Grab Bag LIVE Video Sniff

Hey Happy Huffers,

Today EmmaKate and I take a little look at 3 entirely different perfumes, not only in scent but in price and availability. As usual we only give you the top notes and development is left for full posts which may happen in the future.

If we have made mistakes, left anything out or generally have misfired in any way, please leave us a message in the comments so everyone else can have a good laugh at us too. We don’t mind but we do like be put straight when we’re wrong.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Jennifer Aniston (NOT- Lolavie) – Jennifer Aniston 2010
Fragrantica gives these featured accords
Top: Citruses, rose
Heat: Jasmine, violet, lily
Base: Musk, sandalwood, amber

Photo Stolen fragrantica

Amber Oud – by Killian 2011
Fragrantica gives these featiured accords in one line:
Amber, oud, Madagascar vanilla, benzoin from Laos

Photo Stolen

Jackeroo – Bud Parfumes by Howard Jarvis
Fragrantica gives only the note leather
Buy Jackeroo $20/10ml at Bud Parfums

This week we have some really exciting stuff happening on the blog. I hope you come back and have a squiz,
Loads of love,
Portia xx

19 comments on “Grab Bag LIVE Video Sniff

  1. Ramona says:

    I am getting a great visual of chaps with naked A** hanging out! LOL! There goes my morning coffee- snorted out my nose and all over my computer-Thanks Portia and Emma for my daily belly laugh, not to mention the great Live Sniffapalooza!

  2. laniersmith says:

    Ass on leather…. Yeah saddle up and bring on the Jackeroo! Wonderful review!

  3. sinnerman01 says:

    Jackeroo , Sounds awesome !!!! POW 🙂 nothing wrong with a little ass on leather if the occasion calls , by the way u look beautiful in this post ! And so does Emma Kate, xx

  4. poodle says:

    Leather will never be the same to me after that. Brilliant as usual.

  5. ladyjicky says:

    Portia – where do you buy that leather one????

  6. Natalie says:

    “A** on leather.” Teehee. 🙂 Love the video sniffs.

  7. Margeaux says:

    Love the laughs and I always learn something new. Can’t wait to do it all over again this week gorgeous xx

  8. Katrina says:

    Bloody hilarious! I love your videos – so fun and informative.

    I have a slight correction for you. The Jennifer Aniston perfume was originally to be name Lolavie but they dropped the name before it was released. Its just Jennifer Aniston by Jennifer Aniston.

  9. Undina says:

    You both are adorable 🙂

    I like Amber Oud, I’m OK with JA and I doubt I need the last one in my life – but I enjoyed listening to your take on it.

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