Jeanne by Anna Flipo for Lanvin 2008

Hey Smelly Addicted,

The House of Lanvin has been in and out and there and back again more than once. We all remember, or still use, Arpege in one of its many forms or flankers, Marry Me or Rumeur. The boys may use Lanvin Homme, Lanvin Homme Sport, Oxygene or maybe even the new one Avante Guard. I think Lanvin is a victim of poor representation and brand management. Their fragrances are often excellent, bottles are interesting and usually have good heft, lovely sillage and scent bubble and stay for a good amount of time on my skin but the only place I seem to see them are in the discounters online where they can be bought for a song.

Jeanne by Lanvin 2008

Sometimes I like to order samples of things I see on the discount sites, just to see what I’ve missed. A great place to get really cheap mainstream samples is MyPerfumeSamples where I picked up this sample of Jeanne By Lanvin.

Photo Stolen from Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Blackberry, lemon, pear
Heart: Peony, freesia, raspberry, rose
Base: Sandalwood, amber and musk

A super sweet fruity floral is rarely my choice of scent unless it’s knock you down gorgeous with something unusual or freaky going on somewhere along the line. Jeanne by Lanvin is no great boundary pusher in my book and opens very sugar sweet modern youth fragrance, not much different to a thousand others. Slightly fruit tingle-esque with a sizzling pear but then something extraordinary happens, in comes a lovely warm hit of amber and completely takes over the perfume for a couple of minutes and it is beautiful, then Jeanne goes back to being a soft fizzy whisper of a scent that is floral/clean more than anything else but with an amber warmth towards the end at about 2-4 hours depending on my movements and the day. I find that the moisturiser creates a perfect stabiliser and gives the fragrance more depth and a longer lifespan and it is dirt cheap.

Photo Stolen polyvore

Jeanne by Lanvin is a perfect first grown up fragrance to take a girl from the celebrity scents to the next level. Enough like them to not cause outrage but with a bit of complexity to keep it interesting. Also a good work scent, you would have to pour the bottle over yourself to get it to skunk levels. Not sexy but a quiet sweet fruity scent; if that floats your boat then this is a great choice. I liked the amber moment and the middle, soft and nearly vanilla sweet accords, enough to buy a small bottle and some moisturiser for those days where I want to be softly fragrant but not challenged in any way.

Photo Stolen makeuptemple

For further reading PerfumePOsse and SkinScrubs
CheapSmells has 30ml EdP/$24 and 150ml Moisturiser/$11
MyPerfumeSamples start at $2/ml and I originally bought 5ml for $7

Don’t forget to trot over to the PerfumePosse today too because I Guest Post there on Thursdays and today we are looking at JEKE by Slumberhouse.

Hope this finds you all happy and well. Thanks for coming and reading my fragrant thoughts today.
Portia xx

PS We reached 70,000 IVs yesterday. That is fricken AH MAY ZING. Thank You. Feel free to drop this into your Facebook or Twitter so even more fabulous people can join the APJ family. ( AustralianPerfumeJunkies is my fave frag site)

8 comments on “Jeanne by Anna Flipo for Lanvin 2008

  1. sinnerman01 says:

    My mother in law wears this fragrance !!

  2. sinnerman01 says:

    Yep ! I had to break into her bottle as the atomizer had busted ! I uses a cork screw and tipped it into a hip flask ! It got all over my fingers ! Sweet as punch ! I remember when I first met her I peeked into her room to see what fragrances were on her dresser !?! Jeanne , Samsara, and coco Mdmselle ! She had some good frags I must say !
    And can I say being part of APJ is a load of crazy fun !
    Night Jeanne ! Xxoo

  3. Dionne says:

    Hmmm, sounds like just the thing for Dragongirl when she gets a bit older.

    • Perfect coming of age scent.
      I love that you call her Dragongirl, why?
      Portia xxx

      • Dionne says:

        Because I’ve never had a nickname (not much you can do with Dionne) and growing up I envied those who did, and also because many online bloggers have great nicknames for family members, I wanted to make sure my children liked their online monikers. We had several rather serious discussions about what to call them, and my daughter liked Dragongirl: she adores dragons and draws them all the time (comes from hanging out with 4 geeky brothers) and she’s quite the little spitfire as well. Dragongirl *really* fits her feisty little personality. 😉

      • That is SO great! Tell Dragongirl that I love her moniker and am very jealous of it. Names have power, that one especially.
        Portia x

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