25:43 by LUSH 2012 and Johnny Ruffo

Hey Fumies!

So I know it’s not extravagantly pricey or hard to find but I was trolling the local mall recently and I stumbled across, no my nose led me to, a new LUSH kiosk in the middle of the mall. The crew at the kiosk were so friendly and fun, knew about their products and had clearly been testing the range and then talking together about their tastes and one of the girls had a definite perfumista in training feel, it was a great experience. Now I will always reward a good shopping experience with a sale, especially when the price is SO DAMN REASONABLE!! WOW!

25:43 by LUSH

Photo stolen LUSH

The LUSH site says:
Fresh, sophisticated and light
LUSH inventor and co-founder Mark Constantine created this perfume in twenty-five minutes and forty-three seconds especially for his son Simon on his wedding day. Talk about a flash of brilliance! Simon’s bride wore this fresh and citrusy perfume down the aisle, and it captured the moment beautifully with notes of tonka and lime accord. Simon (not one to be bested by his Dad) later added notes of lemongrass, vanilla, ylang ylang and listsea to round out the already light and clean essence of 25:43.

I love LUSH, my BFF Kath is a Bath Bomb fan, they are a great fun affordable range. Their fragrances can often be quite overpowering but in a soapy, fresh, bathroom spray way. That sounds like I dislike them but I don’t. I love their sillage and scent bubble, love that though they are quite strong they don’t seem to be skunkers, like you have applied a scented body lotion that smells amazing all day. 25:43 is no exception, it goes on all lemongrass and lime and not much later the warmer tones come through and then the fragrance stays as is for most of the day till it decides to be just an almost edible vanilla and then it disappears. If you are testing 25:43, or any of the LUSH frags, make sure you do it on a card first because they last so well that you are making a decision about how you smell for most of the day. Excellent products if you are not a huge perfume person but want to smell good all day every day.

Man, woman or child appropriate. I think this would be a super after gym and off to the evening choice, weekends, casual adventures, holidays et al. Perhaps too scented for offices or cinema or really close confines.

LUSHAustralia has 33ml under $40, 10ml under $15, 3ml sample $3

Johnny Ruffo

Completely off topic but this is the latest viral campaign for McDonald’s Australia. Cool squared! Obviously the web and social media is spaz-la-la over it here and I thought you may like to see how we advertise burgers down under. I also added 2 of the getting it together videos because then you get a sense of who the LOVELY star, Johnny Ruffo, is. I know!! SO CUTE! And not overly complicated by genius. My favourite combination in pop stars.

18 comments on “25:43 by LUSH 2012 and Johnny Ruffo

  1. The Lush fragrances are fun aren’t they? I have only smelled them on paper and have been a little too much of a scaredy cat to try them on skin given their legendary strength! But this review encourages me. Thanks, Portia!

  2. sinnerman01 says:

    Im a huge fan of dirty body spray with all it’s spearmint goodness ! It’s a great natural alternative to the locker room smelling scents deo’s have , and it seems to work in tandem with my frags I wear , very minty pea smelling ! And a great room freshener if the need calls for it .
    Listsea is also known as May Chang in essential oil speak ! One of my favorite top notes ! Like a sweet lemon drop with a subtle eucalyptus vibe , it’s Devine in the bath tub ! And cheap at around $9 per 25 ml .
    I am aware of this one Portia but could not find it on my last visit to lush at qvb ! I did however fall for “breath of god” ! And I agree the staff in the store are well trained and I simply adore the black packaging !
    Who knows what frag I would wear on my wedding day ! Hmmmmm , ? What would u choose Portia ,

    • I would wear TROUBLE because I love it and that’s what the guy would be heading for.
      Portia xx

      • sinnerman01 says:

        Boucheron ah , nice choice .
        I think getting married to you would be the best , most fun trouble anyone could get themselfs into Portia !!!
        Makes me think of the P!nk song ‘trouble’ she looks HOT in that film clip by the way !!! Love her hair , do u know the one ? Circa 2005 …. I think

      • Can’t remember the clip but I liked the song a lot.
        There are loads of better Troubles to get yourself into. I know you’ve already found a few.
        Portia xx

  3. sinnerman01 says:

    True !
    Have a wonderful day , the weather is stunning ! U must throw on a cossie and get in some back yard pool time today ! Do your beautiful dogs like the pool ?

    • Today is office day Tim. The dogs like their occasional summer bath in the pool but only swim with us and then they can’t wait to get out.
      You’ll have to come up and parade around the pool during summer
      Portia xx

      • sinnerman01 says:

        Thankyou Portia ! I would love that very much . I’m off to work again , I bet your wearing something lovely ! I wore my Knize10 to class this morning ! Superbe ! Not sure what I will spritz this time . Do make sure u get out for only a minute if u can !
        Thanks for the chitty chat , see u tomorrow ! Xxxxx

  4. poodle says:

    I need to try some Lush stuff. I get so frustrated in the store though because the smell is overwhelming and I can’t tell what I’m sniffing. I’ll have to spray some tester strips and wander out into the mall and sniff.

  5. Undina says:

    I do not like Lush perfumes anything so I’ll sit this one out, ok?

  6. Lemon says:

    First, is Johnny singing that the sandwich has parsley? And second, will you get made, Portia, if I say he is very much like Justin Bieber?

  7. Lemon says:

    Whoops, meant to say will you get mad about the comparison?

  8. Dionne says:

    Lush is one of those brands I really, really (really) wanted to like as a frugal perfumista – cool bottle, experimental scents, amazing price, easily available to me. But nope. You just can’t force love, unfortunately.

    Now, if they were to bottle the smell of the Butterball bath bomb, though, I’d be all over that!

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