Aqua Allegoria Tiaré Mimosa EdT by Guerlain 2009

Hey Hey Saturday Perfumistas,

I wore Aqua Allegoria Tiaré Mimosa by Guerlain tonight to the movies and was able to really enjoy its beautiful life story which is not a huge roller coaster of dips, swoops and dives but rather a walk through tropical resort gardens and beach at sunset when the tropical night bloomers just start pumping their olfactory song. What a perfect scent for spray and go autumn/spring wear. Fragrant but not intrusive, every social situation should be cool and for a job that is not very close quarters or fragrance phobic you would be fine too. A light, bright, vivacious floral scent that could go seamlessly from the picnic to a dinner, for supper and then a red hot raunchy booty call. Maybe a respritz between the dinner and supper just for general upkeep.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives the featured accords all in one line:
Tiare flower, mimosa blossom, lemon zest, pink pepper, musk, vanilla

That lovely lemon zest is bright and fanciful, makes me want a very short party frock and a Manhattan. In come the flowers and pepper! This is not the celebuscent Pink Pepper nightmare though, very classy and elegant with its surrounding white and yellow flowers, quite like the frangipanis in the picture, even though they are not listed. Sometimes when I smell myself wearing Tiaré Mimosa I get a big thrill of how gorgeous I smell. I’m not sure what else I’m getting but there is a green earthiness that is unexplained by the notes. I even get a hint of that yummy sea salt and coconut feel that I adore, even though it doesn’t really smell like either of them are here. By the time we got home from the movies it was a soft floral vanilla, very pretty with irregular huffs of white flower indoles still that mixed perfectly with the musks. The we had some dinner and watched a bit of telly, After all that, somewhere around 6 hours, I had lost the fragrance.

FragranceNet has Aqua Allegoria Tiaré Mimosa by Guerlain 125ml/$47
PerfumeShrine does a wonderful overview of the whole Aqua Allegoria line and PerfumePosse look at Tiaré Mimosa particularly.

It’s Saturday so I figured we should all take a 4 minute chill pill. Here is a new to me Aussie girl who has a really lovely song and interesting voice. The video is great for putting your brain in neutral for 5 minutes. Sometimes the 5 minutes you take to let go means you can hold on for another day. Please enjoy the video and your weekend.

What are you or will you be wafting this weekend, and have you tried the Aqua Allegorias? Please tell me in the comments below, I love to hear from you all.
Portia xx


Lisa Mitchell – Spiritus

Heart is lost
Like a lost little one
I can’t stop
Thinking there’s something I forgot…
Young one,
there’s a big sun,
and my love
shines on!

well it’s over now
you’re still with me somehow

Young one,
there’s a big sun,
and my love
shines on

16 comments on “Aqua Allegoria Tiaré Mimosa EdT by Guerlain 2009

  1. Annie says:

    Loving the review … maybe a new “whhoof” for me, great write up – thanks babes xxx

  2. Natalie says:

    You’ve managed to write such an intricate review of this fragrance, which really celebrates its simplicity. Thanks for making me take a second look at it. I think sometimes I am too quick to dismiss fragrances like this, when they can be a really wonderful companion for a day as you have described.

  3. Tina G says:

    Good Morning Portia! Lovely review of Aqua Allegoria Tiaré Mimosa, sounds just perfect for the season. Thanks for the Lisa Mitchell link. Nice tune – and I love her headpiece, has given me design ideas…

    xx Tina

  4. Undina says:

    What a nice review for a very nice perfume. I liked it and even contemplated getting a bottle – but then I tested Champs Elysées and decided that I liked it more. But still I think it’s a very pleasant perfume.

  5. killerrabbit says:

    Love Lisa Mitchell – especially how it is so hard to understand what she is singing. Did you see her on Australian Idol? I also love Aqua Allegoria Tiaré Mimosa as it a joyful, easy scent. Lovely stuff Portia

  6. Dionne says:

    Thus far none of the Aqua Allegoria’s I’ve tried have worked on me, unfortunately. Dang skin chemistry. However, even my incense-and-iris self agrees about the need for something umcomplicated, undemanding and pretty from time to time. My Mimosa pour Moi hits the spot for that.

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