Blenheim Bouquet Bath Oil by Penhaligon’s 1902

Hello APJ Family,

For years every day when I go to work  there is a ritual I follow and it has included as its first step a bath. Super hot with no cold water run into it and till recently just a haphazard dash of Radox bath salts because one day not long ago while looking on eBay for vintage Patou 1000 I stumbled across someone selling what looked like a deceased estate fragrance collection with Vintage EdT bottles of 1000 and Joy, Shalimar, Grand Amour and No 5. Also a bunch of Penhaligon’s Bath Oils and most of them had only a bit left but there was a brand new, unopened 500ml bottle and it was calling my name.

Blenheim Bouquet Bath Oil by Penhaligon’s 1902

I’ve never used Bath Oils before but the price was so ridiculously cheap that I figured even if I didn’t like it there would be someone in my orbit that would be thrilled.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Lavender, amalfi lemon, lime
Heart: None
Base: Musk, pine, black pepper.

So the someone in my orbit who is thrilled is me. Penhaligon’s Bath Oil is absolutely gorgeous, the fragrance is soothing and calming while I’m abluting and my skin has never felt softer. I find the Bath Oil creates a wonderful fragrance-holding dewy moisture that my skin has never had before but there is no interference with my fragrance scents except up to double the lifespan on some of my shorter staying ones. That is a good thing.

Photo Stolen Jarrold

If you are stuck for what to buy someone who seems to have everything, and they have a bath, a Penhaligon’s Bath Oil could be the answer. I use my bath time as a moment to forget the world’s needs and let all life’s stresses go. It’s almost zen. Also a great time to have uninterrupted thinking time when a problem seems unsolvable. recently i saw a doco on Tom Ford and he too likes to bathe for think time, spiritual cleansing and refreshment. Admittedly he has up to 6 per day and I only have the one. Oh yeah, and he’s a genius.

AYearOfPerfume and TheChapBlog were 2 new blogs I found while researching Blenheim Bouquet.

Christmas and other great religious and secular gift giving moments are very close so why don’t you have a look at:
Penhaligon’s has 200ml Bath Oil in Blenheim Bouquet £39.00
Parfum1 has 200ml Bath Oil in Blenheim Bouquet $85

There are so many people that I am completely stumped for presents for this year. I think I will order a couple more Penhaligon’s Bath Oils. Even if they never go out as gifts I’ll have them for myself. Good thinking 99!
What are you fragrant gifts that you are already buying for the celebratory period? Have you tried the Penhaligon’s Bath Oils? Have you tried Blenheim Bouquet? Did you like them?
Till we see you tomorrow, I hope you find a moment to shine.
Portia xx

15 comments on “Blenheim Bouquet Bath Oil by Penhaligon’s 1902

  1. fleurdelys says:

    I always take showers, but you make Blenheim Bouquet sound so wonderful, it makes me want to change my modus operandi! This Christmas I am buying my family scented soaps from The Vermont Country Store ( Among other brands, they sell their own make of natural, triple-milled soaps. I receied a bar of their Hyacinth in my goody bag at Sniffapalooza, and was so impressed by the quality that I want to buy more.

  2. arline says:

    I am a bath person myself. I often take two, but would take more on some days (Yes Tom Ford is a genius!!!)

    I rarely use oils in the bath, but I put them on after, though I am not opposed to trying something different.

  3. Dionne says:

    I’m more of a shower person than a bath person, so I “oil up” afterwards; Neutrogena’s Body Oil helps moisturize in the wintertime, and I love its light smell. Christmas is all about getting some Lush Butterball bath bombs in my stocking, I love what the coconut oil in there does for my skin, and the scent is a lot gentler than most bath bombs.

    Typically I’m the one receiving fragrant gifts at Christmas, but I did managed to score a partially-full bottle of Lonestar Memories for Archimedes and can’t wait to see his face when he gets it.

  4. Ruth says:

    6 baths a day, that’s a bit weird! I’m inspired to try the bath oil, sounds heavenly. For Christmas gifts I saw some great gift packs in David Jones in Sydney, three small bottles of L’artisan fragrances, I was thinking of buying one and separating them to give three different people ( or maybe keep one for myself!)

  5. I also use the Dermatologica Stress refief oil
    It is YUMMY
    LONESTAR MEMORIES!!! I love it
    Portia xx

  6. laniersmith says:

    Alas I am just too tall for my bathtub! So I have to make due with a shower but I have plenty of lovely soaps from Spain, France and Italy as well as Shower Gels and what not. So I manage to make my shower time special. My favorite soaps are La Toja Hidrotermal Jabon de Tocador con Sales Minerales (smells wonderful!) and Acqua Classical Borsare Parma from Italy. (comes in a cool little tin).

  7. poodle says:

    I love bath goodies and I love baths but just rarely take the time for myself to lounge in the tub. It’s usually shower and go. I love giving bath oils and stuff like that as presents because I somehow hope it inspires people to unplug in the tub for a few although I think a lot of those gifts just end up sitting on the shelves. I’ve never splurged on a pricey oil like this one although I did come close to buying 10 Corso Como a few times.

  8. Samantha says:

    Hi Portia
    I am the agent for Penhaligons in Australia. They have just released a new fragrance. If you would like a sample, send me an email. info@thepowder-room,com.

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