Baumé by Emerald Vintners Perfumes (EVP) Adelaide, Australia 2012

Hello all you Niche Nerds!

Today’s post goes especially to the people who love to find something new and exciting, are all about helping budding perfumers get started and also the people who want the so hot it’s sizzling but no one else has it, hard to find, niche-est, “OMG! Haven’t you heard?” snob value fragrances that also are FA>BU>LOUS! I have found a new crew hiding in the Adelaide Hills. They have sensibly begun their journey with only 3 fragrances and I would like to introduce you to my first.

Baumé by Emerald Vintners Perfumes

Edited from their site:
Brendan Carter and Samuel Eads met at University in 2010, studying a Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology (Winemaking) courseat the University of Adelaide. Sitting in a classroom, receiving a lecture entitled ‘Sensory Studies of Wine’, it suddenly occurred to them that there may be another use for their growing knowledge. Learning more about the mechanisms of smell, how and why it works, they developed an idea. To release a line of fragrances, inspired by their experiences with wine and their true passion, the Adelaide Hills.
EVP hope to challenge an import dominated market by combating a severe lack of Australian brands. They want to tell their story, an Australian story. By espousing the belief of Emerald Vintners Parfums: ‘Crafted by Passion, Liquid Luxury’.

Photo Stolen EVP

Described by EVP as: A brisk morning stroll through the Adelaide Hills cherry farms as the low mist diffuses between the bare trunks. The sweet scent of honeysuckle in the air, an all-encompassing incense of innocence.

OMG! The opening 2 second blast is toilet spray.  Be warned! Give it 20 seconds before you huff. HaHaHa

What I notice here after the initial blast is a crisp honeysuckle, very green and fresh, there are some white flowers behind it giving an oomph but no skank at first. Without being a clean scent I am getting a lovely freshness, not as sharp as Chanel 19 but giving a nod to that restrained green femininity. This is a wilder, more extrovert fragrance and once the white flowers move into the spotlight they are vegetatively sensual, so green yet extremely alluring. You can tell these boys have been working with wines, there is a brisk sweetness that hints at a lovely dry white wine as it starts to warm in the glass at a BarBQ. I also detect a spicy rose note and a boronia hint coming through at the one hour mark over the top of the still very accessible honeysuckle? I don’t think I get any cherry but I will need to go eat some to remind myself of their fragrance.

Photo from the EVP Crew

Baumé by Emerald Vintners Perfumes is interesting and complex. It has a wonderful story, excellent sillage and for the first 3 hours projects very nicely before it softens down to a slightly warmer, soapy green fragrance that only your nearest and dearest will really smell. A little too fragrant for work but in all other situations Baumé would be acceptable. I think congratulations are in order for these 2 fearless and talented young men who are helping put Australia on the world perfume map.

Photo Stolen bridalguide

LaDonnaDelVino looks at the whole range if you’d like to read further

Baumé is available at the EmeraldVintnersPerfumes site $85 for 45ml
They also have an excellent Sample Program $20 for 2ml of all 3 EVP fragrances
From the boys: Currently we have a really good special already! If you purchase the samples set (19.99 + postage), you receive a code to reclaim the 19.99 back (excluding postage) off the price of a full bottle! If one decides to purchase a full bottle, the sample set comes free!

For those living outside Australia EVP has not yet properly organised their international export section yet. Hopefully it will be running before Christmas with enough time to order and receive.

I love finding new and interesting perfumers to bring to you. What is your favourite green fragrance?

These 2 lovely young guys are proving that you can do almost anything you set your mind to, that makes me happy.
Till tomorrow, loads of love,
Portia xx

29 comments on “Baumé by Emerald Vintners Perfumes (EVP) Adelaide, Australia 2012

  1. anatu13 says:

    This sounds *lovely*–I will be looking for it when international export is available! Vero Profumo Mito is my favorite green fragrance; absolutely gorgeous.

    • I have not yet ventured into the Vero’s but one day I will take the plunge.
      I’ll keep you up to date on the shipping.
      Portia xx

      • anatu13 says:

        Rubj edp is to die for!!! (And I’ve found it a bit of a guy-magnet 😀 ) The cumin and passionfruit notes are phenomenal. I haven’t tried Onda, Kiki, or any of the extraits, sadly. I love Mito for itself–it is gorgeous!–and somehow it gives me an extra mental boost for when I’m going to be around women who seem too “classy” for me to fit into their crowd.

      • Ha Ha. They are wearing frags, clothes or accessories to do the same with you. Bet on it.
        Portia x

      • anatu13 says:

        I’m far more comfortable with the uber-geeks 🙂 . Give me a nerdy t-shirt (but cut for gals!) and I am good to go! Every now and then I need to fake private-school-soccermom though…sigh…lol!

      • Dionne says:

        Anatu, you can come over to my corner and hang out with me. I belong to the Terry Pratchett-reading, Comic-con-attending, Joss Whedon fangirl part of the geekverse. And I’ve bought t-shirts from 🙂

      • I love Terry Pratchett. OMG!! I have EVERYTHING!
        Portia xx

      • anatu13 says:

        Dionne, that’s so cool! I need to meet up with you and Ari one of these days!

        I help run a tabletop game convention and go to a few other game cons each year but not Comicon. Hopefully I’ll make it back to Gen Con the summer after next.

        I mentioned the shirts because it’s taken me three years to convince the guys to get a gals’ version of our t-shirt. And that only because I suggested to a game publisher that they should have shirts for women, and they went ahead and did it and sent me a free shirt LOL! Guilt works wonders!

        Anyway, yay for Terry Pratchett and cons and Joss Wheedon! My new reading obsession is Daniel Mills–very literary horror (and not slasher) with a strong religion thread weaving throughout. His _Revenants_ is fantastic, and gets compared with Hawthorne’s work. I just read a great story by him in an anthology of horror stories based on classical music as well. I think he’s a real up and comer. Also reading _Ready Player One_ (lots of funny 80s references) and a book of shorts by S.P. Somtow and others that includes a very different take on the Christ narrative told from a fictional Mary’s point of view–extremely interesting religion threads in that one, of course.

  2. Dionne says:

    The greens and I don’t always get along, but The Engineer requested last year that I find something that “smells like grass.” Several months of sampling later, I settled in on my trifects of green: Heure Exquise, Silences and Bel Respiro. I also fell hard for Le Temps d’une Fete, but on my skin it’s all pretty spring-time flowers with little green.

    Things are really hoppin’ down there in Australia with the new indie brands, Portia. That’s really exciting.

  3. Tatiana says:

    Love my green scents. Sounds interesting and yet, living in the US unattainable. But I am happy that there is new talent emerging in the perfume world. Thanks for show casing a talent I may have never heard of otherwise.

  4. Ramona says:

    Favorite green has to be Sonoma Scent Studio Forest Walk-but I have to admit, I havent made a conscious plan to test green fragrances. It was more along the lines of hearing about SSS and ordering samples and almost all that I tried, I really enjoyed. I fell for Forest Walk, in particular, very hard! I never thought I was a “green” fan, but Forest Walk is so magical it may be the ONLY green I ever find that I like. And thats OK with me!

    • Loads of people are loving Forest Walk Ramone,
      I have been derelict in my SSS trials but have the full set of samples here somewhere. For no reason they always get overlooked, I will make a conscious effort. Thanks for adding to the list of SSS lovers pushing me on.
      Portia xx

      • Ramona says:

        Good for you! Test away and prepare to have your olfactory senses blown! In the best way imaginable of course. I look forward to your reviews and thoughts about SSS in the future.

  5. poodle says:

    I need more green. In more ways than one actually. I think I need to get to Austrailia someday as well.

    • Come, Come, Come!!! We have plenty of spare beds. It’s not glamorous and it’s an hours commute by PTransport to town but it is green, there’s pool that we use from September – April and we are excellent cooks.
      Portia x

  6. Undina says:

    It was interesting to read about this new Australian brand – thank you for finding them and sharing with us. I agree, 3 perfumes launch is very sensible!

    My favorite green perfumes are Chanel No 19, DSH Vert pour Madame, PdN Le Temps d’une Fete and Annick Goutal Heure Exquise.

  7. Thanks for the review Portia! We love seeing how other people interpret our work, and we’re really glad that you enjoyed it. We’ll be opening up export very soon, we can’t wait to showcase some of the scents we have in the works. We hope to showcase what Australian indie perfumers can do!

  8. laniersmith says:

    Thank you Thank YOU THANK YOU for this post. I love finding new and exciting scents. This sounds marvy! Oh by the way when I was first reading I thought you had written “I have found a new crew hiding in the Aldehyde Hills.” LOL ….now where did I put my glasses?

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  11. Jordan River says:

    Aldehyde Hills would be a great name for a future EVP release. Love the cross pollination of education and artisan skills with these vintners. And they met only 2 years ago!

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