Aramis by Bernard Chant for Aramis 1966


Guest Post By Tim

Aramis by Aramis 1966

(current formulation)

In this day and age where fragrances are sold through the art of embellished story telling, celebrity endorsement and multi million dollar advertising campaigns, I look to the past to see how much times have changed! In an era where themes were simpler, all you had to work with was the truth. We were not so seduced by faux inspirations, someone else’s ideal of femininity and masculinity or that sudden moment you fall in love. There was a different notion of what smelt clean and fresh. Fragrances were made with a vast variety of non synthetic accords,  giving perfume outstanding character and brilliance. Although many fragrance category’s were still to be discovered it seems to me perfume had more to offer its wearer, a list of notes as long as your arm for example,  and the simple promise of what fragrance was designed to do, to make u smell good.

Advertising quote-
“Aramis was created to be the most elegant mens cologne in the world.
Somewhere along the way it became the most provocative.
Aramis, the impact never fades”

If you research Aramis you will see the opinions in black and white! Love and hate, the men who can take it and commonly, the women who can’t . What could be more provocative than this, and I’m sure you already know it’s the fragrances that polarise opinions that are usually the most interesting and the bottles you want in your collection.

1966, Estée Lauder and her cosmetic chemist uncle Joseph Lauder formed brother company ‘Aramis’. Named after the fictional character in Alexandre Dumas  vintage classic novel ‘The Three Musketeers’ they  presented the world with the first line of prestige mens grooming products. This included the company’s debut namesake Aramis by Aramis , a leather chypre created by long time collaborator Bernard Chant (Estee,  Azuree, Cinnabar) Aramis raised the bar higher and went on to become an instant best seller for the brand, and continues to be over 56 years later.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica lists notes –
TOP          Artemisia,  Aldehydes, Bergamot, Gardenia, Clover, Myrrh, Thyme
MIDDLE  Jasmine, Patchouli, Orris, Sage, Cardamom and Sandalwood (PerfumeShrine also adds Cumin and Castoreum)
BASE       Leather, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Coconut

Aramis opens as discreetly as a king hit in a bar room brawl. Do you know that moment when a tradie sparks a blow torch and it ignites into a searing flame, well such is the first hit of Aramis.  It’s challenging to describe perfectly the initial rush as it presents multi- dimensional and busy. My nose reads Body odour over antiseptic pine and parched grass enhanced by  recognisable Lauder style Aldehydes. Any florals have been dialed down to give full impact to the spicy cumin kick start that aims to crash tackle you in the opening. At first it’s rank, dirty and unclean but before u have time to pinpoint what exactly your smelling it blends into one of the most overtly masculine openings of any fragrance I have. The  Artemisia adds bite and bitterness which is wisely balanced out by the Alderhydes.  This creates a manly playoff between unwashed arm pits with subtle hints of soap. It’s animalic  and shockingly beautiful.

Photo Stolen crosswordcorner

You better be in it for the long hall as Aramis has stamina and longevity. The middle reads like a anthology dedicated to my favourite category…. leather!  Chapter one through ten, the heart notes come together to deliver. The credit belongs to the leather, castoreum and musk which seem to meld early on to deliver a ballsy leather accord. Cumin lingers to give it undeniable carnal funk.  A earthy patchouli manages to pull the bergamot a little further as I can detect citrus well into the first 2 hours wearing.  Still spicy and ripe well into half a  days wear Aramis is a obvious and unapologetic. I can only imagine the damage caused  if allowed to fall in the wrong hands. Proceed with caution reader.

FragranceX has Aramis EdT 15ml/$8.40 & 100ml/$51
MyPerfumeSamples starts at $2/ml

Till nest month,
Fragrant Regards,

8 comments on “Aramis by Bernard Chant for Aramis 1966

  1. poodle says:

    I think I bought this for my dad one year. I have no idea if he wore it or not. It was probably a completely wrong choice for him because at no point in his life did he resemble any of those shirtless guys. Perhaps that’s why I went back to giving him Brut. He at least wore that one.
    Why can’t my husband have abs like that?

    • sinnerman01 says:

      Hi Poodle, I absolutely believe you when u said u bought it for your dad! Hey, u never know ? To a mans nose Aramis feels masculin . I think this contributed to mass popularity. Plus there were not many options for prestige men grooming products. So what did every man get……? Aramis.
      Tim 🙂

  2. Hey Tim,
    This was the first expensive frag my Mum bought me in the awkward teenage years. i loved it,
    Portia xx

    • sinnerman01 says:

      Well there u go ! I can imagine the volume of the notes would have smelt expensive grown up. Aramis would have suited u well . I love to wear it when I need a little suit of spicy armour, you know like a superman cape ?
      Glad there is a fan in the family ,
      Tim x

  3. laniersmith says:

    I have been craving a bottle of Aramis for the longest time and now with your wonderful review I just have to have it! Great review Tim. You really told the story of its history and power with great style. Bravo.

    • sinnerman01 says:

      Thanks Lanier , you are a great story teller yourself!
      You must get a bottle of Aramis, great straight up leather when you don’t want to go top shelf , easily available and well priced for a well made fragrance! It’s my staple as I don’t like to waste my more expensive niche leathers. This one really hits the spot, plus It smells so good on my partner! It’s totally different smelling it someone else , you only get the tang when u wear it on your skin.
      I hope it makes it to your fold,

      • laniersmith says:

        Thanks Tim! my birthday is next month and I have already put it on my amazon wish list and emailed my best buddy to look….hee hee….if I don’t get it for my birthday then there is Christmas!

  4. sinnerman01 says:

    Don’t you just love gift giving opportunities ! If you get some don’t be afraid to mist over a bright citrus cologne, its amazing as a spicy base, it lends itself well to layer under lots of my frags! It takes on a new story ,
    Good luck and wishing some to you for your birthday!

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