Versilia Vintage – Boise by Profumi del Forte 2009

G’Day to you all,

Do you ever rummage through your samples looking for something and never find it because you’ve been stopped by something else that completely takes your fancy? I was going looking for my INeKE Gilded Lily to spend a little more time in its glorious company when I came across a frag that I had wanted to try but become enamoured of its twin and completely forgot to go back when the next haul of goodies arrived, so

Versilia Vintage – Boise by Profumi del Forte 2009

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bitter orange, bergamot, vetiver
Heart: Bourbon geranium, lavender, honey
Base: Texas cedar, Indonesian patchouli, Tonka, Philippine elemi

Fragrantica & LucyScent said: Versilia Vintage – Boise reinterprets how perfumers admire pine forests by making a precious and delicate composition with character. Subtle and elite. A journey modulated by fragrances of citrus, then flowers of lavender and sweet honey, and finally persistent and woody: delicate with character

I love the opening here, my skin gives me a burst of salty citrus, almost minty and very early there is the sweet honey that smells like a spicy sweet Thai dish. The vetiver is lemon grassish and the geranium adds a green snappy spark too. Before half an hour has passed the foodiness has wafted away and left a very appealing something that I can’t parse but its a salty lavender wood, no it’s not exactly that but clearly my scent vocabulary is not up to the task. Thai coconut curry is what happens next including the rice; and before you ask, “NO, I am not hungry, just ate.” Do I have to know what I’m smelling? In the end, no, but I do like to be able to tell you more than just please go try this if you want to smell something usual but slightly skewed, as if I’m smelling something again but it has changed for the better. Much better.

Still pumping away this lovely salty floral after a couple of hours and looks set to stay for the duration. Pushing on to 4 hours and I’m getting really lovely warm woods and some humus rich earth smelling so good; warm and yummy.

Photo Stolen wildattitude

The only Versilia Vintage – Boise reference review I could find was an introduction by NowSmellThis

LuckyScent has .7ml/$5 & 100ml/$240
SurrenderToChance starts at $6/ml

Not so long ago I reviewed, and loved, the companion fragrance Versilia Vintage – Ambra Mediterranea on the PerfumePosse where today we have a LIVE Video Sniff please duck across and have a look.

Another beautiful pair of fragrances on the list. How many do you have on your FB wish list? Mine is longer than my legs.
See you tomorrow for more fun and fragrance adventure,
Portia x

6 comments on “Versilia Vintage – Boise by Profumi del Forte 2009

  1. laniersmith says:

    What a yummy review Miss P.
    Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. of A. and you my dear are one of the people I am thankful for on this day.

  2. I love this statement: sweet honey that smells like a spicy sweet Thai dish! You make this sound irresistible!

  3. poodle says:

    My FB wish list gets longer every day. Thankfully the price of this one will keep me from being too curious about it.

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