz for free. Good luck,
      Portia xx

  7. Something loud is preferable on Friday night, like MFK’s Absolue Pour le Soir! Have a lovely weekend P!

  8. Dionne says:

    Daggy, huh? I’ve got a Golden Retriever, so I can relate. Poor guy got a case of the runs a while back, so ended up with a serious bum haircut. (The things we talk about here, Portia! :))

    I’m a big proponent of Date Night. In this loud and busy household, it’s pretty much needed to get away from all the Wild Things and spend quality alone time with The Engineer. If we miss a week, I start to go through withdrawal. My date night perfumes are the ones that make him go rawrr, so the very top of that list is Black Cashmere. He also asks for Cuir Ottoman and Pulp from time to time.

  9. I have to give Terre D’Hermes a re-sniff!

    Going out? Depends with whom 😉 I vote for Parfum de Thérèse for romance, and Incense Oud by Killian for cocktails with friends!

  10. Undina says:

    Sorry, I’m late, weekend is over even here. But I just couldn’t pass by without leaving the comment.

    Terre d’Hermess is my absolute favorite masculine perfume. I love it on my vSO.

  11. […] reading: Portia on AustralianPerfumeJunkies and BoisDeJasmin My Perfume Samples has Terre d’Hermes from $2.50/ml to $7.50/5ml […]

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