Lavender Palm by Yann Vasnier for Tom Ford 2011


Guest Post by EmmaKate

Hello hello Fumies,

It is Emma Kate here again with my monthly review. This month, with thanks to Portia Turbo, I will be reviewing Tom Ford’s Lavender Palm.

Lavender Palm by Tom Ford 2011

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

The notes as listed on Fragrantica
Top notes: lavender, lemon, bergamot and clary sage
Middle notes: lemon blossom, pink nerium oleander
Base notes: vetiver, oak moss and olibanum, also known as frankincense

Barack Obama Photo Stolen Squidoo

This fragrance opens with a soft lavender, and builds quickly to this romantic full bodied floral. There is a citrus burst that pops through and slowly melds with the lavender to make this Lavender Palm sing.
A warm silky, slightly smokey sense makes me think of a cashmere scarf, the perfect weight for that in-between weather.
This fragrance is listed as unisex and I would have to agree, if anything this is more of a masculine scent to me. It reminds me of a freshly shaven man, in his Hugo Boss suit, freshly pressed white cotton shirt and a purple tie about to walk out the door for, or into, a big meeting. He is on top of his game.

Photo Stolen from gardenofeaden

In terms of wearability this fragrance lasted very well on my skin, which says something as I am a scent drinker! Around the eight hour mark, though I have read reviews of others saying it has lasted in excess of 12 hours.

Portia got my sample at David Jones, Market St, Sydney from Joel the world’s most helpful and desirable Tom Ford SA, most of the Tom Ford SA’s will happily make you a 2ml sample vial
SurrenderToChance also has Lavender Palm $6/1ml

Overall this is a stunning fragrance, one that I would give to a man in my life who needed a power boost 🙂 Below is a very interesting look into Tom Ford the creative.
Happy Smelling!

9 comments on “Lavender Palm by Yann Vasnier for Tom Ford 2011

  1. lucasai says:

    I wanna try Lavender Palm! It sounds great.

  2. Lovely review EmmaKate. I knew you’d like Lavender Palm and it’s interesting that you found it so masculine.
    Portia xx

  3. sinnerman01 says:

    Yummy ! Love this one very much, I have the same reaction , old school barbershop shaving cologne ! With a sexy , modern Tom Ford flavor. I wish I owned a fb .
    Thanks for the great read , go Obama

    • sinnerman01 I am so glad you enjoyed it. I loved writing it. I am also pleased you get the same “feel” as I do. It isn’t a fragrance that I would normally choose, but I have to say I adored it 🙂

  4. ladyjicky says:

    Sounds like a woman would love this too????
    Must give it a sample next time in the city.

  5. sinnerman01 says:

    Just finished the TF doco ! I have wanted to see this for ages ! God I love that guy, so talented , so smart , so incredibly sexy ! Wow wow wow ! Thankyou for including it in the post , I enjoyed every minute of it.

  6. Undina says:

    I just can’t figure out why I have absolutely no recollection about testing this perfume. I’m a Tom Ford’s fan (perfumes, not the man himself). I tried and know most of the perfumes in the line. It’s not even a discontinued perfume (it’s not, right?) I even love lavender in perfumes! Nevertheless, I don’t remember smelling this perfume. It’s a mistery.

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