Pohadka by Vincent Micotti for Ys-Uzac 2011 LIVE Video Sniff

Hello all you gorgeous Frag Hags,

Today Robert “Radium” Maxwell and I are bringing you the magic of an AustralianPerfumeJunkies LIVE Video Sniff. You need to be aware that while we are complete fragrance enthusiasts, we are in no way creditable live reviewers. Take this video for example:
We tell you that Ys-Uzac is a Japanese brand when in fact it is a Swiss brand, we talk about ambergris when in fact there is none but I’m bang on with the salty, herbal, floral opening. YAY! It doesn’t matter, we are here to entertain you with our sparkling wit and repartee, failing that we fall back on sex and bum jokes. What is important though is that we have a great time, some of the stiuff we say is completely correct and we are hoping you will come watch for the fun and silliness of an APJ Live Video Sniff.

Pohadka by Ys-Uzac 2011

Photo Stolen fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Shiso (awkward pepperish mint)
Heart: Jasmine, French labdanum, artemesia, grass
Base: Immortelle, tobacco, sage, liatris, vanilla

Photo Stolen Ys-Uzac

You too can sample from Ys-Uzac Sample Page
As always bi fat juicy Thank Yous go out to my BFF Kath who videos and edits, TSO Jin who makes it blog ready and Robert “Radium” Maxwell, who just quietly is a fricken SPUNK!!

Here it is, hope you love it!
See you tomorrow.
Portia xx

10 comments on “Pohadka by Vincent Micotti for Ys-Uzac 2011 LIVE Video Sniff

  1. poodle says:

    “No nausea, just Portia.” There’s the quote of the day right there. Another fun video sniff. That feathered hat is totally wonderful! I can tell these scents are just too soft for me but I enjoyed hearing about them anyway.

  2. P – fun as always! I’m surprised that it isn’t stronger with the immortelle.

  3. sinnerman01 says:

    Happy Sunday Portia !
    Always squeal with delight when I log on to see a live sniff ! Such mad fun and always a laugh to be had , I would love to see the bottles in real life , they do look beautifully packaged !
    I think Robert was in the years above me at high school ! He is a spunk with these sexy tats , Grrrllll !
    Somebody is a little excited today !

  4. Undina says:

    Enjoyed the video.

    For that price (of a perfume itself, sample’s prices are OK) it should be something more than just inoffensive scent for the office 😉

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