Aoud Lime by Montale

Hey All,

On Monday I had my first sniff into the big, bad, scary world of Montale (<<Jump to read). Guess what? It wasn’t any of that, um, no, I mean yes, it IS big! Montale has an enormous range and I have a sample group of 10+ and still I have only dipped my toe in their offerings. In the comments on Monday I was asked , challenged, dared even, to try Aoud Lime. People are saying it will take my chest (where I spray all first time frag sniffs), pick me up, shake me, throw me against a wall and leave me there groaning and too sore to cry. Well, never let it be said that Portia Turbo was one to walk away from a Cer Ay Zee Challenge.

Aoud Lime by Montale

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Pakistan oudh, Indian rose, Italian orris, sandalwood, patchouli, saffron, amber

11am: As my 2 samples of Aoud Lime go into a glass decant spray the juice is the same colour as one of my 1970s Shalimar parfums, rich amber coloured nectar and it smells like ambrosia. The initial rush is reminiscent of Bar B Q’d citrus or limes left in the sun after a cocktail has been drunk. An alcoholic, slightly dry, hot, citrus with a clean, synthetic oudh smell that could be medicinal but is mainly herbal to me so far and has no hint of the pooh smell.

Photo Stolen TheRawRecipe

1.30pm: I have now cleaned the bathrooms, dusted, vacuumed and steam mopped the house. Quite regularly throughout my cleaning frenzy I have been given little huffs that have stayed almost linear with just a push into rose territory, a spicy and honeyed rose. Aoud Lime has become a quiet scent by now, very pretty rather than the audacious, extreme, screamer I was expecting. I think after the first half hour that you could totally wear Aoud Lime to dinner, movies, theatre or not close proximity work environs. It has become a classy and cool fragrance on my skin that I would be proud to wear as a regular day scent or with an extra spritz or 2 for a big night on the town.

3pm: Finished the washing, swam, sunbaked for 45 minutes and still a lovely sweet oudh, citrus and wood, slightly powdery. Heading for skin scent but it really has been through the wringer today. I’m going to wear it again tonight to see if less strenuous activity gives it a different run.

Photo Stolen flickrhivemind

Go see the WhatMenShouldSmellLike review for further reading.
LuckyScent has 50ml/$110
FourSeasons has 100ml/$160
SurrenderToChance starts at $4/ml

Photo Stolen foodmatters

Sorry everyone. I don’t understand what all the fuss was about. this is beautiful and wearable for me. I will seriously be contemplating a full bottle of Aoud Lime after I’ve tried the rest of the Montales.

We wish you painless, easy and harmless world domination in whatever is your chosen field, and at least one beautiful moment before we see you tomorrow.
Till then,
Portia xx


25 comments on “Aoud Lime by Montale

  1. arline says:

    Will you come clean my house???

    I love your reviews, they make me smile!!!!

    • Heya Arline,
      You’ll have to bring your house here. Then I’ll clean it. No problems. I love the 2 hours after it’s done. When it sparkles and the only smell is whatever fragrance I’m wafting.
      Thank you. I’m glad. You have made ME smile,
      Portia xx

  2. Margeaux says:

    Another great review Portia! Keep them coming as they brighten my days 🙂 xx

  3. lucasai says:

    Great review dear! Montale really is a big brand and they have so many different scents to chose from. I know only two Montales, namely Black Oud which is a dark rose scent and White Oud which is the fluffiest scent I’ve ever tried.

  4. Tatiana says:

    I always love it when my experience with a perfume is different from everyone else’s. I can’t remember where I read it, but somewhere I read that skin chemistry doesn’t matter, all perfumes smell the same on everyone, that’s why we can recognize perfumes on other people. To that I say, perfumes smell the same on most everyone, with a few exceptions.
    I’m glad this was such a lovely fragrance for you! And I’m impressed by your mad housekeeping! I despise cleaning house. Sigh. It’s Friday, off to optometrist then back home for cleaning house. Have a great weekend!

  5. Undina says:

    Portia, I loved your review so much that I will try this one when I come across it in a store.

    I should think of a perfume to challenge you to wear 😉

  6. Dionne says:

    I’m with Tatiana, I’m definitely one of the exceptions in skin chemistry, as my real-life friends can attest when I try something that is lovely, pretty and floral on them and it turns into the SOUR MONSTER on me, and half an hour in everyone holds their nose in horror after sniffing me. Thank goodness I can rock the spices.

    I’m trying Musc Ravageur today, and it’s a sweet vanilla on me. Where’s the underwear? Like your Aoud Lime, this smells very nice on me, but I was actually looking forward to something shocking. Looks like I need to give MKK a whirl.

  7. Christos says:

    Portia are you having a flue? 🙂
    I love Montale but this was too harsh for me. A clean, abrasive, not citrusy woody scent. Reminded me of Insensé Ultramarine, the ultimate in toxic perfume for me. The drydown, and by that I mean well past the 6th hour of wearing, it is not bad. If I were in charge of Montale PR I would have axed this ages ago. I am glad you liked it though. Poor Montale needs all the love they can get.

  8. Madeleine says:

    Hey Portia,

    Sorry it didn’t work for you this sniffing round. I haven’t tried many Montales – actually only one: Intense Tiare. It’s beautiful, but even though I’m a big white floral gal, it can only be worn when you’re in the mood for something huuuge (and only in summer). However if you’re craving a Tiare frag it’s hard to beat.

    M xxxx

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