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Wednesday we were lucky enough to Interview Mandy Aftel, you still have time to enter Thursday’s Aftelier Giveaway and today we are looking at 3 of her fragrances. Two of these, Sepia and Parfum de Maroc, are already in my Fragrance Library on high rotation and I have a feeling the newest release Wild Roses isn’t far behind. I’m putting Wild Roses at the top of my Christmas Wish List and you might think about buying someone you love a set of the samples with a promissory note of a full bottle if they love one.

Wild Roses

Photo Stolen PerfumePharmer

Floral: to capture in perfume the experience of walking around my garden and smelling each rose, as their perfumes blended in my nose.
Top: rose CO2, heliotropin, bergamot, geraniol, m-methyl anthranilate, damascenone.
Heart: apricot, Turkish rose absolute, pimento berry, p-ethyl alcohol, rose petals attar.
Base: tarragon absolute, vanilla absolute, indole, aged patchouli.

I love the opening in Wild roses, dark like deep red rose petals left to dry and alcoholic. Imagine rose water and brandy but not mixed; side by side, like that; you get the idea. I dabbed and I find it rich, treacle-ish and warming. Sizzling rose water sherbet so thick you can become lost. I am going to order a bit more for myself so I can spritz. My mind is offerering me no perfume correlation to this magnificent rose. Spicy, boozy, fresh, dark, sweet, narcotic and magical: Mandy Aftel says this is to have become drunk on the scent of all roses. Yes, it certainly gives that feeling, floating o a sea of roses, buoyant, drifting. Only into the first hour but I’m finding it a linear scent that seems to be warming slowly, it feels like it will be around for hours and hours more.

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Parfum de Maroc

Photo Stolen from Aftelier

I forgot what a delicious journey Parfum de Maroc (perfume of Morocco) takes you on. At once spicy, sweet and resinous like the best curries the opening of Parfum de Maroc is so enticing and full of nuance. It is warm here in Sydney and I feel like I’m back in Africa or India standing near a street vendor as the spices hit the ghee on the hot pan under the baking sun.This is the kind of spicy gourmand that makes me salivate in expectation of a flavour explosion. I now remember what saffron smells like because the opening is pure saffron and cardamom, and reminds me of sitting with my BFF Kath on my birthday at the Wildflower Hall in Shimla watching the chefs cook fabulous meals through the glass and flirting outrageously with our waiter. I get 4-6 hours from Parfum de Maroc depending on my day.

From Aftelier Perfumes website;
Spicy floral inspired by an ancient Moroccan spice recipe Ras el Hanout or “top of the shop” – a mixture of the best spices a seller has to offer….
Top: saffron, galangal.
Heart: Turkish rose, nutmeg.
Base: cardamom, myrrh.

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Photo Stolen from perfumepharmer

Sepia is a bit of a blockbuster on my skin. It is warm and dusty, floral and powdery, woody, smoky, dry and sere and smells to me like rural Australia. I can close my eyes and smell the unbroken expanses of sun beaten, dessicated red-earth desert where the properties are 1000’s of square kilometers with sheep, wheat and cattle. Many of the smaller towns have been engulfed in the last 50 years and stand silent, crumbling, with only their stone chimneys left like a mouth full of broken teeth. Sepia is the outback. It is also lovely and surprisingly strong. Still powering at 3 hours, now smelling like attics and bookstores Sepia warms and dirties towards dry down at around 5 hours with a skin scent remnant for a couple more.

From Aftelier Perfumes website;
Dry woods: Sepia is a tint, a watercolor wash, an atmosphere, a memory
Top: blood cedarwood, yellow mandarin, pink grapefruit.
Heart: pink lotus, strawberry, jasmine grandiflorum, cocoa, coffee.
Base: flowering tobacco, oud, indole, ambergris, cepes, labdanum.

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All of these delicious fragrances and many more available as well as candles, teas and cooking flavours at AftelierPerfumeswhere they have a sensational Sample Program

I hope you have enjoyed our Mandy Aftel and Aftelier Perfumes extravaganza this week. Don’t forget to go back to yesterday and have a go in our Aftelier Giveaway, good luck. Also don’t forget to go and check my Guest Post on PerfumePosse today please, say Hi while you’re there, it gives me shivers of pleasure when you do.

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Portia xx

18 comments on “Aftelier Perfumes Reviews

  1. smellythoughts says:

    Love these write ups Portia – I can’t help but rave about the Aftelier line. Have you tried Secret Garden? It’s a must!

    • Hey Buddy,
      Not yet but it’s on the list, which is as long as my legs currently. There are a few Aftelier samples winging their way to me currently, I think Secret Garden may be one of them,
      Portia xx

      • smellythoughts says:

        Yes! I hope Haute Claire is in there too – they are the three which I just HAD to buy bottles of. They’re incredible. Looking forward to reading more of your lovely write ups on these!

  2. sinnerman01 says:

    Sepia sounds so amazing ! I think I will need a bottle soon , it has moved up a few places on my FB list ! I have been wanting since reading about it on NST, and after reading your experience it’s only confirmed my need for this fragrance.
    Hope u have a lovely weekend Portia x

  3. Madeleine says:

    Hello lovely!

    These sound gorgeous! You’ve painted very vivid and beautiful images. The sepia sounds most intriguing with your comparison to the outback and gosh that notes list -wow! How does this and Maroc compare to the Tauers? Cant wait to try this line!

    Love M x

    • Hey Madeleine,
      The Aftelier Pewrfumes don’t have that mega sweet, stay forever Tauerade. While a Tauer is talking loudly for most of its beautiful story the Afteliers don’t mind whispering for a moment and there is beautiful sublty here too. Incomparable because they are so different, when you come over one day I’ll spritz you,
      Portia xx
      I’m so glad you liked the reviews

  4. Undina says:

    I’m soooo behind trying new perfumes!

    I have Parfum de Maroc sample somewhere… I have to find it and try! I want a journey 🙂

    My favorite Aftelier’s perfume is Honey Blossom. I’ll need to get it once my tiny sample disappears.

  5. Tatiana says:

    Wonderful reviews, as always. I have never tried any of the Aftelier perfumes. After reading these reviews I really need to try some of these. You’ve made Sepia sound particularly intriguing.

  6. sinnerman01 says:

    Portia ! That cat, dog vid was so funny ! I popped over to the posse but had trouble posting a comment! I loved the last bit the best , oh how I hate cat vomit !
    I really like the sound of the Montale you reviewed , I wish they were a avalible in Australia ! I would love a chance to smell the range without ordering samples ,
    See ya
    T x

  7. Scottie says:

    The more I read about these, the more I want to try them! Thanks for great reviews!

  8. Mandy Aftel says:

    Thank you so much Portia, I am truly charmed by this rich feast of reviews!
    xo Mandy

  9. […] there, there were various Annick Goutals (Duel, Eau de Sud, Mandragore), Cartier, ELDO, Aftelier (Parfum de Maroc), Tauer (Lonestar Memories) and many many MANY […]

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